Database Administration for Sage 100 Contractor

Database Administrat on for Sage 100 Contractor

With every successful leap, the company faces more and more challenges of managing a large amount of data. It makes it imperative for the company’s administrators to explore the technology behind the software that hosts their data to ensure it is easy to manage, straightforward to access and maintain with room for scalability in the future. Most Sage consultants believe that its best to use Sage Database Administration rather than SQL Management Studio.

Besides performing all the important tasks listed below, Sage DBA is designed to optimize your data for Sage 100 Contractor.

One key advantage is that it helps to keep the data in an expected location for Sage to give a clear picture of business health and also helps to create easy backups before performing any critical process.

There may be instances where you may need to move to SQL Management Studio to perform tasks that are not offered in Sage DBA, however, it is recommended to seek Sage assistance before moving further.

About Sage 100 Contractor Database Administrator

Sage 100 Contractor comes with the Database Administration tool intended for designated company administrators. DBA for Sage 100 Contractor is used to maintain the company’s databases and utilize advanced settings that help to set-up and manage communication with the MS SQL server.

Management utilities included in Sage 100 Contractor Database Administration:

  • Create Company, rename Company and delete Company conveniently.
  • Deploy Sample Company for training classes inSage comes with easy modification. You can redeploy it to have a fresh set to work with.
  • TuneUp Company Databases helps in the upkeep and maintenance of the database for it to function smoothly.
  • Back Up Company Databases utility helps to back up your data “on demand,” whenever you need.
  • Restore Company from Backup helps to restore a previous backed-up copy.
  • Upgrade Company Databases allows you to upgrade your databases easily from an earlier version of Sage 100 Contractor SQL.
  • Archive Company Data utility allows to archive your oldest fiscal year (12 periods) and you Payroll data and adjust books accordingly.
  • Migrate Company Data and Custom Reports -It helps to transfers your company data and custom reports to Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Schedule Nightly Maintenance allows scheduling backup and maintenance operations during the time when users are not logged in. It can also back up a selected number of backups to keep.
  • Company Admins/SQL Logins enables delegating administrator rights for a specified company/s, set up, or delete logins to the SQL Server database.
  • Server Management tools enable you to control the SQL Server instances that are used with Sage 100 Contractor. It helps to create new instances, move companies to it, and also remove an instance that is not needed easily.
  • Advanced Settings tool enables to define how long you would like to keep history about changed records pertaining to each company and related info like the date and user ID of the employee who made the changes. Details older than the ones specified are deleted in the nightly maintenance.
  • Advanced SQL Server Settings includes advanced access and memory management controls for the SQL database.

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