Fix Sage Fixed Assets (Network Client) 2019.1 Tax Update

Sage Fixed Assets Network Client

Sage Fixed Assets 2019.1.2 is now available. The current release is an update to Sage Fixed Assets 2019.1 and 2019.1.1. The 2019.1.2 update also comprises the changes that have been made in the 2019.1.1 update and thus, can be applied directly to the 2019.1 Tax update

Latest Features

  • The Section 199A Report – This latest tax report can calculate the 2.5% qualified property amount required when trying to determine the Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction under IRC Code Section 199A. The Section 199A Report has more information about the new report.
  • Luxury Vehicle Safe Harbor Rules – The IRS issued the Revenue Procedure 2019-13 in February 2019. The revenue procedure changes how the depreciation is calculated when 100% bonus is taken on vehicles that have been subjected to the luxury vehicle depreciation limits.
    • The current change is retroactive. In case the user has a Property Type A (autos) or T (light trucks and vans) placed in service after 9/26/2017 that are taking 100% bonus or Section 179 expense in your tax book(s),

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Various Issues Corrected, the following notable issues have been fixed in this latest update:

  • The Asset List: The Asset List view has been applied to the first sort level only for a certain selected Group that has two or more sorts specified.
  • Asset List the wrong book field: Here the values are displayed within the Asset List when in the following situation- Customize the Asset List to include book fields, such as the Net Book Value field. Select a book other than the tax book to display. Next perform a Find to select assets within the displayed group. The asset list will display the tax book’s values in error, instead of the selected book’s values.
  • Bulk Edit Assets: This has been created from a partial transfer or partial disposal and are now appropriately changed with the Bulk Edit feature. Previously they had not been changed when they were otherwise qualified for the Bulk Edit change. 
  • Bulk Edit An Asset’s: Depreciation Method and Estimated Life has failed to change in case the asset’s EXISTING Estimated Life was not valid for the latest Depreciation Method even though the new Estimated Life has been valid.
  • Copy Setup: The Templates If an asset template comprises more than 256 characters in the Notes area, only the first 256 characters are copied with the template when using Copy Setup to replicate the same template in another company.
  • Customized Fields Decimal: Points are no longer saved into the database for assets with the data entered into a field with an entry mask that comprises a decimal point, for example: NN.999.
  • Report Customization: The Acquisition Value field can now be eliminated or deleted from the reports when customizing the user is reported. Previously, on some reports, in case the Acquisition Value field has been highlighted and the left arrow to remove the field was selected, the field that displayed below Acquisition Value was removed in error.

Sage Fixed Assets come with New Features, which are given below

  • Critical depreciation field comes with new bulk to modify and introduced the feature with easy way of altering the depreciation process or estimated life for many choices of deprecation and multiple assets books.
  • Remaining values sums-up to the remaining life depreciation method in which Sage users have the ability to use the mid-month, mid-quarter or half month, averaging conventions when work is run regarding altering the remaining life of the existing assets.
  • Section 179 sums-up with important tax compliance upgrades which steps towards the boost expense deduction and upgrade into form 4562 or on automobile, system boast in depreciation caps.

Enhancements which Improve the Sage Fixed Assets are listed below

  • Fast Access to on-Topic Learning: The Sage U education icon button comes up with enable users which helps them to jump into on-topic short & in-depth courses and online learning videos.
  • Displayed Database Name: Asset view list the title name of the database is displaying after entering the company name.
  • Automated User-adjustable Asset List: This enhanced to control all enable users to set the personal preferences included font and height size of the assets list’s row.
  • Enhanced Database Changes: In order to update with availability of latest version at anywhere anytime. The database has been updated with SAP SQL and modifying to hold.

How to Fix the Sage Fixed Assets?

To fix the Sage fixed assets, you need to go through with these steps:

  • When assets enclose at the remaining value, partial disposal is not allowed.
  • When you trying to modifying the book field of all series assets then all applications fail to run.
  • When you install CCH pro system which creates issues while you merge two or more companies files.
  • Excessive depreciation is occurring while removing of property type A/T asset takes place including 100% year allowance.

To Update Sage 2019.1.1, you Need to apply these Updates

  • Browsing to Sage fixed assets download portal to download the Sage Fixed Assets 2019.1.
  • Then stop all the running programs in installed Sage fixed assets for a single-user only.
  • After that, install and extract the file.
  • Then run the extracted SFAU201911.exe file.
  • Then choose NEXT and click on YES to apply the changes.
  • After the completion of processing, go with FINISH click.

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So, there you have it friends, these are some of the main aspects, facts and features about the FIX SAGE FIXED ASSETS (NETWORK CLIENT) 2019. However, for further details regarding the topic, be sure to visit us at and you are sure to be surprised with the information offered.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Current Version of Sage Fixed Asset?

The latest version of Sage Fixed Assets 2024.0 has been released on August 31, 2023.

Does Sage Comprise a Fixed Asset Register?

The fixed assets register is capable of supporting the following depreciation methods: Straight (Straight Line) Reducing (Reducing Balance) Write Off.

What are Some of the Main Requirements of the Sage Fixed Assets?

Some of the main system requirements are: 1.4 GHz processor. 4 GB RAM. 4.5 GB RAM required for Sage Fixed Assets-Reporting add on. 5 GB free disk space. 6 Jul 2023.

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