Sage 50 Error Sagereg.exe has stopped working

Sgae 50 Sageregexe has stopped working

Sage is an outstanding accounting software which is playing an unexceptional role in solving small and medium-sized business owners. Still, while working with Sage some time error comes and today we are talking about Sage 50 error Sagereg.exe has stopped working scenario. In the below article, we will see the causes and solutions to rectify the error Sagereg.exe has stopped working.

Causes of the Sage 50 Error: Sagereg.exe has stopped working

Below are the main factors of sagereg.exe not working

  • Damaged windows components
  • DNS issues
  • Damaged pervasive Installation
  • Permission
  • Missing UUID, Universally Unique identifier, relevant to computer hardware
  • Invalid registry key in the registry, relevant to a 64-bit Windows computer

Solutions to Sage 50 Error: Sagereg.exe has stopped working

Section 1 – Damaged  Windows Components

  • Open the Run window by pressing Windows+R at the same time
  • Now type MSINFO32 and press Ok
  • Check that Sage 50 will open. If you see the error message go to the next section

Section 2 – Invalid registry key

  • Open run prompt >>> type REGEDIT
  • Choose OK
  • Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{D63A5850-8F16-11CF-9F47-00AA00BF345C}
  • Now do the right click on {D63A5850-8F16-11CF-9F47-00AA00BF345C} and select Rename option. Rename key to old{D63A5850-8F16-11CF-9F47-00AA00BF345C}
  • Now open Sage 50
  • Check the product which opens and activates as designed

Section 3 – Missing UUID, University  Unique Identifier

  • Open run command pressing Windows +R
  • Now type CMD and click OK
  • Type wmic csproduct get uid and click enter
  • Now you can see the result likely as: UUID 4C4C4544-0037-4410-8037-B8C04F515731
  • If you get any error message, the machine won’t have a UUID. This is needed for SageReg to complete the task. The system administrator needs to address hardware defect to install sage 50

Section 4 – Permissions

Section 5 – Damaged Pervasive Install

  • In this scenario first, you need to uninstall the Pervasive Database
  • Now reboot the computer
  • Again install pervasive Database

Section 6 – DNS Issues

  • Ping the server by using the hostname. If the ping request times out then contact your IT administrator


In any case, if you need any help dial Sage 50 technical support phone number 1800 964 3096 and get connected to Sage 50 professionals. Sage experts are available 24*7 to assist you with the sage related issues. Alternatively, you can do the Sage 50 live chat support with the sage certified technicians. Sage executives are polite, professional, and have years of experience in the same domain, which not only enhances the experience but also increase the efficiency to sort out the sage issues timely with complete satisfaction. You can also fill the form by entering some details and by clicking send you will soon get the call back from the sage professional to help you and to rectify the issue.

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