How to Print ROE (Records of Employees) and How to Adjust it

Print ROE How to Adjust it

Sage 50 provides useful tools and functions for businesses to keep a proper track of their employee records. With Sage, businesses can also generate comprehensive reports related to their employees quite easily and formulate business strategies accordingly.

If you are yet to create and manage your Records of Employees (ROE) in Sage 50, you are at the right place. In this blog, we will show easy ways to create, print and adjust ROEs.

Procedure to Create an Employee Record

  • Open the Sage 50 application
  • Navigate to the Employees & Payroll Navigation Center.
  • Click on the Employees  tab
  • Select New Employees 
  • You will see the Maintain Employees & Sales Reps window appearing on your  screen. Enter all the details of your employees
  • review your entries before submitting the same 
  • If satisfied, click on the Save button. 
  • For entering another employee record, click Save & New

Steps for Print an ROE (Records of Employees) Form

Total Time: 35 minutes

Option  1- Print the ROE forms automatically

⟳ To access the ROE Run Viewer, Perform the HRPAYCA_ROEWB transaction
⟳ Select the New tab strip, 
⟳ Select the dataset to print.
⟳ Click on Print ROE 
⟳ Select the output device where you wish to print the ROE form 
⟳ After  all the ROE forms included in the dataset are printed successfully, the ROE Export – Application Log will display the following messages:
⟳ “Record imported from the Laser ROE batch file”
⟳ “Record exported to Laser ROE batch file”
⟳ Click on the Back button to go to ROE Run Viewer.
⟳ Click Completed tab-strip in order to check if all the forms included in the dataset have been printed

Option 2 – Print ROE Forms Manually

This process involves the following steps –

Exporting ROE Form Data for Subsequent Printing

⟳ To access the ROE Run Viewer, Perform the transaction HRPAYCA_ROEWB
⟳ Click on the New tab strip, 
⟳ Select the form dataset to use for exporting.
⟳ Click Export
⟳ The ROE – Exporter will be executed on the subsequent screen.
⟳ Now start the ROE Laser Print
⟳ Specify the address of the server and file path to export the ROE form dataset
⟳ Click on Execute the ROE Export – Application Log will display the messages shown below:
⟳ ‘ROE file has been downloaded to: (path address)’
⟳ ‘Record exported to the Laser ROE batch file’
⟳ ‘Run id(xxxxxxxxxx) has been set to status Exported’.
⟳ Click on Back to go to ROE Run Viewer.

Importing ROE Form Data and HRSDC Serial Numbers

⟳ To access the ROE Run Viewer, perform the transaction HRPAYCA_ROEWB
⟳ Click on the Process tab strip, 
⟳ Select the form dataset to use for exporting.
⟳ Click on the tab named Import Run
⟳ The system will now execute the ROE – Importer on the subsequent screen.
Specify the server and file path to import the selected ROE form dataset
⟳ Click on Execute
⟳ In response, the ROE Import – Application Log will display the following messages:
⟳ ROE file uploaded from:(address of the specified path )
⟳ Run id(xxxxxxxxxx) set to status Completed
⟳ Select Back to go back to the ROE Run Viewer.

How to Make Necessary Adjustments in an ROE

Follow the given steps..

If the Insurable Hours and Insurable Earnings are not Correct

⟳ Go to box 15 A
⟳ Change the Ins. Hours Start Date to the start and end dates you want to use
change the Ins. Earnings Start Date to the start and end dates you want to use
Click on Recalculate
⟳ If you wish to manually adjust to either the earnings totals or the calculated insurable hours for a employee, fill in the corrected values in the 15B Ins. Earnings and 15A Ins. Hours boxes. 
⟳ Do not click the Recalculate button.

If the Vacation Pay Details are not Correct

⟳ Go to box 17 A
⟳ If you wish to pay out the vacation pay in each Cheque, the amount in this box should be zero. 
⟳ If you wish to retain the vacation pay, enter the amount due to the employee
⟳ If you have already made the payment to the employee, enter the same 
⟳ Click on Print

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Final Words:

We hope the discussion above would help you create, print and manage your ROE in Sage 50. If you need further help in this regard, we would advise you to speak  to some of the authorized Sage experts.


In Sage 50, How can I Modify an existing Employee Record?

⤿ Click on the Employees & Payroll Navigation Center tab 
⤿ Navigate to the Employees list 
⤿ From this, Select the employee Id whose record you need to modify
⤿ For this employee, open the Maintain Employees & Sales Reps window 
⤿ Change the records as you desire
⤿ Click on Save for the changes to take effect.

How to Record Employee Expenses in Sage 50?

You can record employee expenses in 2  ways  in Sage 50. Either you   may  add the  expenses to the  net wages of the employee or you can reimburse expenses separately to him.  

⤿ If you want to reimburse separately, setup the employee as a bank account in Sage 50 
⤿ To add the expenses to the net wages of an employee, record the expenses through journals.

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