How to Use Sage 50 2019 Database Repair Utility

sage 50 2019 database repair utility

If you have corrupt/damaged data in the Sage application, probably you aren’t enjoying managing your account. It is also possible that your data has been corrupted due to several reasons, as result it prevents you to manage your business smoothly.

The best way to manage error-free data files is running Sage 50 2019 Database Repair Utility. This utility helps users to diagnose and fix any Sage issues in less time. Such issues are most commonly caused by the following reasons:

  • Improper or damaged Database Engine patch.
  • Outdated, damaged, or missing file present in the Sage 50 data path.
  • An issue occurs when connecting to data files path across the network.

It is recommended to always download the latest copy of the application available. Also, ensure that all updates made on the application are integrated before running the tool. The latest Sage 50 2019 Database Repair Utility version can be downloaded by:

  • Click on the Start menu
  • Select All Programs
  • Click on Sage 50 [year] > Sage 50 Resources & Help > Technical Support Utilities > Sage 50 Database Repair Utility,

Special attention is required in an environment with multiple Sage 50 releases. When uninstalling or reinstalling the Pervasive, you should use the version of the utility tool that matches with the latest version installed in the environment.

Steps for Using Sage 50 2019 Database Repair Utility

When you start the tool, all the files required for the tool to function will be extracted. Then you will be provided with three options available within the tool:

Total Time: 35 minutes

Remove Pervasive

This utility enables you to uninstall the Pervasive from a local computer. It is usually used in juxtaposition with Install Pervasive utility. It is essential to ensure that every user is logged out and Sage 50 is closed before using the Remove Pervasive- a message will pop out with a reminder.

Install Pervasive

This utility will install the Pervasive to the local work station and mechanically patch necessary updates with it. This utility is frequently used in juxtaposition with Remove Pervasive. Before using this utility, make sure all users have logged out and close down Sage 50- upon starting a message will pop out with a reminder.

Create New Local Data Path

This utility can generate a fresh Sage 50 data path directory. This provides a fresh and issue-free file for Sage 50 to troubleshooting issues with current data path. Users can also copy Sage 50 Company to the newly created data path directory to test-out the current company with the fresh data path.

Accountingadvice Tech Support

Using the Sage 50 2019 Database Repair utility will help you fix any Sage 50 issue effectively. If your issue still persists even after using this utility tool, then you can reach for Accountingadvice Tech Support. Our support team employed here provide 24/7 support to any Sage users assuring quick and viable Sage support.

Whatever issues you are encountered with, you can contact our Sage professionals by simply dialing on . These technical professionals are trained to put any technical issues at end.

You can also chat with our professionals live, via Sage 50 Chat Support available on the website. Or send an email to us at [email protected] detailing your issues. We will certainly get back to you.

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