How to Install Sage 50 2019 Connection Manager on Server

install sage 50 2019 connection manager

About Sage 50 2019 Connection Manager

Sage 50 uses Connection Manager to administer access to MySQL database. Sage 50 is real-time accounting application and the Connection Manager enables you to update the data changes in real-time and save it automatically. The Sage 50 2019 Accounting Connection Manager manages requests from your Sage 50 Accounting and 3rd party software to link to the company data.

The Connection Manager has to install on the server or computer where the company data is saved. In an environment with multi-users, (Quantum and Premium only) it can allow secondary user to access the database to perform changes in the main data file location.

Steps for Installing SAGE 50 2019 Connection Manager

The Connection Manager is installed on each computer where you will be installing Sage 50 accounting. If applicable, the Connection Manager must be also installed on the server or computer where the company data is stored.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Download the Program SAGE 50 2019 Connection Manager

πŸ’  Login to Sage 50 Server location
πŸ’  Download the latest Sage 50 version application from download site and then run the file.
πŸ’  Select your desired language and click on OK
πŸ’  You may be required to install some mandatory software on the computer.
πŸ’  Next, click on Install
πŸ’  If you have enabled the Windows Firewall on the computer, a screen will appear asking if you want the Windows Firewall to automatically configure with Sage 50
πŸ’  Click on Advanced ( if the server stores only the data file)
πŸ’  Click on Next to continue
πŸ’  Click on Server (only for Sage 50 Server Component)
πŸ’  Click on Finish when the process completes.

Verify if the Connection Manager is Successfully Installed

πŸ’  You can check out if the Connection Manager Icon appears on the notifications bar in your Windows Vista, 10, 8 and 7.
πŸ’  Then click on the icon and attempt to open the status window
πŸ’  You can also open to Sage 50 Connection Manager by:
πŸ’  Click on the Start menu then select the Sage 50 Connection Manager from the Sage 50 Accounting program group.
πŸ’  From within the Sage 50 Accounting by clicking on the Setup then the Connection Manager.

Common Connection Manager Issues

When trying the run the Sage 50 2019 Connection Manager, users encounter certain issues and errors, such as:

πŸ’  Error: requiring Sage 50 Connection Manager update on [Server Name]
πŸ’  Error: latest Connection Manager version has not been installed on the computer
πŸ’  Error: Connection Manager unable to start database engine
πŸ’  Error: Sage 50 Connection manager not been installed on the server that hosts the data
πŸ’  Error: network error occurred when communicating with connection manager

Apart from the above issues, you may also encounter other issues as well. Always reach out to professionals to get your issue resolved.

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