Sage 100 Intelligence Reporting

Sage 100 Intelligence Reporting

Its time you made your business faster and more informed to make yourself capable of taking business decisions.

Sage 100 comprises Sage Intelligence Module. All the data gets extracted from Sage 100 and then delivered to Microsoft Excel which makes it easy to understand by keeping everything in control.

Let’s take a Look at Certain Sage 100 Intelligence Features.

  • Microsoft Excel knowledge is basically used to write and edit reports easily. It actually gives you quick visibility throughout your business.
  • You can spend as much time as you can by focusing on interpretation and analysis of the information with less time.
  • You can easily design and customize reports which suits business requirement.

It is a reporting solution specifically designed to work with Excel. It automates all the processes so that you can easily and manageable streamline your work which will ultimately result to less human work. You can even optimize your report to run at any time of the day. For example, you can divide your work of peak-off hours or leaves to some other days.It comes into action once you link both the program.

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Once you integrate both the software, you will start getting customized business report all in real-time. You have an advantage that you don’t need to manually enter the detail, you won’t face any problem while working on this. However, you may face some technical and functional issues while updating your software but the issues can be easily resolved if you seek for assistance from right source. Visit

Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting Comprises

Your business becomes intelligent and starts working very smoothly while working on the software.

  • Dedicated company’s Dashboard.
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Balance Sheet
    • Monthly & Quarterly Balance Sheet and Year-To-Date Reporting
  • Financial Reports and Purchase Analysis
  • Comparative Financial Reports on: –
    • Balance Sheet (Prior vs. Actual)
    • Income Statement (Actual vs. Prior vs. Budget), (YTD vs. Prior year vs. Current Period).
  • Customer’s List (it generally comprises top 10 customers)

Important Factors Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting

  • It minimizes manual copy/cut & paste options, export and consolidate features to transfer task from Sage 50 to Excel.
  • With the help of automatic update feature, you can easily save time and customize file/data in excel sheet as per requirement.
  • All the reports can easily be created and modified in excel sheet. Tailor-Made is the best word for such customization.

How Can We Assist You?

Our assistance comprises head to detail of the software with in-depth knowledge of its errors and resolution procedures. We provide complete and detailed assistance on any issue related to Sage 50 accounting software, about installation process, update/upgrade process or if any error occurs.

we have solution for all of it. Call us on our all-time available Sage 50 Support Number , our Live Chat Support or our email support on [email protected] . Contact us on any of the channel and our team will get back to you in time as early as possible.

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