Sage 2020.2 Update will not Install on Network Workstation

Sage 2020.2 Update not Install on Network Workstation

When user’s tries to download an update then their might appears Sage 2020 update will not install on network workstation error. This issue hampers the on-going work so need to fix it. Before proceeding with resolving it, they need to know the various causes associated with the error. This blog post contains high-level solutions to deal with the interrupt that occurred during the update installation process on the network workstation.

Causes of Sage 2020.2 Update will not Install on the Network

  • Not logged in on the client machine with the administrative rights
  • Service released not installed on the server
  • Latest service didn’t install the required files while installation on server
  • Trying to install on working service release
  • More than one data path on the server and the client machine is showing the wrong one
  • ini file formatted incorrectly on the computer
  • User account control preventing proper installation
  • The server was upgraded but a workstation is still using the last version

Solutions for Sage 2020.2 Update will not Install on the Network

First, you need to verify that you are logged in on the client computer as an administrator. It is also important to run the manual update as admin on the work station. Still, issues go to the below article step by step.

Section 1 – Update not installed on the server

  • Open Sage 50 on the server
  • Go to Help >> select About Sage 50 accounting
  • 2013 and prior release installed version is listed on the Release line
  • 2014 and newer, installation version is listed on the building line
  • If the program is showing updated in the release or build, go to section 2, else close sage
  • The service release install should be starting automatically if it does not show the same install updates
  • Once the installation finishes, verify the update will now install at the workstation. If still, the error comes to go to the next section

Section 2 – DATAPATH and LOCALDATAPATH do not match at the server

  • Close the sage
  • Open the File explorer
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peach, for 32-bit program or C:\Program Files(X86)Common Files\Peach for 64 bit. For the 2019 and above versions the INI file is located at C:\ProgramData\Sage\Peachtree
  • Open the configuration file for the installed version of Sage 50
  • Version 2020 -Peachtree270.ini
  • Version 2019 – Peachtree260.ini
  • Version 2018 – Peachtree250.ini
  • Version 2017 – Peachtree240.ini
  • Version 2016 – Peachtree230.ini
  • Version 2015 – Peachtree220.ini
  • Version 2014 – Peachtree210.ini
  • Version 2013 – Peachtree200.ini
  • Search the lines beginning DATAPATH = and LOCAL DATAPATH =
  • If a path does not match uninstall sage, and then reinstall the same and make sure to choose the location provided by DATAPATH = as the data location, then install the update again
  • I don’t match go to section 3
  • Once the installation completes checking the updates will not install at the workstation, if still, an error comes to go to the next section

Section 3 – Update not successful at the server

  • Close the Sage
  • Disable the User account control
  • Disable the antivirus on a computer if any
  • Press Window+R
  • Now type the regedit
  • Click OK
  • In the left panel, go to HKEY_LOCAL _MACHINE \Wow6432\Software\Peachtree\Applications or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Peachtree\Applications
  • Select the folder for the installed sage version
  • Release 2020 – Version 27
  • Release 2019 – Version 26
  • Release 2018 – Version 25
  • Release 2017 – Version 24
  • Release 2016 – Version 23
  • Release 2015 – Version 22
  • Release 2014 – Version 21
  • Release 2013 – Version 20
  • Double click on the version in the right pane
  • Now change the value data number to the base version of sage
  • Click ok
  • Close Registry Editor
  • Run update again
  • Once the installation is completed, check if installation now installs on workstations. Still, error comes to go to the next section

Section 4 – Incorrect Data path at a workstation or the server

these steps assumed that the new network drive has already mapped if still it didn’t mapped yet do the same first

  • Check if all your computers are figuring out the same data path
  • If the datapath is not correct on workstation change to correct path and run the update
  • If the data path is not correct on the server, first uninstall and then reinstall the correct data path, then reinstall the update on both the server and workstation
  • If the datapath is correct to go to the next step

Section 5 – Incorrect permission on the shared data folder

check if the verify my data files permissions are correctly set

Section 6 – Install server to a new data path

  • If the above steps didn’t solve the issue then uninstall and reinstall the program at the server to a new data path


Now change the configuration file at the workstation so that the data path is local, install the update then change it back to network location:

  • Close sage
  • open the computer
  • Browse C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peachor C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Peach 2018 version or below. For the 2019 version and above that go to C:\ProgramData\Sage\Peachtree
  • Now Open the configuration file for the installed version of sage
  • Version 2020 – Peachtree270.ini
  • Version 2019 – Peachtree260.ini
  • Version 2018 – Peachtree250.ini
  • Version 2017 – Peachtree240.ini
  • Version 2016 – Peachtree230.ini
  • Version 2015 – Peachtree220.ini
  • Version 2014 – Peachtree210.ini
  • Version 2013 – Peachtree200.ini
  • Now insert a semicolon (;) at starting of the DATAPATH=line
  • Insert a new line after the; DATAPATH= line
  • Copy LOCALDATAPATH = line
  • Paste it to a new line from step 6 then remove word LOCAL
  • select File>> save
  • Go to Updates folder in the original datapath and then run the update
  • Remove the new DATAPATH= line from the configuration file when the installation completes
  • Remove the; from the original DATAPATH= line
  • Select File>>Select Save
  • Close the notepad

Need Help?

Here the article about Sage 2020-2 update will not install on network installation completes! If you are still confused or looking to glance at additional information then give a ring to Sage 50 helpdesk number 1800 964 3096. An experienced team is sitting for the best consultant and addressing your all varied requirements related to Sage 50. You can use a live chat feature to do chatting with one of the team members to address instantly. Moreover, send your questions through email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to disable the User Account Control?

First of all, you need to locate the Start button
Now select the Control Panel
Open User accounts
Hit on the link appears on Turn User Account Control on or off
Afterward, unselect the button to use the UAC button

How I can check my data file permissions settings in Windows 10?

Firstly give a right-click on the shared folder
Now you have to choose the properties option
Hit on Sharing button
Choose the Advanced Sharing button
Click on the box which says Share this folder
Select Permissions
After this hit on Add button
Now enter in the Individual Windows usernames or groups require Sage 50 access
Afterword hit on Check Names to check the username
Hit on OK button
Now provide full control to added group or user
After this hit on OK button
It will display Advanced Sharing Window
You have to click on the Ok button
Choose the Security option
Check Administrators and System have Full control
Hit on OK button

How can I modify the program path at the server?

Open your Sage 50
Now create a backup
Close the Sage software
After this find the control panel  
Now choose the program and features button
You have to uninstall the Sage 50
Reinstall the Sage choosing the new date location
Open the file and then restore the backup

How to verify all the systems pointing to the same data path?

Firstly find the data path & program path
The default path is of C:\Sage\Peachtree\Company\ in case the peach folder is shared to the network
If You need to verify the shared folder then discover the properties/sharing option
Give a right-click on the properties option on the shared folder
Write a description of the share
After this locate each individual workstation and check the mapped drive to make sure that they all are pointing to the same folder
After this discover the data path of every workstation to verify the mapped drive

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