Sage 50 Balance Sheet Carry Over Error

Sage 50 Balance Sheet Error

Balance sheet is the most focused financial statement that provides valuable information about the monetary net asset value, CRR and goodwill of a company.

To carry out timely Sage balance sheet report , it is important that the report can be printed error free. Due to a sizable amount of data used in making the balance sheet, it often results in error and inaccurate predictions leading to bad decisions.

Issue In Sage 50 Related To Preparing The Balance Sheet

💠 General entries from the Statement of Retained Earnings does not get posted to the BS
💠 Account balance on the last day of the previous financial year and the first day of the current financial year do not match.
💠 Preserved Earnings account closure has been jagged to another account

Total Time: 35 minutes

How to Verify a Spoiled Transaction Error

💠 Click ‘Reports & Forms’ > Go to General Ledger > Select ‘General Ledger report’.
💠 Click on ‘Options’ and Change Time Frame to All > Click ‘OK’.
💠 If an error message pops up, close the General Ledger report.
💠 Select a Report.> Click on ‘File’ > select ‘Data Verification’.
💠 Select ‘both tests’ > Click ‘Start’ and save the backup
💠 Let the test begin, once the Data Verification process is complete, check the account balance, it should now be in order

Reliability Checks

In case you find the general ledger balance still inaccurate, then you need to run the reliability check.

💠 Close all users in Sage 50.
💠 Go to ‘Tasks’ > “System > Select ‘Change Accounting Period’.
💠 Select period 01 > Click ‘OK’.
💠 Select ‘Help’ > Go to Customer Support and Service > Select ‘Integrity Check’.
💠 Run Chart of Accounts/Journal Synchronization test.
💠 Now the account balances and the ledger should tally

If The Balance Is Still Inaccurate, Then Proceed To Following Step

💠 Go to Integrity Check > Click ‘Continue’.
💠 Select Journal Balances box > Click ‘OK’.
💠 Now access Integrity Check > Click ‘Continue’.
💠 Select G/L Balances box > Click ‘OK’.
💠 Check the account balance now and it should even out.


In case you still face issues with Sage 50 balance sheet carry over error then call us on the Sage 50 toll free helpline on 1800 964 3096 and discuss the issue and signs of your balance sheet not tallying and our adviser will help fix it for you.

We have the right tool to identify quickly the exact cause of your balance sheet issue and give you accurate and timely resolution. Talk to our expert for handy tips and advice on how to avoid the balance sheet reports error.

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