Sage 50Cloud US 2021.0

Sage 50 Cloud US 2021.0

Sage 50 Cloud 2021.0 comes with new enhancements in which the formerly known service named Sage Drive has been changed into Remote Data Access in Sage. Several options have been improved and added to enhance the ease of operating the accounting software and organizing finance tasks better. We will explore the new release Sage 50 cloud US 2021.0 with its improved feature through the following write-up.

Sage 50 Cloud US 2021.0 is Now Live!

In the new release, the major focused area is enhanced cloud experience and better onboarding process. It comes with bundles of features like built-in integration with Auto Entry. It permits you to eliminate the manual processing tasks by quickly scanning or capturing pictures of required documents like bills, invoices, etc.

Major Improvements available in Sage 50 Cloud US 2021.0:

Upgrade to Cloud ID Technology:

The most powerful option available in the new release is Sage ID has been upgraded into Cloud Identity. It provides a single sign-in service for all connected services like Remote Data Access. The functionality and technology at the background of Sage ID have transformed without changing the name. The name of Cloud ID is still named as Sage ID. All cloud-connected services with the legacy Sage ID have to migrate to the advanced Cloud ID by March 2021

Auto Entry Integration:

It is the most recognized feature that has eliminated the majority of manual operation data entry and simplifies bookkeepers, accountants, and business owners. Now one can save expenses, payments, receipts, bank statements, and bills into Sage50 cloud. Here are some pointers associated with Auto Entry Integration:

  • Users can effortlessly capture and extract data from payments, receipts, bills, bank statements, and invoices. This extracted information is directly published into Sage 50 cloud
  • Automatic categorizing of expenses & syncing invoices eliminate errors that usually occur in matching purchase orders.
  • Stay organized and keeps the bookkeeping data up to date through the Auto Entry mobile application. Simply scan the picture of the documents and sync with Sage 50 cloud.
  • The Auto entry capture lets you capture the details in the picture like description, price, and quantity

Memorized Purchase Invoices:

This feature permits you to save time and decrease the repetitive data entry tasks along with memorized transactions. It contains purchase invoices; you can write, save it and use them repeatedly.

Fields with New Mouse over Text for Additional Information

The transaction windows contain items & job fields; one can easily select the field by moving the mouse over the field. It will display the entire item, job ID, Assemblies/phases & cost code regarding the selected item. You do not need to open each transaction to see the details, simply hover over the preferred item to view the details.

Ship To Name for Customer Lists:

There appears the Ship to Name for Sales Order, Sales Invoices, Quotes, and item sales history by proposals in customer Management option. It enhances the convenience to filter or group quotes or orders.

Improved security with Gmail:

The new release of Sage 50 2021 comes with enhanced security meeting Google’s new security standards.

Remote Data Access Sage Drive:

Ease of staying productive at one-the-go with the Remote Data Access. Company data can be easily accessed from anywhere through the Sage 50 cloud.

Give a call to explore more:

The write-up about Sage 50 cloud US 2021.0 completes here! With the above information, you get awareness about the new enhanced features and improvement of the new release. What to think? Download and install the new improved Sage 50 Cloud US 2021. It is easily available! You require converting the company data once you install the version. Call the Sage 50 technical support number 1800 964 3096 to schedule a consultation or get more information regarding enhancements, Upgrade or Update. Use a live chat option to get answers on the spot or send an email with your queries. Get reliable services and save you precious time!

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