Sage Fixed Assets: Announcing the Release of 2018.0

Sage Fixed Assets Announcing the release of 2018.0

Sage Fixed Assets basically indicates towards a capital amount stored against an asset which is why businesses generally pay priority attention towards these resources and their life cycle so that maximum advantage can be garnered out of them till they are available. In order to ease this complex process of keeping track of the life of Fixed Assets, Sage came out with an application called Sage Fixed Assets. This application keeps the user abridged about different aspects of the asset including devaluation that generally highlights degeneration of the asset ensuring user is ready for alternative in the future.

The application Sage Fixed Asset, as every year, garners an update which includes enhancements over older feature and integration of new tools along with required fixes of bugs. The latest version – Sage Fixed Assets 2018.0 was released with all the above mentioned changes. Although proper support is provided for Sage Fixed Assets 2018.0, 2017.0 and 2016.0, Sage Fixed Assets 2015 and older versions will not be accorded with support from Sage company.

Attributes of Sage Fixed Assets 2018

The much needed information about your fixed assets can be acquired by using different tools integrated within Sage Fixed Assets application as illustrated below:


  • Sage Fixed Assets has an identification indicator of of standard quality which is integrated with the purpose of following the change in the life cycle of a particular fixed asset. The tool is easy to use and employ as the interface is quite user friendly and navigational.


  • It is a standout among st the most vital elements which influence the fixed resources. Sage remembers each of the directions and elements which impact the deteriorating estimation of the settled resources identified with business and government arrangement.

Reporting and Services

  • The user is accorded with the facility of generating as many reports as they wish regarding the fixed assets used to decide the matter of settling the asset in a profitable manner. The reports generated provide complete overview of the Fixed Asset along with benefit offered towards the business.


  • A Sage fixed resource is setup to track the healthy existence of the settled resource which helps in deciding every one of the subtle elements concerning the advantage. These points of interest incorporate the status, contacts, notes and different financial s of the organization.

Additional Tools For Sage Fixed Assets 2018

The latest version of Sage Fixed Assets was outfitted with new tools that helped to gain even more perspective of the fixed assets required by the business. Some of these much approved tools are listed below:

  • Scanner Portable Application:This portable scanner feature allows user to download or scan different documents like stock document from the program and then track it through android enabled mobiles. Furthermore, the user can employ the mobile’s camera to go through the standard resource identification set and to make changes and update them to stock section, amend resources and then send the revised copy back to the Tracking feature of Sage Fixed Assets application. This tool of Sage Fixed Asset can be directly downloaded and installed through play store of Android mobiles for easy portable scanning.
  • AMT Book Change:As per the direction and authorities provided by IRS under Form 4562 from the year 2016 – “Depreciation and Amortization gives that property choosing out of reward devaluation isn’t liable to an AMT deterioration alteration for qualifying resources put in benefit after 2015.” In like manner, for resources set in benefit from 2016 to 2019, the framework defaults MF200 in the AMT book, when MF200 or MT200 is utilized as a part of the Tax book, rather than MF150.
  • Picture Manager Window (Update):Significant changes have been made to Image Manager tool integrated within Sage Fixed Assets 2018.0, consisting of following points:
  • Transfer numerous pictures with ‘Browse Catch’ tool or new intuitive range feature newly implemented under Picture Manager Window.
  • Connect different aspects of one Picture, at least, simultaneously offering added benefits to the user.
  • In order to view all the aspects connected for one single picture, user has to just click on the option labeled Number under Number of Linked Assets.
  • Filter through File List of a particular picture on the basis of their Name, Connected Resources and Sort.
  • To rename a particular picture select the option of Record Name from the menu bar under File list.

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Final Words!

Sage Fixed Asset 2018 is an online tool generated to track and analyze the benefit of the fixed assets bought by the company. The tool is accurate, effective and reliable as it computes every aspect which could matter in changing the asset. The software is therefore complex and multi partitioned. It is important to understand the software and this is why we are here.

We take in all the queries which you face while working with the Sage Fixed Asset tool. You call us toll free at 1800 964 3096. Our Sage 50 technical support expert are ready to take in any query which bothers you while running through the software. We respond quickly to you concerns and direct you for a better user experience.

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