How to Setup PA Local Tax in Sage 50

Setup PA Local Tax in Sage

For setting up the PA Local Tax in the Sage 50 there is the Payroll setup wizard that helps you to setup many local taxes. Just set it up if you can as it saves the work. It is done with the proper process that is given here directly by the support team who is always here to help you out. Follow the steps accordingly to get it done easily.

Solution to Set up PA local Tax in Sage 50

  1. Payroll field of local employee needs to be set up
    1. Click on the Maintain menu and then select the option named Default information
    2. Then click on the Employees and a Employees Defaults window pops up
    3. Go to the Employees field tab
    4. Write the Local as the payroll field on blank line
    5. Now select or enter the G/L account connected with the deduction
    6. You need to type the “?” in the field or you can also click on the Lookup button
    7. For adding the new account, click on the “+” button
    8. To established the payroll field click on the OK button
    9. Click on the Maintain and then select Payroll after that Payroll Settings
    10. In the menu mention on left side, click on Taxes and then Assign Tax Fields
    11. For W-2 Fields do select the button and it displays the Assign Tax Fields for W-2s window
    12. Now select the Local payroll field
    13. Click on the OK button then also click on the Finish button to close the window of Payroll Settings.
  2. Local formula setup
    1. Go to the File menu and then from options shown click on the Payroll formulas
    2. Now click on the User-Maintained
    3. Then do enter the ID of a formula (for example, OHLT). If the ID already mentioned then create the another ID
    4. After this, write the tax name as the Name Year rule (example OHLT 15). OHLT is the name and 15 is the year
    5. Effects done on gross pay is subtracted from the gross
    6. Drop the Filing Status then click on the Tax and then as the tax agency click on the Locality
    7. If you set all localities to NO then enter a Locality name as the Local.
  3. Apply the local tax table and also enter the locality of the employee
    1. Firstly, click on the Maintain menu then click on the Employees/Sales Reps option
    2. Now you need to enter the Employee ID
    3. Then for the list of employees; in the Employee ID type the “?” and click on the Lookup button
    4. Go to the tab named Withholding info
    5. Verify that the OH is in the list of State/Locality for the State Payroll field
    6. Enter the Local as the local payroll field
    7. After that select the Employee Fields tab
    8. Now clear the default checkbox for local payroll fields. Select the Calculated check box
    9. Select the tax name that you setup in the above step 2
    10. For setting the adjusted gross, click on the Adjust button then check that you select the Gross checkbox
    11. Then click on the OK button and save the record of the employee and close it.

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