Software Suite – Sage 50 Accounting (New Release 2016)

Software Suite – Sage 50 Accounting (New Release 2016)
Sage 50 or as known earlier Peachtree, is accounting software incorporated by Sage Company with the motto of helping business owners, accountants, bookkeepers etc. with easy and error free management of their business finance and accounts. Although the software was mainly developed to help in finances of a business, many sub products were later designed to help in other areas of the business.

This at times creates a little confusion as many people think of these sub products as Sage 50 itself. Sage 50 is the whole package suite that consists of software like Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 HR, and Sage 50 Forecasting etc. When you buy Sage 50 HR or Sage 50 Accounts you are buying a part of Sage 50 suite and not Sage 50 software as whole. Sage 50 suite is developed as a part of business management solution that includes quick fix software catering for main departments in the business, namely, Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 HR, Sage 50 Forecasting and Sage 50 Manufacturing. Over the years with customer feedback and market review, this software suite has broadened and enhanced keeping the needs and requirement of businesses in current market scenario in mind.

Sage 50 Support

A detailed account on some of the most bought and preferred software of Sage 50 Suite are enumerated below:

Sage 50 Accounts

This is the most popular software of Sage 50 suite and is purchased by almost all the businesses and companies in the US and Canada. This popularity of the software has had a profound effect in the sense that many students opt to complete a course of Sage 50 certification to get better job opportunities. The software is truly a shining star amongst its peers as it helps to manage sales, maintain customer relations and understand various aspects of business among hordes of other beneficial functions, perfect for small to mid-size businesses and start-ups.

Sage 50 HR

This software is perfect fit for Human Resource department of a business. Considering its user friendly dashboard, easy to navigate options and logically labeled tabs ensures that even non-techie and novice computer user HR professionals can handle and use this software quite well. However to know every nook and cranny of the software many HR employees to through the Sage 50 online course. The software is designed to keep all the data of employees serving in the business under one platform including details like growth record etc. Furthermore, the software can be used to keep note of all the HR activities that need to be perform or has been completed.

Sage 50 Forecasting

This is one of the most unique software designed by very few companies, of which Sage is one of the most popular. It is designed with the aim of future business planning. Sage 50 Forecasting software erodes the scope of errors as all the functions are performed mechanically with least amount of human input. It ensures maximum level of accuracy and reliability that helps in having least amount of variation when the point forecasted comes forth.


Sage 50 or Peachtree accounting is a software designed to simplify the tasks of small business owners and accountants specifically. The Sage software suite has improved its features considering the requirements of the users. If you face any sort of technical or functional error with the software versions you report it to The in house Sage experts assure complete resolution of the errors. Connect with the Sage accounting support via the Sage support telephone number i.e. 24*7 active.

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