Invoice Payment with Sage 50

Invoice Payment with Sage 50

Sage 50, previously known as Peachtree, has slowly but surely become a permanent fixture in many businesses for handling of finances with minimal errors. The software was intercepted with the aim of helping bookkeepers and accountants keep an eye on incoming and outgoing of cash flow. Even for systematic payments you can prepare invoices for your customers that can be customized and sent via email or printed down. Sage 50 Software offers impeccable options catering to all your financial tasks.

Invoice Payment is one of the most imperative tasks of the business as it results in flow of cash from the customers who either purchased the company’s products or experienced the services accorded by you. These payments play a major role as any stoppage or delay in payment have the power to stop the operations from going further.

Incoming cash flow, which is resultant of successful invoice payment, helps to keep the business up-float as well as keeps the operations functioning in right standard. To maintain this you should keep a track of your customers and sales. Keep them informed about the payment by sending invoices at correct interval. Sage 50 feature of automatic invoice plays a major role as now you can streamline your invoices and send them to customers as and when they are required.

With Automated Invoicing you can send invoices at correct time and receive payment much faster. Furthermore, the delay in payment is greatly reduced as you can keep track of customers without any hassle as the software does the same for you. It also tracks the revenue earned and expenses incurred during the year, keeping you informed at every step of the project.

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Another way of securing faster payment of Invoices is integrating your Sage 50 software with Sage Payment Solutions designed by Moneris. Through this you can add credit and debit cards with your software which makes the payment from customers as well as payment of bills incurred easier for every party involved. Most of the customers and businesses use credit or debit card to make payments which results in lot of time going for sorting out the customers who have paid and how much they have paid. Through this application now businesses can keep a clear count of customers who have made payments and how much.


Streamlining invoice process of Sage 50 has always been one of the most appreciated processes of the software. However, at times you might encounter problem in this feature for which you should immediately get in touch with customer support 1800 964 3096 of Sage.

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In case you are unable to connect with the customer care due to reasons like long queue, you can also contact for resolving the issues through their Toll Free Number 1800 964 3096.

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