Time & Attendance Systems that Integrate with Sage 100

Time & Attendance Systems Integrate with Sage 100 software

With its incredible assembly of tools and functions, the Sage 100 software has indeed come up as a boon for businesses. No wonder why this software has become one of the most popular accounting platforms within a short span of time. Also, this software can be integrated easily with other software and saves you from purchasing different software for accomplishing your accounting tasks. In this blog, we will discuss one important feature of Sage 100 -the ability to integrate with time and attendance systems. This will help you process your payroll faster and with better accuracy. If you are not aware of this capability in Sage 100, make sure to go through this blog till the very end.

Time and Attendance Management Solutions in Sage 100

The time and attendance management solutions in Sage 100 are available as add-ons. Here, we will discuss the benefits you can get by integrating Sage 100 with both Sage HRMS and Sage HR.

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Integrate with Sage HR Timesheet Module

Sage HR includes a timesheet module that’s perfect for businesses of any size. It is designed to help your team meet all their deadlines and thus allows you to improve the workforce productivity.

  • Perfect for Small & Medium Businesses-Sage HR is the perfect payroll solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Now you can get full visibility across your team. You can have access to data anytime, anywhere and monitor multiple projects in one place. It will make sure you will never miss a deadline or an opportunity. 
  • Effective Time Management Techniques for better Results-Effective time management measures are incorporated here so that you can work smarter and faster, to accomplish your goals. Time management is simpler with Sage HR when it comes to tracking attendance, engagement and productivity. It can prioritize tasks and manage multiple demands easily and thus allows you to scale your business to the next higher level. With efficient time tracking measures, you can plan your day in advance, prioritize daily tasks, and nail down timescales and deadlines better than ever before.
  • View Project Progress in Real Time– How you use your time is crucial when it comes to project management. with Sage HR, you can now receive task management updates and look for possibilities to hire, assign, and adjust deadlines. By establishing reasonable deadlines, you can manage your resources and reduce overtime burnout. With just a few clicks, you can quickly examine attendance, productivity, and project status in real time. To manage capacity, resources, and contracts effectively, you can also share customized reports with your team.
  • Have Access from anywhere– With access to your data from anywhere, at any time, you can manage your HR activities on the go. Check team availability, review leave and holiday requests, and provide employees self-service access through an app on your mobile device. With the help of an online personnel database, you can gain complete visibility over your remote staff.

Integrate with Sage HRMS Time and Attendance Management Solution

  • Automate Payroll Time Cards-With this feature in Sage HRMS, you can streamline the process of validating and importing data from any data source into the Sage HRMS Payroll timecard file. It also has an extremely easy interface to work on.
  • Take Complete Control of your Attendance and Labor Data-Sage HRMS provides a 100% web-based solution to eliminate the burden of manual processes. Thus, it can save time and money and minimizes the compliance risk for you. It also eliminates the traditional time clock and delivers an efficient manager and employee self-service over the cloud as a SaaS solution. This service can be easily integrated with Sage HR and payroll solutions.
  • Increase Efficiency-The capacity of a time and attendance management system to significantly decrease the amount of time required to complete everyday duties is one of its key characteristics. the Sage HRMS Time and attendance software automates this process rather than requiring HR or payroll specialists to manually enter employee data. Thus, it eliminates the need to develop new spreadsheets for every pay period and complex statistics.

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Final Words!

We hope the above discussion would provide you with enough information about the capability of Sage 100 to integrate with time and attendance systems and what benefits it can provide to businesses. If you want to know anything more about this important feature in Sage 100, you may get in touch with some experienced Sage professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can I Process the Large Daily Payrolls in Sage 100 Contractor?

Sage 100 Contractor’s “Daily Payroll” module can be of considerable use to you if you need to process huge payrolls virtually every day. This module allows you to feed entries in any order you choose. Before converting payroll into time cards, the module will generate daily field reports and staffing reports based on your input. The Daily Payroll module is connected to the Equipment Management module. It helps you enter equipment repair times and cost allocations for projects involving the equipment. You may make sure that the expense of the equipment is distributed to the jobs effectively.

How to Export the Sage 100 Intelligence Reports?

Here are the steps to follow to export the Sage 100 Intelligence Reports
1. Right click on Report Name 
2. Click on Export Report or select Highlight The Report 
3. Under the Tools Menu, click Export Report 
4. Click the Save Export File As window tab
5. Select the desired Location 
6. Enter the File Name
7. Click on Save
8. Click on OK if this message comes up on your computer screen- “Export Succeeded.
9. To Import This Report

How can I Delete an Existing Employee Record in Sage 50?

Please perform the steps below to delete an existing employee record in Sage 50
1. Visit the Employees & Payroll Navigation Center.
2. Visit the Employees list on the right hand side of the window
3. From the employee IDs appearing in the list, select the Id  of the employee whose record you want to delete
4. Open the Maintain Employees & Sales Reps window for that particular employee
5. Click the Delete icon
6. A prompt will appear on your screen, asking you ‘Are you sure you want to delete this record?’
7. Click Yes to delete the employee record

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