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Sage 50 Construction Accounting Support

Sage 50 Construction Accounting

Sage 50 Accounting comes in myriad range of software designed specifically for an industry. Although the basic features of all the software are same, they do consist of specific tools and benefits catering to that specific industry. From Non-profit organisation to manufacturing and construction, Sage 50 has touched all the basis of all types of industries that would require simple accounting software in order to manage their business finances with least number of mistakes.

One such software created for construction business is called Sage 50 Construction Accounting. It offers construction centric solution for small to complex financial activities that helps to make the business more profitable than ever before. With Sage 50 Construction Accounting you can control your cost and generate more revenue by keeping the track on all inflow and outflow of cash without needing any professional knowledge.

Advantage of Sage 50 Construction Software

  • Labour Intensive Calculation
  • Retainage
  • Reports for WIP
  • Bills for Progress
  • Tracking of Payroll Overhead Rate
  • Tracking of Expiration of Sub – Contractor’s Insurance
  • Reports on Customised Construction Planning

This software also offers the use of Sage Business Care Silver that is nothing but an auto renewal application which accords users with timely upgrade automatically, online training of any feature as well as tools, customisable tools and probably the best is the complete access to customer care support.

Features of Sage 50 Construction Accounting

  • Accounting Essential Tools saves not only time but also keeps track of money.
  • Send customer invoices and track for timely payment.
  • Use of double-entry principles of accountancy for efficient accounting.
  • Pay bills from the software and keep track of all the receipts.
  • Intuitive interface according easy and concise view of the business status.
  • Reminders and alerts for imperative tasks via email.
  • Integrate Microsoft Word and Excel for specific tasks.
  • Customise reports as per your requirement for in depth analysis.
  • Keep track of both inflow and outflow of cash to maximise revenue and minimise expenses.
  • Cash Flow Manager Tool helps to predict payments and revenues.
  • Track your cash to ensure you have enough for present and future dealing.
  • Smoothly integrates with Sage 50 Payroll Software.
  • Pay your employees by printing or directly depositing.
  • Have full control on who can access the software.

Infographics – Benefit’s of Sage 50 Construction Accounting


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Plan More than One Budget for all Cost Centres and Departments

  • Having more than one budget gives more option and flexibility.
  • It helps in improvising financial handling and provides in depth insight in how each budget can affect company.
  • You can track all the budgets created keeping all departments in consideration and see which one is most beneficial.
  • ‘What If’ scenarios can give an overview on how the future of your business will get affected by each budget that propagates which budget is best.

One Financial Report for Multiple Businesses

  • By consolidating all the finances of multiple businesses you not only save time but also minimise the risks of more errors.
  • You can offer combination of transactions and budgets that offers deep insight as to how the business is doing so far.

Printing Financial Tables and Statements for each Department

  • With this you can keep an eye on all your financial details under one place that improves hand over revenue and specific costs incurred by the company.
  • You can have complete view over all the approvals granted, documents, estimates planned and much more. 

Sage 50 Construction Accounting software accords tools and features that stabilises your business finances and grants you complete control over the ongoing cash flow. You can be at the top of your business finances while paying due attention required over imperative business tasks that helps to increase profit and take your company to new heights. In case you get stuck while working on the software you can contact the experienced customer support of Sage instantly. However, if you are unable to get in contact with them you can alternatively call on on their Toll Free Number .

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