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Sage 50 Errors List and Summary

sage errors support

While the software is generally reliable, errors can occur from time to time. Here’s an overview of some of the most common errors that users may encounter in Sage. These are just a few of the common errors that can occur in Sage. When encountering errors, it’s important to identify the specific error message or code that is being displayed, as this can help to pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

Sage accounting software is one of the fantastic business accounting solutions available in today’s time. It is integrated with varied features that help in handling business related processes efficiently. There are many features in Sage 50 software that help in handling the business operations in a better way. It enhances the professional services and this helped in making it a top rated software in the market popularity wise. Sage software has now become the ‘in-demand’ software in the corporate world considering that this software includes ERP, CRM and HCM. Thus, choose the version of Sage software as per your requirement.

Nevertheless, there can be circumstances where the user can face various kinds of errors whether that is a technical error or a functional error. In such cases, it is best to consult a Sage expert with the correct Sage error code so that the experts can resolve it in the fastest way possible. They can analyze and resolve the error in an accurate manner. Let us discuss about some of the common Sage errors.

🔔List of Major Sage 50 Errors🔔

Sage Errors Summary
Sage Error: Cannot Install the Update Sagemgr Exe Error with Window 10 ProThis error message mainly pops up when the users do not have the admin credentials to download the update of the sagemgr.exe file. It also occurs when the Sage 50 file is corrupted, damaged or is missing.
Error: Sage 50 Can’t Connect to your Sage 50 Company Data LocationWhen this error occurs, the user becomes unable to open the company file. Some of the primary reasons of occurrence of this error message are – drive not mapped properly, disconnected mapped network drive, loss of connectivity to the server, information file pointing to an incorrect data path and DNS resolution issues and so on.
Sage Error “Company was Created in a Version that Cannot be Converted to this Version of the SoftwareThis error message mainly pops up when the users try to open a company file after upgrading the Sage 50 software. Some of the possible reasons of occurrence of this error are –antivirus blocking the workstation update, mismatch in Sage versions in the server and the workstation, proper service release not installed, damaged/corrupt .text file and so on.
Sage 50 Account Out of Balance ErrorThis error message may occur if there is a discrepancy in your Sage 50 account balance. It indicates incorrect balance in the retained earnings at the close of the current fiscal year.
Fix Database Error 49153 in Sage 300 ErpUsers may encounter this error code while trying to login to their Sage 300 ERP application or accessing any Sage 300 Company. You get this error when Sage 300 application fails to get linked to the database. To fix the error, you will need to be able to access the SQL Database.
Sage 50 404 Error While Loading Portal WebpageUsers may encounter this error if they have not downloaded and installed the complete Sage 300 CRM software application. To troubleshoot it, you should check the IIS configuration on a Windows operating system 2008 R2/2012 server. You should make sure the server should have .NET Framework installed in it.
Sage 50 Cannot Started Error MessageSome of the primary reasons of occurrence of this error message are –incorrect data path, missing or damaged data path file, running the program on compatibility mode, damaged user profile and damaged, corrupted or missing program files. One solution is to remove the checkmark from the ‘run this program in compatibility mode’ checkbox in the properties section.
Sage 50 Error the Installation of the Pervasive Database has FailedSome of the possible reasons why this error occurs are –a security application preventing the installation/configuration of the pervasive database, UAC enabled, faulty installation of the pervasive database, damaged/corrupted installation files etc.
Sage Decline Error Tsys Error CodesThis error is faced when a user goes to the gateway bank error codes and the merchant gateway declines his bank transaction. There is a list of Sage 50 TSYS errors (Decline Error Codes) that crops up with a particular error message. For easy search of your code, you will have to open the PDF and press CTRL+F to locate your error code.
Sage Error 153 When Printing User Details ReportThis error usually occurs when a user is printing the user details report. Some of the possible solutions are- replacing the userdefn.sys file, setting up the custom reports properly, creating a new company and copying the userdefn.sys file to the live data.
Sage Error 1327 Installing SageThe Sage error 1327 is also known as the Invalid Drive error. This error occurs while updating the system registry during the process of installation. Because of a corrupt file, the registry points to a temporary or invalid drive. Incomplete down load of Sage 50, virus infection, missing drive are some of the causes of occurrence of this error.
Error Accessing File Opening Sage AccountsThis error occurs when the software can’t locate the Accdata folder in the data path specified. To resolve it, you will need to verify the specified data path in your company and correct the same.
Sage Error Ause099 The Sage error Ause099 occurs when a user attempts installing an automatic update. Some of the possible reasons why this error occurs are –inaccurate server settings, malware/virus attack, damaged files and faulty proxy server settings.
Sage Error Failure in Updating and Converting Company Files to Sage 50 2018This error mainly happens when there is an issue in the SAU folder or in the backup file. Other possible reasons include sample company not opening or the system environment is not suitable.
Sage 50 Cannot Started Pervasive psql not Running Needs RestartedSome of the possible reasons why this error occurs are – pervasive PSQL not running on the host computer, pervasive PSQL fails to resume after installing updates and pervasive PSQL is suspended/stopped, abrupt ending of the persuasive on server due to workstation crash etc.
Sage Error Explorer.exeThis error occurs when a user tries to open the Sage 50 software through a shortcut. It mainly occurs when a program running in the background interferes with Sage 50 and if the account is not sufficient to open the software through a shortcut.
Peachtree Error 18This error appears during a backup in different forms including the DynaZIP error 18. This error occurs if the back up gets halted. This issue can also arise if the company file includes special characters. To resolve the issue, you should rename the company file and close all the programs running in the background.
Peachtree Unknown Error Pawencrypt Acquireourcontainer Error in sage 50This error mainly occurs if there exists an issue with the Windows user profile. Other reasons include wrong setting of permissions in the registry or installing any security update for Windows 7. To fix it, you may try changing the state of the user profile in the registry and creating a new Windows local user.
Permiss.Dat Error in Sage 50Sage 50 Users get the Sage 50 Permiss.dat Error while trying to open the file Permiss.dat. This gives them the indication that the company file is damaged and is beyond repair. Some of the possible causes of this error include- damaged Forms folder, Sage backup file is blocked by UAC, the dat file is either corrupted or missing, the permiss.dat file is blocked by ptl and so on.
Sage 100 Erp Error 65This error mainly occurs while updating important data in sage 50 ERP directory or while creating an unauthorized form. To fix it, you need to ensure that your data dictionary is correct. Then, you need to recreate your customized form and reset the panel settings.
Sage 50 Error Has Occurred in the Script on this PageSome of the possible reasons why this error occurs are –updates not installed properly, incompatible web browser, browser blocking Active X Controls and UAC settings are not up-to-date.
Sage 50 Clr20r3 ErrorAt times, repairing the .NET framework fixes this error. Before this, please check the integrity of the framework on the target machine. If the integrity fails, it’s better to uninstall it and then re-install.
Sage 50 Data Corruption ErrorOccurrence of this error means there may be some errors in the database of the system. Some of the possible reasons why this error occurs are –viruses, interference by other software running in the background, crashing of Sage software, hardware and network issues and backing up from a damaged media.
Sage 50 Decline Code 000006 Error- 0008Some of the possible reasons why this error occurs are –corrupt/damaged windows system files, incomplete installation of any software/file, improper deletion of any application/hardware and virus/malware infection.
Sage 50 Decline Code Error 000062This is a bank decline error caused when the bank of a customer declines a transaction. It can be caused by a gateway error and can be resolved by changing the settings at the users’ end.
Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14This error occurs when a user makes an incorrect payment and the same gets declined. If the user swiped his card through any third-party software and it uses the Sage Exchange Desktop, he needs to verify if the card reader has been enabled or not.
Sage 50 Error 0057 Rel 2013.2This error is experienced by a user when he tries to print a report or to access a company file. Because of this error, the Sage 50 software would stop functioning. The system may crash as well. Printer issues or device driver issues may lead to this error.
Sage 50 Error 0x80040707 When InstallingThis error usually occurs when the users do not have the pervasive installed, along with the software. It may block all the running processes and all the paths to install files as well. Damaged windows profile/registry key or blocking of the registry by an antivirus/security software may also lead to this error.
Sage 50 Error 1706Some of the possible reasons why this error occurs are –installer file is unable to find the location, updradation/downloading of software is blocked by anti-virus and system is not upgraded with MS Office 365.
Sage 50 Error 1719Users experience this error while trying to uninstall the Sage software, updating Windows operating system or installing the Windows XP service pack. Some of the reasons why this error occurs are – issues with exc files and access right issues.
Sage 50 Error 1918This error occurs when a user is not able to install the ODBC driver with the .exe file. Other reasons of occurrence of this error are- ODBC not updated, improper installation of ODBC, file not found and irregular connection.
Sage 50 Error 3112When this error occurs, the system gets shut down automatically. This issue arises when the network connectivity is poor, freezing issue in the network server or the security software installed is interrupting the Sage software.
Sage 50 Error 54This error occurs when Sage 50 can’t read the data file properly due to a data file error. This prevents you from getting a proper access of the Sage 50 software. Some of the reasons why this error occurs are- a lost connection to the company’s database, power failure issue during a sage 50 session, Damaged data file and poor network connection.
Sage 50 Error Code 0x80040702Users experience this error when the Windows operating system is not able to locate the .dll file of library. Other reasons of occurrence of this error are – corrupt/damaged registry database, virus attack, and failure to load the Windows startup.
Sage 50 Error Code 1046This error mostly occurs while using Sage 50, due to an issue with SQL. If SQL is not authentic , improper logging into the HMRC account, ID and password do not match in the e-submission settings, users may experience this error.
Sage 50 Error Code 8591This error makes it difficult for the Windows operating system to start the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine on a workstation. At times, this error is caused by the W3dbsmgr.exe process running in Windows task manager. Corrupted pervasive installation and stopping of pervasive by firewall settings may also lead to this issue. Another important reason is abrupt stopping of the Windows Management Instrumentation Service.
Sage 50 Error Must Post Print ClosingWhen this error occurs, the users are not able to run the year end wizard. To resolve this error, you should post all journals, run the data verification tool and make sure that the Beginning Balances are posted correctly.
Sage 50 Error Not Enough Memory ContinuePossible reasons for occurrence of this error include inadequate user rights, printer not available and compatibility issues with Windows. UAC issues and pending updates for MS office and Sage may also lead to this issue.
Sage 50 Error Opening Company.asdUsers may encounter this issue while trying to access forms using Aatrix , particularly while making changes in the Federal Tax ID or accessing the company forms. Two reasons basically lead to the occurrence of the error. They are- altering of the Company EIN in the Sage DacEasy and issues with the Federal Employee Identification.
Sage 50 Error Printer Not Activated Error Code 30Primary causes of this error include outdated Sage and MS office application, incompatible drivers, printing issues with SPLWOW64.EXE, windows default printer not enabled and outdated Outlooks software.
Sage 50 Error Problem Initializing Year End WizardCauses responsible for this sage error include presence of some damaged files in the Sage 50 company dataset director and issues related to the network. One way of resolving this error is to go to the Sage 50 company directory and change the names of certain .DAT files.
Sage 50 Error System.IO.FileloadExceptionThis error occurs when the user needs to install a latest service release or the same has not been installed properly. Other causes of occurrence of this error include program not opening, file load exception, COM class factory issue and IO system issue.
Error User Maintained Tax tables are Missing or DamagedThe most prominent reason for occurrence of this error is the damaging of the taxtable.dat file stored within the company directory. At times, this error may also occur if a tax update has not been installed properly.
Sage 50 Fit 19 ErrorThis error occurs if you have not updated the latest version of the Sage software. The number appearing at the end denotes the tax year. If you simply change the check date to any date in 2020 you will avoid the error message.
Sage 50 Invoice ErrorsA user may experience this error while trying to send an invoice through email. To fix it, the user should alter the default email settings and add email settings to the invoice to send.
Sage 50 Login Errorthis common Sage 50 error occurs when a user starts the Sage 50 software and tries to log into his Sage 50 account. Reasons of occurrence of this error include- recent password reset, forgetting log in ID/password and incorrect user ID/password.
Sage 50 Payroll Update ErrorThis error occurs when the update has not been downloaded properly or due to a corrupt /missing update file. Other reasons include computer not connected to the internet , User Account Control is turned on, specific Sage update could not be found and free minimum disk space available.
Sage 50 Unable Register Data Source ErrorA user may encounter this error when he tries to register the data source or register expression library in Sage 50 and the program restricts him from doing so. The possible reasons include Expression Library not registered and Data Source is not registered.
Sage 50 Unable to Load Vendor Library ErrorPossible causes of this error include Anti-Virus blocking the update and damaged tax form files. One way of fixing this issue is to manually install the tax form update.
Sage Act 50 Error 43A user may encounter this error when he tries to open a Sage company shared over the Sage Drive. By re-downloading , re-sharing and re-basing the company, you can fix the issue.
Sage Act Error 2601The Sage Error 2601 is mainly a Sage act error. It occurs when a user is trying to back up, copy, repair or create a remote database or synchronize a remote database in the Sage Act application.
Sage Act Error Resolution of the Dependency FailedSage users receive this error while trying to open the Sage Act. Some of the possible causes include- Windows User Account Control restricting Act from launching, the program shortcut failing to update itself after upgrading to the Sage Act v16 or higher, Sage Act program preferences getting damaged, missing registry key for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 and so on.
Sage Bankcards Errors and Decline CodesWhenever a user tries to make bank transactions through the Sage Gateways, he may encounter a few errors known as Sage 50 Bank errors related to the cards and decline codes. There may be 2 types of such errors- errors related to the decline of payments and rejections from the sage gateway.
Sage Email Mapi Error an Error Occurred in Sending the MessageThis error message occurs when the user is trying to send a message. The leading causes of this error can be that several versions of Microsoft Outlook are installed on the same system.
Sage Error 1628 Failed to InstallationWhen this error occurs, the active program window gets crashed or the system would hang/ freeze for some time. This error is usually seen in different Microsoft Windows Operating Systems such as Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and 10.
Sage Error 2755 Server Returned Unexpected Error While Attempting to Install PackageThis error happens when the Sage 50 installer file is missing. By adding an installer folder in the Windows directory you can fix this error.
Sage Error 49153This error occurs while an attempt to establish a connection between the Sage ERP application and database gets failed. One of the most prominent reasons for this is entering incorrect user ID and/or password while logging in to the Sage Accpac 300 ERP application.
Error 7866 Correcting a Submitted Full Payment SubmissionThe Sage error code 7866 is caused when an employee changes the national insurance category during a tax/financial year. When a complete payroll or a full payment submission is being done, then error code 7866 indicates that this change has not been reflected in Sage 50.
Sage Error Attempt to Create Cloud Backup FailedSome of the possible reasons of this error message are- deletion of Office 365, WMI is damaged, company name having special characters, data folder not cleaned and invalid cloud backup.
Sage Error Code 1603This error occurs while installing the Sage 50 software. Causes leading to this error include deactivating the Windows Installer Service, disabled /outdated .NET framework, multiple MSI component running simultaneously, and so on
Sage Error Code 30This error occurs when a system becomes unable to recognize the printing device. Some of the possible causes of this error are- UAC is enabled, email program is not compatible and Sage 50 E-mail Writer has inaccurate settings.
Sage Error Sdo SetupUsers mostly experience this error while trying to check the recurring details in the bank module. Some of the possible causes of this error are- invalid data path, incomplete SDO registration and system files not updated.
Sage Error Server BusyThis error occurs due to multiple reasons like printer issues, Windows updates not successfully installed, virus, permission issues and more. Sometimes, it can also happen due to connectivity issues that can occur on servers and on host machine as well.
Sage Error Username is in Use the Program Cannot Connect you at this TimeSome of the possible causes of this error are- Wrong Sage 50 data path, user already signing in from another PC, anti-virus hindering the Pervasive database engine and broken files in data path or company directory. A Sudden shut down of the program may also lead to this error message.
Sage http 500 Internal Server ErrorThis error mostly occurs when a user tries to integrate the CRM and ERP. When the portal database is not configured in Sage ERP, users experience this error.
Sage Payroll Error 2003This error mainly occurs due to 2 reasons- authorization issue and non-availability of Terminal IDs. To solve it, you need to check the system monitor page for any kind of interruption in transaction.
Sage Runtime Error 1607Sage 50 Installation Error 1607 is caused when the installation does not have the required level of access to specific areas of the computer. The most common cause for this is that the Windows user does not have admin rights.
Sage Taxation Error 1603This error occurs when a user tries to install the Sage 50 software. There are several causes of this error such as deactivation of the Windows Installer Service, disabled or outdated .NET framework, running more than one MSI component, and more.
Sage Timeslips Error Code 122This error crops up when the database of the user has an error in the index file. You can fix this error by restoring your computer to an earlier point and validating your data using the data verification process.
W3dbsmgr Error Peachtree and Sage 50EXE errors happen at the start of your computer, when you start a program or when you run a special function. Here are some ways that can be done to repair it: running antivirus scans, deleting junk files using the disk cleanup, updating the computer driver.
Your activation key for Sage 50 has Expired ErrorIf the license has expired or if the software is blocked by the firewall, this error will occur. There are a few factors that could be causing this error. For example, if Pervasive 9.1 is installed, it may be necessary to restart the Domain Name System or if it’s needed to restart Pervasive.
Fps Error After Upgrading to Sage 50 PayrollThis error occurs because when a user upgrades to the Sage 50 Payroll, they are not able to update their data. In order to fix this, you have to restore a pre-upgrade version of the backup, let the data go through the upgrade once again and reprocess the payroll before you submit it.
How to Avoid Sage Data Migration ErrorsWhile migrating, users often forget to convert data from the old version. This error may occur if all companies have not been converted. To fix the problem, convert all companies before working with the company modules and codes.
Sage 50 Accounting Error 1324This error occurs when the Sage 50 software cannot find a matching translation for a certain word. This will happen if you install the program in a language other than English.
Sage 50 Bob Error 5185It may be due to improper configuration of the system or a down internet server. It also occurs when your license agreement has expired.
Sage 50 Error 1311This error usually occurs when a user exports a report from the Financial Statement Designer to MS Excel or when the software is updated. This error occurs when there is a conflict between MS Office and Sage 50.
Sage 50 Error 1606This error message will occur if there is a problem in one of the registry sub-keys. There are four common reasons for windows being slow. These are damaged/corrupt windows files, file requirement is not complete, improper deletion of applications, and spyware/viruses corrupting the system.
Sage 50 Error 1721This error may have been caused by Microsoft Windows not being registered or corrupted files in the Sage 50 installer.
Sage 50 Error 1925One of the causes of this error is interruption of the installation by the UAC. To fix the error, people must disable the UAC by changing the settings to ‘never notify’.
Sage 50 Error 7806This error indicates that your tax authority is not letting you to file your RTI returns. In order to resolve it, please contact your tax authority and request a correction of the RTI date.
Sage 50 log ErrorThere may be an error with your data path or company directory. Other reasons include the conflict between system time on machine and time on server, erroneous authorization or safety measures for data folder.
Sage 50 Upgrade ErrorThis error may happen when the files of the update are corrupted or damaged. To fix, you need to download it once again or if the issues are related to the update file.
Sage Integration Service Error 14101This error occurs when the Sage integration is still opened following the removal process. If the registry key is still there or has not yet been deleted, it could also lead to Sage integration service error 14101.
Timeslips Error Code 9473This error may occur if the user has incorrectly configured certain Windows operating system files. System files may get corrupt due to other reasons and these may also contribute to the 9473 error code.
I/O Error in Variable Length Part of RecordIt is possible it might be in the .DAT files of your company data and could indicate any abnormalities.The actual reasons are- network error and corrupt file.
OBDC Specified Driver Could not be Loaded Due to System Error 8It is because of when the user runs a manual report or layout in Sage 50. One possible solution to the problem is replacing the ODBC driver in Sage 50.There may be various reasons why the user might not be able to generate reports, such as system hardware or errors associated with Excel.
Peachtree Error Reading General File for Module 4This error occurs when Peachtree Complete Accounting crashes or fails during a run. You can’t say that the coding was damaged in some way but just say it didn’t work during the run-time.
Error 1935 Installing Sage 50This is an installation error and the installation was not completed.

Possible causes include antivirus programs isolating the installation files, applications running in the backdrop, and . Net framework issues.
Sage 50 Error Action cant Completed File Open Another ProgramThe root cause of this issue may be there are open files on the server. One solution is to stop the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine running at the background.
Sage 50 Pervasive Invalid Date ErrorWhen this error occurs, users are unable to make entries without creating a new fiscal year in Sage 50. This error occurs when users post a transaction on a date earlier than the fiscal- end or session date.
Sage Pay Error Code 4020This error message states that the transaction post you are getting from the hosting website/company is not made through a valid IP address that you entered in your Sage Pay account. This error may occur if you lose access to SagePay or if the system has crashed.
Sage 50 Error Serial Number Entered Not ValidThis error message is encountered when the user limit is exceeded and you are trying to log in using the same serial number. To resolve this, you need to check the limit of your serial number and also the login id the users are using with that serial number.
Runtime Error r6034 Installing Sage 50 AccountsThis error occurs when the Sage 50 application fails to load the Visual C++ Runtime Library correctly. The most prominent reason for this error is the Sage 50 installation files are not being supported by the library.
Sage 100 Error MAS Stopped WorkingThis error occurs when a user attempts data entry or tries printing the checks. Possible reasons of occurrence include invalid printers, OS not supporting the software or interference from other software running in the background.
Sage 50 2019 Error Loading the Current Company FilePossible reasons of occurrence of this error include- damaged and corrupted internal files, sudden loss of connectivity and opening the software in an improper manner.
Sage 50 a Network Error Occurred while Communicating with the Connection ManagerUsers may experience this error while trying to access another computer from the server. Possible reasons of occurrence of this error include- ports used by Sage 50 are not opened in Windows firewall, damaged shared folder, computers are on different networks and connection manager on the server is turned off
Sage 50 an Unknown Error has OccurredUsers may experience this error while selecting any report. One of the reasons for this error is incorrect printer is mentioned in the Reports and Forms window for reports.
Sage 50 Balance Sheet Carry Over ErrorWhen this error occurs, the general entries from the Statement of Retained Earnings do not get posted to the Balance Sheet. Also, the preserved earnings account closure gets jagged to another account.
Sage 50 Closes with no Error MessageThis issue happens when the Sage 50 host is not logged in as the admin. Other reasons include issues with the shortcut icon of Sage 50 and antivirus interrupting the program.
Sage 50 Error 1101This error indicates that the active window of your system has been crashed.You may encounter this issue when the program’s installation is going on or when the software programs are functioning.
Sage 50 Error 1304Users may come across this error on a system that has had no such issues before. It could happen when you attempt to perform an AP inquiry and it would normally be confined to just one workstation, even if it happens to be a local administrator with all the permissions as per ACCPAC.
Sage 50 Error 1325Sage Error Code 1325 indicates that the concerned document is invalid due to the short file name. It happens while the user attempts to install any update on the already running program or on its previous version.
Sage 50 Error 1326 Error Getting File SecurityAn user may come across this error when an issue with outdated registry keys on his computer is interfering with the installation process. By restarting the workstation installer, this issue can be solved.
Sage 50 Error 1334This error indicates that the specified file can’t be installed as it is not installed earlier in the cabinet files. It also means there is some problem while reading from the CD ROM or issue with the package.
Sage 50 Error 1402This error occurs when the Permission and Registry values are not properly configured. When you get an error, you will need to check if enough access is available to the key, or not.
Sage 50 Error 1609This error occurs when the Sage 50 software encounters language selection issues. While installing Sage 50, if your language is not set to English in the Windows system settings, then you may encounter this error.
Sage 50 Error 1639Sage 50 Error 1639 happens when a program within Sage 50
fails or crashes while running. Though this symptom is largely due to virus infection, it can be attributed as a symptom for runtime error.
Sage 50 Error 1712A Sage 50 error 1712 is typically seen if the system was not able to carry out any of its anticipated operations.The reasons for the error may include- Virus or malware interference, incorrect installation or un-installation of software, improper system shut down and missing files in the company file or register entry.
Sage 50 Error 3110Some of the possible reasons for occurrence of this error are- loss of network connection between server and workstation, Windows Power Plan setting and unplugged network router. Other reasons include junk data, damaged network cable and weak Internet connection.
Sage 50 Error Connecting DatabaseSome of the root causes for occurrence of this error are- pervasive service have become still on the server, unable to ping the server, firewall deterring program and improper server title in ~PVSW~.LOC file. Other reasons include use of Distributed file system (DFS) in the mapped drive, impaired Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and improper data path on machine.
Sage 50 Error Could not Load Database Engine Library w3btrv7 dllWhen this error occurs, the user becomes unable to open the program. Some of the root causes for occurrence of this error are- Damaged Actian installation, locked files and program blocking Actian.
Sage 50 Error File System Error 3006 File NameWhen the sage 50 3006 occurs, the system crashes regularly. Some of the root causes for occurrence of this error are- incomplete installation of Sage 50, malware and virus, Windows registry corruption and due to accident removal and loss of Sage 50 folders and files.
Sage 50 Error Update must be Installed on Server FirstThis error occurs when the user tries to install a service release or to install an update on the workstation first. Some of the root causes of this error are- user not logged in as administrator, service release has not been installed at the server, trying to install the wrong service release and Verinfo.ini file formatted incorrectly .
Sage 50 File System Error 3110Some of the possible reasons for occurrence of this error are- loss of network connection between server and workstation, Windows Power Plan setting and unplugged network router. Other reasons include junk data, damaged network cable and weak Internet connection.
Sage 50 Hr Error Connecting MySQLThis error arises when a user wants to open a company file. To avoid this error, you should make sure that My SQL Connector/ODBS 3.51 and My SQL Connector/ODBS 3.52(a) also are installed.
Sage 50 Output Error When Restoring Backup to an Existing CompanyThis error may occur while restoring backup of an existing company. Some of the possible reasons for occurrence of this error are- damaged installation of Sage 50, restore process was interrupted, damaged Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) component and outdated data files in data path.
Sage Email Error Lotus Notes mailman Error Access DeniedTo fix this error, it is highly recommended to download the Lotus Repair tool. Other ways to fix it are- open IBM Domino and try opening mail from Sage 50.
Sage Error 1605To fix this issue, click on edit and find the key. Type {CDB21C1F-4317-4A76-8711-50F9FCF30542}. Then click Find Next to find the next key. All other keys named {CDB21C1F-4317-4A76-8711-50F9FCF30542} in the registry should be deleted. If the key is found in another key folder named F1C12BDC713467A47811059FCF3F5024, in the left pane, delete the whole folder now. Next press F3 to continue searching for the next key that contains the value.
Sage Error 1618Sage 50 Error Code 1618 is an Installation Error. This error occurs when already a different Installation is in progress. To fix it, you should complete the Windows Update and end the process of Microsoft Installer manually.
Sage Error 1920 Service Failed to StartThe user gets this error while installing Sage account data service on their computer server. It occurs due to operating system corruption or running of multiple applications on the system.
Sage Error 3032This error occurs when single user version of Sage 50 is installed instead of the multi-user version. For multi-user version, you have to get the program installed on the server first, so that, it can hold all the data files of the company.
Sage Error 43 File System Error 43 in FileUsers face this error while opening a remote data access company. To By re-downloading , re-sharing and re-basing the company, you can fix the issue.
Sage Error 5006 0x80004005This error occurs while installing the Sage 50 Payroll in the terminal server environment. Some possible solutions include- temporary disabling of the intervention gates and installing the set up only in the install mode.
Sage Error 5100 Microsoft Net Installation FailureUsers get this error while trying to install Sage 50cloud Accounts. It occurs due to a Microsoft .NET framework installation failure on your computer.
Sage Error 6002The error may occur during the installation of the Sage 50 software. Some of the possible causes of this error are- improper shutdown of the system, Plug & Play service not being ready, encrypted and damaged file system, attack of malware and virus infection and CPU or hardware related issues.
Sage Error 911911 Security Violation and Access DeniedWhen this error occurs, it means that either the access is denied to the software of user has violated the sage permission. Some of the possible causes of this error are- Incorrect Merchant ID and Merchant Key and Multiple pairs of Merchant ID and Passwords available at the same time.
Sage Error a Company File with the Same ID is Currently Being SharedThis error occurs when a user tries to share a file with Remote Data Access. The most prominent cause is – if the file with the same company name is already shared while opening a file uploaded to the Remote Data Access.
Sage Error Address Generic com ErrorSome of the possible causes of this error are- due to multiple versions of Outlook installed on the same system, User Account Control (UAC) may be enabled, inappropriate email setting and reduced email writer setting.
Sage Error Cannot Open Company File a Required Data File is MissingThis error happens while opening a data file or restoring from a backup. It also happens while opening or downloading a company file shared on the Remote Data Access.
Sage Error Code 00005When this error occurs, the user cannot perform a transaction because there are unknowns in the system. Some of the possible causes of this error are- damaged file of the window system, incomplete installation and un-installation of any software or file and system recovery from any virus or malware.
Sage Error Codebase error 200 or codebase Error 83805When this error occurs, the user is not able to process Aatrix tax forms and can’t create the output database. Possible solutions include replacing the Histories folder, disabling the anti-virus and configuring the Trend Micro.
Sage Error Connecting DatabaseSome of the possible causes of this error are- unable to ping the server, Pervasive service on the server has become still , firewall obstructing the program and use of Distributed file system (DFS) in mapped drive.
Sage Error Failed to Switch Terminal Server to Install ModeSome of the possible causes of this error are- Windows Remote Desktop not recognizing the auto run function and Windows Terminal Services not recognizing the auto run function. Some ways to fix this error are- installing from the download link, installing by using the files in the Temp folder and installing using the files in the program path.
Sage Error Sage 50 Cannot be Started i Receive Access Denied to sage 50 ini fileSome of the possible causes of this error are- damaged or incomplete installation and security setting set to Deny. Some ways to fix this error are- changing permissions on the Peachtree260.ini file and verifying the DNS settings.
Sage Errors Support.htmlSage 50 employs expert professionals in its errors support technical team. They provide error support through phone, email and live chat.
Sage Error this Shared Company is Already OpenUsers face this error while opening a file uploaded earlier to Remote Data Access . one solution is to navigate to the connection manager and enable it to make modification in the PC, if prompted.
Sage Error Unknown Bank SpecifiedUsers may face this error during an e-payment or an e-reconcile. The reason behind this error is non-selection of any banking component by the user.
Sage Install Error 1628 Fix Reason SolutionThis error occurs when a user tries to install Sage 50. This error is usually seen in different Microsoft Windows Operating Systems such as Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and 10.
Sage Pastel Error Code 20When this error occurs, it means the database is not licensed or it’s not running. This error may arise due to multiple reasons. Some of these are- the Pervasive
Database Manager not running, user not using the licensed pervasive and some of the components of the pervasive have not been installed properly.
Sagepay Error 5080 form Transaction Registration FailedThis error occurs when the user tries registering the form transaction.. It may also happen when the card number of the user is either failed or not working.
Sagepay Error Code 5999Some of the possible causes of this error are- damaged Windows system files, corrupt file entries and incomplete installation. This is a common issue faced by the users in Windows 10.
Sagepay Error CodesSome of the common Sagepay error codes encountered by the users are – Sagepay error 2003, Sagepay error 3141, Sagepay error 204 and Sagepay error 201 . another error, the Sagepay error 5068 occurs when the encryption method is not supported by the version of the protocol.
Sage Payroll Update Error 0x80070002This error crops up during a Windows update. Multiple reasons may cause this error. Some of them are- corrupt files, registry issues and problems with the Windows update.
Sage Peachtree Error 5when this error crops up on your system, it means the software has been denied access. To fix this, you should allow the ESC Accounting Server to integrate properly with Sage 50.
Sage sa-qiflib.dll ErrorSome of the possible causes of this error are- damaged/corrupt Windows profile, improper installation of the pervasive database and damaged registry key.
Troubleshoot Sage 50 Error New Periods Could not be AssignedThis error is experienced when a user attempts to close the current year. The possible solutions include restoring backup and then trying to close the year, Journal Synchronization and Expendable File Clean up.
Sage 50 Error 3000Sage error 3000 is the document submission process failed, resubmitting the gateway – 3000 fatal. The download of the specific thing has failed

There can be more types of errors in case of Sage that a user might face. Irrespective of the fact whether it is a technical or functional error, it is best to get in touch with Sage experts at Accounting Advice to understand the causes and resolutions for this error. This Sage technical support team gives excellent Sage error support and helps in resolving the errors in the quickest time possible. The resolutions can be related to the upgrade, customization, updating, conversion or any compatibility related issues.

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For any kind of Sage errors technical Support, get in touch with Sage customer support team at Accounting Advice. They will take the responsibility of resolving the error instantly and the best possible way which does not harm any of the data files or system. This Sage tech support team is tremendously trained in dealing with any kind of Sage error at any part of the day.

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💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

What are the most common Sage 50 Errors?

We are explaining the most common Sage 50 errors include installation errors, data corruption errors, network connection errors, runtime errors, and login errors.

Explain the causes Sage 50 Errors

Sage 50 errors can be caused by a variety of factors, including incomplete or incorrect installation, damaged or corrupted data files, network connectivity issues, conflicts with other software, and user permission issues.

How to resolve the Sage 50 Errors?

Firstly, it’s important to identify the specific error message or code that is being displayed. From there, you can search for resources such as online forums, user manuals, or technical support to help resolve the issue. It may also be helpful to check for software updates or run diagnostic tools to identify and fix any underlying system issues.

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