How to Fix Sage 50 Error 1721

Sage 50 error 1721

Sage 50 software has been used by a lot of small and medium size industries for all their accounting tasks. It can manage data for all types of business houses. Business operations can be easily streamlined with a software like Sage 50 due to its amazing features. It is immensely in demand by many well established business houses too due to its contribution to a steady growth. It is because of the organized work output.

Sage also creates an extremely collaborative environment for everyone as the important files and folders can be accessed from any corner of the world. However, there are circumstances where even Sage may encounter errors. Let us go in to the details of one such commonly faced Sage error that all users would like to know about.

More About Sage 50 Error 1721

This normally happens when the user is trying to install or uninstall the Sage 50 software. An error message comes up on screen that basically says that there is a issue with the Windows installer and a program is needed to installation to be complete so it could not run. One can also contact the package vendor too.

Causes of Sage 50 Error 1721

  • In situations where the Windows Installer is registered or unregistered.
  • Windows installer having damaged files.
  • Inappropriate registry cleaning.
  • If its a fresh version of Windows installer.

Resolutions of Sage 50 Error 1721

It is fundamentally a Microsoft error and not exactly related to Sage because it is related to the Windows Installation engine. The Windows installer should be an updated version or the entire version. To check the version, one has to get in touch with the Sage trained experts to do it accurately. If its a windows XP, then Service Pack 2 is required.

Even after upgrading Windows installer, if the issue still continues then the computer has to be rebooted. Click on Run after going to the Start menu. Write CMD. This opens the command prompt.  Go to the Start Menu, then Run, then type CMD so that you can open the command prompt, consult experts to know the advanced commands so as to not make any mistake and to protect the data.

The external device needs to be reconnected to the external device where the Sage 50 is located. Sage 50 needs to be uninstalled. Re-install it to the default path. Validate the Sage 50 program that was installed.

These above steps should ideally resolve the issue. In case the issues still do not get resolved, it is better to contact the trained experts at Accounting Advice.

What is Accounting Advice?

Accounting Advice is an extremely dependable Sage customer support team of experts who can guide you regarding all types of Sage errors. This Sage tech support team is full of knowledgeable professionals who are available 24*7 to resolve all types of issues. Sage users from all over the world contact this Sage customer support team for all types of resolutions and doubt clearance related to Sage. The toll free number to talk to this team is 1844-871-6289 .

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