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Sage Payroll HCM

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Sage Payroll Services suite has created a sensation amongst all the businesses with its revolutionary ability of easing the complex payroll processes without any hassle. This suite consists of three main editions Sage Payroll Essentials, Sage Payroll HCM and Sage Time (Time and Attendance). Although can work perfectly on their own, but when combined covers all areas of the Payroll. Payroll process is quite wide and controls various functions ranging from hiring to salary payment of employees.

Sage Payroll HCM (Human Capital Management) is one of the advanced tools introduced in the market to help hiring process managers in making smarter decisions. It makes the whole the process smoother and efficient in employee recruiting and onboarding.

Services and Solutions of Sage Payroll HCM

Maximize Efficiency of Human Resource Department  

The software helps to ease the burden of Human Resource department of small as well as mid sized businesses and increases their efficiency by transforming the HR to strategic with tools and data that demand action.

The tools and data accorded with the software helps to not only bring in more efficiency within the HR staff but also save their time considerably. Sage Payroll Human Capital Management ensures that the capital is driven to its full capacity with ultra advanced tools.

  • Recruitment and management of the candidate.
  • Onboarding process of the Employee
  • Management of both performance and talent
  • Customized and flexible reporting

A+ Onboarding

The software streamlines the onboarding process of new employees that results in enhanced productiveness and satisfaction of the employees. It also saves the associated costs and expenses thereby saving money and time. You can either use the authentic checklist for the process accorded with the software or customize one of your own.

Platform Security and Protection

It is imperative to keep the vita and sensitive data of your employees saved from unauthorized access. To do this Sage HCM provides a safe haven to keep all your employees’ confidential data away from the unknown. Sage’s commitment guarantee towards security has always surpassed all expectations. Sage HCM comes equipped with a security datasheet that informs of various safeguards employed by the software.

Recruit, Onboard Process, and Management of Candidates

The software simplifies the complexity of recruiting and following processes by making everything mechanical and automatic. By removing manual interference the user garner over the top efficiency in managing the human resource processes.

  • Managing Recruitment Process of Candidate:
    • It is imperative to hire right candidate for right job and right time for top rated efficiency.
    • It also helps to reduce costs and expenses incurred while job sourcing.
    • Simplifies the complex recruiting process featuring on social networking sites, company’s website and other imperative job portals.
  • Effective Management of Performance and Talent:
    • The software consist of integrated reporting tool that helps keep track on the prospective employee’s performances, compliance with legal laws and his metrics.
    • Consists of assessment lists that can be customized as per the users’ preference which helps in screening the prospective candidate in the competencies faced with specific jobs.
    • Sage Payroll HCM uses performance of the candidates and their profiles in order to construct expectations, results and also comparison between theses profiles and the top employees of the company.
  • Employee Onboarding
    • Sage Payroll HCM software help to manage workflow as flexibly as possible along with setting up of new candidates requests smoothly in order to get new candidates accustomed as efficiently and quickly as possible.
    • Imperative policy documents, training materials and other required documents are accumulated in one place which not only familiarises new employees with the company but also saves time and money.
    • The new employees of the company can fill in the required paperwork online itself that helps to reduce paperwork on first day. Also user can conduct surveys to enquire about employees’ first day that helps to know more about the employee.

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Sage Payroll HCM (Human Capital Management) software was incepted with the aim of helping the Human Resource department of a company in handling the search, recruiting and hiring of new employees. This software has revolutionised the way a recruitment process is done followed by the onboarding process of the new hires by making all the processes automatic and mechanical. In case you are facing issues with the software, you can get in touch with the SAGE customer care support handled by experienced technical support team. Alternatively can also be contacted, in case you are unable to get connected with the SAGE customer care team, via Toll Free Number .

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