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Sage Payroll Services & SolutionSage 50 Payroll system of any company, irrespective of the size of the business or nature of its products and services, is the most imperative part as it directly deals with the human resource of the company. If the employees are happy and satisfied with their salary and other incentives they are likely to be more loyal to your company. Sage 50 Payroll deals with these aspects of the business only. Considering complexity and importance of the job, it is obligatory that your business should have the experienced employee and best software to tackle Sage payroll system.

One of the most sought after Sage 50 payroll software is by SAGE, namely, Sage Payroll Services. The software offers complete solution for all Sage 50 Payroll activities and tasks that completely demolishes all the burden of handling and managing Sage payroll system. This a suite comprises of 4 main software called Sage Payroll Essentials, Sage Payroll Full Services, Sage Payroll HCM and Sage Time Management Software.

Benefits of Sage Payroll

Sage 50 payroll is user friendly software combined with powerful features and intuitive interface that makes for innovative and interactive software. This software basically works smoothly for small and medium sized businesses having maximum employees up to 10. The user can perform various functions like processing limitlessly, salary payment options and tax revolving functions. The software ensures all your Sage 50 payroll tasks related to employees and taxes are completed efficiently with minimal errors and mistakes.

  • The software saves the tasks performed that makes recreation of paychecks redundant and thus save time.
  • User can pay salary and incentives to the employees via three ways, namely, printing or mailing pay checks, performing direct deposit and pay through paycards.
  • With this software user can pay salary to their employees electronically and also file for taxes through e-file and e-pay feature. This saves both money and time.
  • Sage Payroll Essentials smoothens the way of tracking how many sick leaves are availed by the employees and how many have opted for vacation leaves. This ensures that the record of leaves taken and left is on right track.

Sage Payroll Support Services

Sage Payroll Full Service is the software that provides easy to use tools for all kinds of payroll activities ranging from simple salary deposit to employees to complex tasks like keeping the time management of employees on regular basis. This software accords various features based on different departments of the payroll that are listed below:

  • Basic Sage 50 Payroll Features:
    • Proper allocations to all departments
    • Tax filing for local, state and Federal
    • Smoothly integrates with other accounting software ( of both SAGE and other brands)
    • Tax filing and payment is done on time – this removes worry of fine and penalty.
    • Different options to transfer salary – printing paychecks or direct deposits.
  • Basic Human Resource Features:
    • Securely and easily handling all the confidential and required details of the employees mechanically.
    • Proper documentation of HR handbook
    • Flexible to change job descriptions.
  • Basic Time Management Features:
    • Smoothly integrates with Sage payroll software – this eases the worry of both HR and accountant.
    • Easy to rephrase and change policies, rules and regulations.
    • Easy access of viewing time on any device.

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Sage Payroll HCM (Human Capital Management)

Sage Payroll HCM (Human Capital Management) is basically designed to help Human Resource department in order to handle all the recruitment and following processes smoothly and with minimal mistakes. The software’s sophisticated features ensure that all the necessary functions of onboarding new hires finishes without any glitch.

This new addition to Sage Payroll Services suite has made quite an impression on hiring managers of all types of businesses. Powerful tools of the software combined with interacting dashboard allows managers to oversee all the new hiring processes in new light and with zero to limited errors.

Sage Time

Sage time Management software or also called Sage Time and Attendance Software is the fourth and last part of Sage Payroll Services suite that handles the last part of employees salary and incentive deciding factor, that is, time – incoming and outgoing from office, number leaves availed so and so forth. Time gives to the company by an employee is one of the factor that HR department monitors in order to check how dedicated the employee is to the company.

The software easily monitors all the employees’ behavioral activities like what time he enters the office, how many leaves he has availed etc. Some of the benefits of the software are enumerated below:

  • Least amount of manual input that ensures limited errors in the process.
  • Interacting dashboard makes sure that all employees are actively using the software.
  • Important and confidential information is shared with only required personnel through Role based security feature.

Sage Payroll Services Suite is a complete solution for management of employees, their salary, incentives, leaves and other important details. All the four software included can work as Stand Alone software or together depending on the preference of the user. Together the software impeccably removes all roadblocks possible and provides authentic employee details without much poking needed. In case you face any issue with any software, you should immediately get in touch with SAGE payroll Technical Support who will promptly resolve your problem. In scenario wherein you are still facing issues, you should call on the Sage 50 Payroll Support Number.

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