Sage 50 Payroll Annual Licence

The Sage 50 Payroll Annual Licence

With the help of the Sage 50 Payroll, the Sage 50 users can add additional seats or licenses to an already existing Sage 50 2018 or 2019 product IF the licenses that have been purchased within 1 year from your previous date of purchase or upgrade. Sage makes it compulsory that changes to your software can only be done if you are on a latest business care plan with Sage whether it is the Sage 50 Traditional Business Care Plan or the Sage 50c (cloud / subscription) product.

In case you are a Sage 50 customer and pay your annual renewal yearly in order to remain current and supported one can add additional licenses at any time.

Sage also pro-rates the cost of adding licenses according to the remaining term of your business care plan. In case you add licenses a month or two after your initial purchase or upgrade, this is going to cost more than if you add them 10 or 11 months from your date of purchase. In case the user’s intention is to purchase the software: perpetual license with Traditional Business Care Plan only and also opt out of paying the annual renewal fee to Sage and use the software as-is but think you might wish to add licenses in the future, it is recommended into purchasing the additional licenses a few weeks before the business care plan expires. So, you see this is the most cost-effective approach if you require the additional licenses in the future.likewise , you will have to repurchase the software all over again in order to add any additional licenses.

In this blog, we would address one common query (related to the Sage payroll module) we received from many users of Sage 50. They wanted to know about the Sage 50 Payroll Annual Licence. If you also want to know about it, we would request you to go through this blog till the very end.

Let’s start from the very basics then

What is Sage 50 Payroll?

For any business wishing to have its own in-house payroll operation, Sage 50 Payroll is an ideal aid. Sage 50 Payroll, which is acknowledged by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), gives you the capabilities to manage the whole payroll process while being legally compliant. Office managers, bookkeepers, business owners, and accountants who need to manage the payroll for more than 10 employees will find Sage 50 Payroll to be the perfect answer.

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What is the additional Benefits of Sage 50 Payroll Annual Licence

  • All the payroll processes for employees HMRC submission are under the user’s control. 
  • The PAYE/NIC liability to the HMRC can be regularly tracked by the users.
  • Automatic calculations are carried out through out. Thus the users can acquire the results of both the National Insurance and Tax.
  • The users can easily track the number of vacation and sick days that have been taken by the employee during the year. 
  • Is also HMRC appliance.
  • The most latest legislative updates can also be delivered electronically to the users.
  • The users can also submit the real time Information-RTI.
  • The users can also send or print the professional paystubs of the employees.
  • With the help of this, the users can also manage the pension plans of the staff members. 
  • One can also use e-Banking to be able to electronically pay the staff, instead of following the traditional methods. 
  • The users have proper control over the statutory payments.
  • The Sage 50 payroll offers the users with accurate detailed reports and dashboards

What is the Sage 50 Payroll Annual Licence?

The Sage 50 Payroll is available as an annual licence. You might need to upgrade your service to add more staff as your business expands. All information necessary for processing your payroll and the year end returns are included in the licence package. You will need to renew the licence to add new employees. While you try to add a new employee, you may receive a message that you have reached your employee limit. This is the time when you need to upgrade your Sage 50 Payroll Annual Licence.

The annual subscriptions come in the following blocks-

  • Payroll 5 (1 to 5 employees)
  • Payroll 10 (6 to 10 employees)
  • Payroll 15 (11 to 15 employees)
  • Payroll 25 (16 to 25 employees)
  • Payroll 35 (26 to 35 employees)
  • Payroll 50 (36 to 50 employees)
  • Payroll 75 (51 to 75 employees)
  • Payroll 100 (76 to 100 employees)

The Additional Benefits of the Sage 50 Payroll Employee Licence Software

Let us take a look at some of the additional benefits of the Sage 50 Payroll Employee license software:

Automated Management of Various Payroll Processes

With the help of this highly sophisticated feature, it is now possible to process the weekly, monthly and biweekly, four-weekly payrolls within the Sage 50 payroll. Also the pay slips thus, generated can also accessed online. Not just that, but also the users can also compute and input and compute the required adjustment to holiday payment for the salary of the employee.

To Be able to USe Sage 50 Payroll HMRC Submission and RTI

The software has been approved by the HMRC that also includes the Sage 50 Payroll. This essentially translates to the user being able to submit securly the filings online over to the HMRC. It also enables the users to comply with the latest laws. Likewise, the users can also send their employee data and PAYE directly online over to the HMRC. This way you can easily skip any useless intermediate stages involved. Lastly, the user also has the ability to be able to monitor the PAYE and NIC obligation to the HMRC.

To Be Able to Manage the Pensions

The users are able to put up the required parameters to be able to completely automate the auto-enrolment processes. Also, the users can easily manage the pensions for the employee. Now, the Sage 50 payroll is able to calculate the required contributions and the other costs to the business users independently also. Lastly, the people can also appreciate how easy it is to set up their pensions in a fast-track manner. Also, the Sage Pensions Module is yet another options that the users can also utilize for the same purpose.

To Directly Pay the Employee From Within the Sage Software

With the help of this feature, the users can easily control the staff payments directly within the software. It is because of this, that it is no longer required for the users to be able to switch between the various programs or to have the required applications. E-Banking allows the users to be able to pay the employees quickly. This way the risk of the potential payment errors have been greatly decreased because of the automation.

Reports on Payroll Data

Now the users can easily produce the statuary reports such as the P60, P11, P35. This way the users will also be offered with the cost center and department by the reports on data. Likewise, the users can also have the option to create their personal expert reports. Also the uses have the capability to select from a wide range of standard reports.

Store and Manage Employee Information

Now one can easily track the vacations and absences due to the functionality. This way the users can easily handle the staff evaluations additionally. Also, the users can easily keep track of the employees disciplinary history. The users can also gain access to the previous employment of the employee and also the compensation information.

How can you View and Edit your Sage 50 Payroll Annual License?

In Sage 50 payroll, you can view your subscription cost and easily sign up for additional services. you can also unsubscribe easily from a service. After you change your annual subscription options, your billing amount gets updated immediately, and you will be billed for the new value, from the next bill cycle.

To view your Sage 50 payroll annual license information, click on your name at the top of the Payroll. Next, click on Manage Business Account. Finally, click on Subscriptions and Invoice. The cost of your current payroll subscriptions will be displayed on your screen. In case you are in a trial period currently, the expiry date of the same would also appear next to the relevant service. After this date, you will need to enter your direct debit details. If you are not in a trial period, your next invoice date would appear. It will also show how to check it.If you want to change your employee licenses, click on Change number of Licenses. After the necessary changes are done, click on Confirm Changes. A summary window will appear, confirming the changes made.

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We hope the discussion above will help you with all the information you want to know about the Sage 50 Payroll Annual License. If you want more information about the Payroll Module in Sage 50, you should get in touch with some authorized Sage experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I Install the Payroll Tax updates manually in Sage 50 2022?

Please follow the steps to install Payroll Tax Updates manually in Sage 50 2022, given below-
1. Launch the Sage 50 2022 application
2. Go to the Reports And Forms section
3. Click Forms
4. Choose the Tax Forms tab
5. Now open Payroll Tax Forms
6. Select to open the tax form you prefer
7. A prompt will ask you to install the tax updates
8. Click Download Updates
9. After completion of the download process, click the Run Update tab
10. The installation of the new Sage 50 2022 payroll tax forms will start
11. You will be prompted if you wish to overwrite the existing files. 
12. Click on Yes to All 
13. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process

What is the Sage 50 Payroll Entitlement Feature?

Payroll entitlement is set up in Sage 50 to figure out and keep track of the entitlements owed to the employees. The entitlement tab will be seen on all the paychecks. There are no banked hours created by this tab’s accounting entry. The banked hours must be manually paid on the Income tab. Depending on the percentage of hours completed, you may bank the days. You may also manually insert the eligible days. Sage 50 Premium Accounting or higher versions have access to this feature. Make sure to switch to single-user mode before creating a payroll entitlement.

What is the Sage 50 Payroll Wizard?

When you want to set up the payroll defaults and common payroll fields, the Sage 50 Payroll wizard would guide you through the process. You can generate the majority of the standard payroll fields required to calculate deductions and taxes by following the wizard’s prompts.

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