How to Access My Companies in Sage 300

Access Companies in Sage 300

Sage 300 is a comprehensive business and finance software package that can help you manage your accounts, invoices and resources. It’s the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes, but how do you access it? That’s what we’re here to answer! In this blog post, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions for accessing your company’s Sage 300. We’ll also provide some tips to make sure you get the most out of your experience with the software. So, read on to find out more about Sage 300 and how to access it!

Sage 300 is one of the most trusted Accounting software, that is used to offer straightforward solutions for swift financial solutions. Some of the most striking features are:

  • Easy bookkeeping
  • Invoicing 
  • Cash Flow management
  • To Link Bank Accounts
  • Integration of third-party
  • VAT returns

The best part about Sage is that it allows small-scale owners to be able to easily track their income and expenses in various currencies. Also, tracking of inventory and swift management of invoices is possible. One of the finer aspects of Sage 300 is that microbusinesses and freelancers can easily use the platform to ensure that their accounts are well-managed.

Among the various attractive aspects of Sage, the user is also able to access and maintain their ‘company’ within the Sage 300. So, How to Access My Companies in Sage 300 is one of the main aspects of being able to make the most out of the software.

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How do I Access Company in Sage 300

First, one needs to ensure that the basic requirements of the Sage 300 are in place. This works on Web screens and Desktops. 

  • Ensuring that the System Database allows for enabling application security. To do this, one needs to use the database setup.
  • To edit the system database.
  • Allow application security. 
  • This allows the companies under this system to be ‘concealed’ from the login screen.
database setup window
  • It is required that the user be assigned to the security group. 
  • To do this, one needs to go to the administrative service
  • Opt for user authorization
  • Assign a user to a security group.
  • Login to the company as an admin
admin Services window
  • Next, check the Sage 300 company list 
  • Here you will be able to view only those companies that the system database has not enabled for application security
open company window
  • Enter the User ID and Password 
  • This will enable the company list to add those companies that have been authorized to a certain security group.
open company screen  window
  • It has to be kept in mind that a test user can only view 5 companies and the Admin can view all 6 Companies

How to Create a New Company with in Sage

Now, that we know how to access the required company file, let us understand a bit about how to create a New Company within the software. This is an essential aspect of the Sage software, as it allows the proper organisation and maintenance of the data files. These are stored within a precise location within the system and can be accessed and visible from the box. To create a new company within Sage one needs to

  • Go to the selection company window 
  • And click on add company
  • In case you have already logged into the company, click on File 
  • Next click on new
  • Now click on company 
  • Next Enter the password 
  • Finally click on OK
  • To create a new company in Sage from the scratch you will need to
  • Click on set-up new company 
  • Click on change in order to change where the file has been created by the new company. 
  • Go to the required location
  • Click on OK. 
  • You will notice that your default name is Manager 
  • You are done.

How to Add an Existing Company located on another System the User is Connected via Network to

There are times when we need to add an already existing Company that is located on a different system which is connected through the network. However, before proceeding one must be able to ensure that the data folder is ‘shared’ inorder to access the required data. Finally, make sure that the other system you are trying to access also has the latest version of the Sage 50 Accounts installed in it. Now, let us proceed to add the existing company to the other system

  • Go to file
  • Clik on open
  • Click on open Company Data
  • Now, enter the password 
  • Click on OK 
  • Click on add company 
  • Click on Use an existing company stored on your network
  • Click on browse
  • Browse to locate the data 
  • You can also type the data path 
  • Click on OK 
  • Click on next 
  • Click on connect 
  • Enter the login name 
  • Enter the password 
  • Click on OK

How to Add an Existing Company by Restoring the Backup

In case you have an existing data saved as a Sage backup you will need to add an existing company by restoring a backup. To do so, you will need to:

  • Go to file
  • Next click on New
  • Now, and Click on Company
  • When prompted enter the Password 
  • Click on OK.
  • Now, click on Restore data from a backup file
  • Click on Browse.
  • Browse and locate the backup.
  • You can get the same result by typing the backup file data pathway. 
  • Click on Open.
  • Click on Next 
  • Click Restore 
  • Finally enter the Logon Name 
  • Enter the Password 
  • Click on OK

How to Connect to an Existing Company Using Sage Drive

There are times when you need to share a company using the Sage Drive from a different site. This can be done as a remote user. 

  • Go to the file 
  • Now click on open 
  • Click on open company data 
  • Click on add company 
  • Now. Click on connect to data from Sage Drive
  • Click on Next
  • Next enter the Sage Account email address and password
  • Now click on sign in
  • You will receive a prompt 
  • Here, you need to enter the captcha text
  • Now click on continue 
  • Next click on the company data you wish to connect to 
  • Click on Next 
  • Here you need to enter the encryption password for the shared data 
  • Now click on connect 
  • Finally you can log in to the company.

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So, there you have it, friends, these are some of the prime aspects, features and facts on How to Access My Companies in Sage 300. However, if you still encounter any issues, be sure to reach out to our team of experts and we will be able to help you out accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Access the Sage 300?

To be able to access the Sage 300 you will need to:
1. Go to http://servername/sage300
2. Here the server name is the server name/IP address of the web server where the Sage is installed.
3. Enter the username
4. Enter the Password
5. Click select the Company 
6. Click to Sign in

What is the Database Type that Sage 300 Uses?

Where is the Sage 300 Data Stored?

The Sage 300 data is stored in \Sage Accpac\Runtime. Here the control file is named as database ID with the (.DCT) extension.

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