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Sage Time

sage timeTime management in a business is quite imperative in a business as every process is interlinked and till one is not completed you cannot get started on another. For this it is important your employees come in time to office which is also imperative for remuneration of the employees as those who regularly come late to office might have to face some sort of penalty. To combat with this complexity of having proper recording of employees’ timing, Sage introduced Sage Time software.

Sage Time Management or Sage Time Software is incepted by SAGE as part of Sage Payroll Services Suite that comes with two more payroll software, namely, Sage Payroll Essentials and Sage Payroll HCM (Human Control Management. When you integrate Sage Time with any other Sage Payroll Software you benefitted tremendously, some of which are listed below:

  • Garner efficient & effective time attendance software.
  • Save money as well as time up to 3% of the labor costs.

Features of Sage Time Software

A company employs management of workforce software in order to keep an eye on incoming and outgoing of its employees. However, it does not provide as such transparency and benefits as provided with Sage Time Management software, after it outgrows the uses of the software, which offers easy solution to tackle complexities with increase in number of processes and employees, offers protection from liabilities regarding compliance that paves the way for growth and needs in the future. The other challenges handled by the software are enumerated below:

  • Easy to Implement Attendance Management Software:
    • Manager Ser-Service (MSS)
    • Acts as timesheet software including approved workflow of the employee.
    • Employee Self-Service (ESS)
    • Intuitive interface of the company
  • More Control and Power to User:
    • Equipped with Time OFF tool
    • Efficient modules depicting and alerting in case of any notification.
    • Proper tracking and management for steady growth.
    • Efficient and effective tracking tool
  • Flexible Management of Workforce:
    • Customizable and flexible analytics system.
    • Specific tasks reporting.
    • Customizable control settings.
    • Unlimited flexible reports viewable also.
    • Customizable settings of saved report.
  • Compliance Risk Minimized:
    • Sage Time software offers impeccable features that ensure compliance with rules and regulation of attendance of employees.
    • User can swiftly collect and accumulate the attendance details of the employees and have in depth analysis.
    • The software also helps to create report regarding the employees’ time, overtime and other similar details.
    • Payroll data is also quite accurate and authentic due to auditing tools of the software.

Benefits of Sage Time Software

  • Features like Manager and Employees Self Service helps to reduce manual interference that results in minimal scope of errors and mistakes.
  • Interactive and intuitive interface enforces employees to take part in the processes.
  • Saves expenses incurred in manual payroll processes as now all the functions, creating schedules and time tracking of employees is done automatically.
  • Role based security tool makes sure that imperative information is passed on to relevant people only.
  • Concise and complete reports accorded by SAP Crystal Reports tool comprises of attendance and labor details along with other imperative payroll information.

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Support for Sage Time Software

Sage Time or Sage Time and Attendance software was a blessing in disguise for employees handling the time tracking and hours done of all the employees working in the company. It is imperative to know such details as they form the basis for penalties or bonuses. In case you find any issue while working with Sage Time software, you should immediately get in touch SAGE customer support team comprising of experienced technical individuals who are expert in handling any sort of Sage payroll issues. If you still need any support you can also contact for immediate gratification through their Toll Free Number .

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