Sage 50 Unable to Open Company File

Sage 50 Unable to Open Company File

Sage 50 is one of the most reliable accountancy software. However, it is not free from its share of glitches. There are times when the user is not able to open the company file by the end or during the conversion process. This could be because of a problem with either the connection or the file. The other reasons for this can be any of the following:

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Primary Causes of Sage 50 Unable to Open Company File

  • Locked files
  • Antivirus might become a barrier across the data process files.
  • Corrupted files
  • Outdated Sage 50 version
  • Network issue
  • Missing Data File
  • Conversion process block with real-time scanning
  • Incomplete Windows OS
  • When the network is set to Public

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Things need before Proceeding with troubleshooting Sage 50 Unable to Open Company File

  • When you are converting data from 2017.x and earlier to 2018.x and advanced; verify the minimum requirements of Sage 50 2018:
  • Windows 7 and advanced version
  • Server 2008 R2 and latest
  • Server 2008 R2 is different from Server 2008 SP2
  • The minimum requirements of 2018 have been modified, and they are not similar to 2017.x and its earlier version.
  • You need to disable all VPNs
  • Make sure that real-time antivirus scanning is paused or stopped.
  • Check the sample company does not open; here are the steps:
  • If you have installed Malwarebytes, uninstall it and then re-install it.
  • Now check the sample company file opens.
  • If you have installed a paid version of AVG, locate the AVG tab in Third-party software, antivirus, and firewall errors associated with Sage 50.

Steps for Resolve Sage 50 Unable to Open Company File

Here is the list of resolutions to fix Sage 50 unable to open company file:

Resolution 1- Incorrect Icon:

Incorrect Icon properties
Incorrect Icon properties

Here are the steps:

  • Check whether you are using the right application icon.
  • If you are accessing the program through the taskbar, you will require to un-pin and pin the new version.

Resolution 2- Run the Program with Admin Mode:

Run the Program with Admin Mode screen
Run the Program with Admin Mode

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Firstly close the Sage 50
  • Give a right-click on the Sage 50 icon.
  • Now choose Run as Administrator mode.
  • After this, open the Company File.
  • Now move the content to a new location on the hard drive and then click on add permissions.
  • You have to copy the .SAJ folder and the. SAI files to the C drive
  • Now Add Everyone in the user permission settings.
  • Ensure that there is no hidden content in the .SAJ folder
  • Re-open the data file

Resolution 3- Check MySqld.exe File is Locked in Task Manager:

  • Ensure you are in-network coverage and all the users are signed out
  • Locate Task Manager on the Server
  • Now check you have chosen the show process from all users.
  • Discover below the processes option to end all the Mysqld.exe process
  • Once closed, all processes now re-try to open the company files on all the workstations.
  • Check whether Mysqld.exe is locked. Here are steps you need to follow in the Task Manager window:
  • Ensure that Sage 50 is closed and you open Task manager
  • Check whether the Show process from all users is placed checkmark; if found, then end all the processes.

Resolution 4- Check the Corrupted Files:

Check the Corrupted Files errro window
Check the Corrupted Files Errror window
  • Firstly restore the damaged files from backup.
  • In case you do not have created a backup and still need to open the company file, then it is recommended to take Assistance from experienced aspirants to repair the data.

Resolution 5- Solve the Missing Files or hidden File Error:

Solve the Missing Files or hidden File Error
Solve the Missing Files or hidden File Error

Resolution 6- Check you have an Updated Version of Sage 50:

Updated Version of Sage 50
Updated Version of Sage 50
  • Firstly download the latest updates.
  • Install the update manually on the system. It would be located in the following path DIR: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download.

Resolution 7- Verify the Network Connectivity:

Verify the Network Connectivity
Verify the Network Connectivity
  • Check you have access to the drive to locate the data files.
  • If you are executing the files across the network and does not need to access the mapped network drive or you have wrong mapping or have lost connection
  • You can contact the IT team to solve the issue.

Resolution 8- Check you have a Private Network Connection:

  • Locate the network connection icon
  • Do a right-click on it.
  • Choose the network & sharing option.
  • Ensure that the network displays private/work/domain/home and not public
  • If it displays public, then switch towards private.

Resolution 9- Check File is on Remote Data Access or Sage Drive:

Re-download the file from the Remote Data Access. Here are the steps:

  • Locate the Welcome screen
  • Click on Connect to a shared company.
  • Choose the checkbox named appropriate company.
  • Hit on the Connect button

The Company does not Open when clicking OK at the Login Prompt

The main reasons for this error to occur are:

  • Pervasive requirements that have to be restarted
  • A case of Damaged.DDF files
  • When the Programs are running in the background
  • The company that you are trying to open is not located within the correct data location

Step to Fix this issue Company does not Open when clicking OK at the Login Prompt

Solution 1: Restart Actian

  • Ensure that Sage is closed on all computers.
  • Go to the server, click press the Windows+R keys.
  • Next Type of services. msc.
  • Now Click OK.
  • Next Right-click Actian PSQL Workgroup Engine or Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine.
  • Click on Stop.
  • Once it stops, you need to right-click Actian PSQL Workgroup Engine or Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine, and then click Start.
  • Now Close the Services Window and open Sage 50.
  • Finally, Verify if you can log in to your company.

Solution 2: Damaged DDFs

  • Go to the directory containing the company that will not open
  • Next, Remove any files with the *.DDF file extension.
  • Now Rename COSESS.DAT file to OLDCOSESS.DAT.
  • Now Open your company to recreate the *.DDF files.
  • Finally, Verify if you can now log in to your company

Solution 3: The Company Trying to be opened is not in the Correct Data Location

  • Start by Selecting Browse from the list of Previously Opened Companies and look at the directory next to the companies name.
  • From your keyboard click press the Windows key + R and in the window that opens, type %programdata%\sage\peachtree and click OK.
  • Within the folder that opens, double-click on the Peachtree### file (where ### is the version number).
  • Go to the line that reads DATAPATH= (it is a left-indented line with no semicolon).
  • Ensure that you have an ending \ at the end of the data path line.
  • Finally, Verify the company’s directory is inside this data path.

Solution 4: Expendable. DAT Files

  • Go to the company’s data folder.
  • Next, Rename the following files placing the word old in front:
    • UserPref.DAT
  • Finally, Verify you can now open a company.

Solution 5: Create a Clean Data Folder

  • Create a clean data folder,
  • Finally, Verify you can now open a company.

Solution 6: The Icon is Set to Run in Compatibility Mode

  • Start by Right-clicking the Sage icon.
  • Now Select Properties.
  • Next, Select the Compatibility tab.
  • Clear Run this program in compatibility mode for the box.
  • Go to the Privilege Level section and select Run this program as an administrator box.
  • Next Select Apply, and then click OK.
  • Finally, Verify you can now open your company.

Solution 7: Damaged Actian Install

  • Start by Uninstalling and reinstalling Actian Zen.
  • Now Verify you can now log into your company.

The Program doesn’t Open when Opening a File or using the Program Icon

Before you apply the solutions, you need to:

  • Make sure to create a backup of your data before going with advanced solutions
  • If you have a new system run Sage 50 in it. 
  • Windows updates are not available for Windows 7, Windows 8.0, or Windows 8.1
    • It is important to update to Windows 11 or the latest version of Windows 10
    • If Sage 50 2020.2 does not open, rectify the issue
  • Once prompted for the session date, Check if Sage 50 closes after the session date without any error
  • If the Windows Event viewer shows ntdll.dll, proceed to Method 1
  • If the Windows Event Viewer shows ” … Faulting module msvcr100.dll …. “, proceed to Method 5

Solution to Fix Program doesn’t Open when Opening a File or using the Program Icon

Solution 1: Uninstall Malware with the help of an IT Professional

  • Run the malware removal tools – see the Additional Information section.
  • Note: The suggestions and links are provided for your information

Solution 2: Clear the TEMP Files

  • Verify you can now open Sage 50.

Solution 3: Check the INI File

  • Verify you can now open Sage 50.

Solution 4: Is the Buffer Size too Big?

  • The Connection Manager shouldn’t be larger than 256. 
  • Now Verify if you can now open Sage 50.

Solution 5: If Event Viewer Logs show Application Failure Messages indicating msvcr100.dll as the Fault

  • Verify if Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable (x86) and Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x86) are installed.
  • If not, you will need to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) and Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4.
  • Now start the computer and try to open Sage 50.
  • If the issue continues:
    • Uninstall Sage 50 Accounting.
    • Open Windows Control Panel.
    • Open the list of installed programs.
    • Uninstall every instance of Microsoft Visual C++ 20XX Redistributable Package.
    • Reboot the computer.
    • Install all x86 Microsoft Visual C++ 20xx Redistributable again.
    • Install Sage 50 Accounting
  • Conduct a Windows repair or re-install Windows. Get hold of a computer technician for assistance with repairing Windows
  • Create a new user profile
    • In case you can convert the sample company, but it doesn’t open.
    • In case you can enter a username and password, the company file doesn’t open.
    • In case the Event viewer is showing Sage 50 as the faulting application due to the faulting module name kernalbase.dll on Windows 10.

Solution 7: Reset Windows

  • If you are creating a new Windows profile and this does not solve the issue, back up all your data and conduct a Windows reset with the help of your IT expert.

Solution 8: Move the Data to a New Computer

  • Try a different computer.
  • Finally, verify if you can now open your company.

Examples of Malware/Spyware that may be on your System:

  • Amazon 1Button App
  • Anything from Crawler, LLC
  • Internet Optimizer
  • MediaBar, MusicLab, LLC
  • Melondrea
  • MySearchDial
  • Optimizer Pro (If does not show in the control panel/ Program and Features, please check in Start/ All Programs on the Desktop also)
  • Performance Optimizer
  • Save By Click
  • SearchAssist
  • SearchCore for Browsers
  • SearchProtect
  • Snap. do
  • Engine
  • SPEEDbit Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
  • SPEEDbit Video Accelerator
  • Trusteer Endpoint protection
  • Windows iLivid Toolbar
  • WiseConvert
  • zillatube
  • WSE_Vosteran

Error: “Unable to open the Company File.” during or at the End of Conversion

Solution 1: Verification of the Path Location

  • Make sure that when converting to a new version, all files are on a local drive.
    • In case the file is on a network, You need to copy the file locally
    • Once the conversion is done, copy the file back into the network
  • You need to Verify if the file path is no more than 284 characters.

Solution 2: Verify if the Sample Company Opens

  • Launch the sample company.

Solution 3: Verify if the SAJ Folder Contains Duplicate Files

  • Launch the.SAJ folder.
  • Check for duplicates files names that comprise of :
    • ibdata1 (Copie de Joe conflict 2012-09-27) ibdata1 (joe’s conflicted copy 2013-01-09)
    • accounts (1).frm, simplygroupmembership (2).frm, tbgtah01-1.frm or tbgtah01-2.frm;
    • Verify the simply and mysql folder does not have extra files or folders as well <!–cke_bookmark_2780S–><!–cke_bookmark_2780E–>

Solution 4: Restoring a Backup

  • locate and restore a Cabinet (.CAB) backup file locally
  • It is required that you restore to a new .SAI file and .SAJ folder.
  • Ensure there is no conversion log pre-existing in the SAJ folder
    • Conversion log files are time-stamped text files that are created when conversion failed, and the data file might be a partially converted
    • (i.e., 2017-06-28-16-20-55.txt – this file failed to convert on 2017 June 28 at 4 pm
    • Find a file before this date and restore this

Solution 5: Adjust Anti-virus and Real-Time Scanners

  • Disabling the antivirus
    • In case you have more than one antivirus/security software, then uninstall them until you only have one left and disable it before conversion
    • In case your computer is installed with Microsoft Security Essentials (or any other anti-virus), You need to do the following:
      • Disable real-time protection
      • Disable auto protection
      • McAfee needs to have both real-time scanning and the firewall
  • Turn off the Firewall and the Realtime Scanning.
  • If your system is using any auto backup software to backup company data files you need to disable it
  • Verify the Windows Event Viewer logs
    • In case the user gets a warning message for MySQL related to IPv6 see the article in the Related resources
  • Now, Right-click the Sage 50 icon and Run as administrator.
  • Begin the conversion again.
  • Once the file conversion is done, re-enable any security software.

Solution 6: VPNs Running

  • If no files are converting, try including the sample company, disable any VPNs currently running and try again.

Solution 7: Check the errorlog.txt File

  • Navigate to the data file location and open the errorlog.txt file. If there are huge blank sections or sections with strange characters, then it means that the file is corrupt and would not be converted. 
  • If errorlog.txt seems fine, then go to mysql and simply folders; look up something about (2nd last version of XXXX)
  • There are times when it can go up to 3rd version xxxx.
  • Now Right-click the Sage 50 icon and then select Run as administrator.
  • Finally, Verify that you can now start the conversion.

Solution 8: Verify that File Attributes (no read-only or hidden)

  • Verify that the company file (the SAJ folder and the SAI file) is not read-only and has hidden attributes.
  • Now Right-click on both and choose Properties.
  • Next Check Read-Only and Hidden.
  • Click Apply then Uncheck Read-Only and Hidden
  • Click Apply again.
  • Apply the changes to all subfolders in the SAJ folder.

Solution 9: Check the Advanced Database Check the Log

  • Go to Maintenance, then Advanced Database Check in the previous version of Sage 50
  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Go to C:\Users\ \Documents\ My Documents\Simply\DbVerifier\Logs
  • Launch the latest numbered log file.
  • Go to the end of the file.
  • If the conversion log says simply.tnxtpids’ doesn’t exist, then follow solution 3 above.
  • Try the conversion once again.

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Final Words

Here the write-up regarding fixing Sage 50 unable to open company file completes! If you doubt the above or face any other type of difficulty in the same or other components or errors, then give a ring. assure you will get the best assistance and get a resolution in one go. If you face any queries while implementing methods you need instant help, you can connect with Sage experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the main reasons the Sage 50 Company does not open even after clicking OK at the log in prompt?

Some of the main reasons for this error from occurring are:
🔹 Corrupted data
🔹 Antivirus software creates problem
🔹 The Sage 50 version is not updated
🔹 Restricted data 
🔹 The OS is not updated 
🔹 No network connection

When does the “Sage 50 unable to open company File” Error occur?

This error type usually occurs when the user is trying to convert to the recent version from the older version. This occurs when the user is using the right version to open the data file but not the company file.

How can one fix the Remote Data Access Sage Company Missing Files in the SAJ folder?

The Remote Data Access Sage Company Missing Files in the SAJ folder issue can be fixed by applying any of the below solutions:
🔹 Download the files from the Remote Data Access
🔹 Utilise the Connect to a Shared company in Sage 50 2020.2 and beyond. 
🔹 Save the file in the new location with a new name.

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