Fix Peachtree Unknown Error: PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer Error in Sage 50

PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer Error

Sage 50 is one of the best accounting software’s in the finance industry. It is a great help for businesses that are growing steadily or medium-size organizations. The software is not that difficult to understand and can be quite easily grasped while working on it. The user need not be from the finance industry particularly. However, inspire of the fact that this software makes tasks effortless, occasional errors might be there.

PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer

If you are facing any error and unable to understand the reason for it then the best thing to do will be to contact the experts. You can call Accounting Advice on their toll free number . The fast resolutions by the team will surely impress you. Let’s discuss about one such error that crops up while using Peachtree Unknown Error: PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer Error in Sage 50.

Peachtree Unknown Error: PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer Error in Sage 50

Normally the error messages that display in case of this issue are:

  • Error: “Unknown error: -2146893813. PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer.”
  • Error: When accessing my company-“One or more data files in the Companies directory belong to another company”.
  • Error: “Unknown Error: 2 PawEncrypt.AcquireOurContainer Error” when you try to open a company including sample ones
  • Error: “Unknown error: -2146893788. PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer.”
  • Error: “Unknown error: -2146893788. PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer.”
  • Cannot open program.
  • PawEncrypt error while you are trying to open a program or a company.
  • Error: “Unknown Error: 5 PawEncrypt.AcquireOurContainer Error”
  • Unknown error: 2. PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer Error
  • Unknown Error 1359, Paw Encrypted acquire OurContainerError
  • Paw Encrypted

In case you see any of these errors messages, then you can try resolving yourself or take help from trained professionals. First and foremost, it is important to know the reason because of which this error occurred.

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Causes of PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer Error

  • One of the main reasons can be that there is some problem with Windows user profile.
  • Check the permissions in the registry. If it is set wrongly or if there is any damage then this problem may occur.
  • One of the reasons can also be that the security update for Windows 7 (KB3011780) was installed.

How to Fix PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer Error in Sage 50

Total Time: 30 minutes

Method 1: Re-starting the Computer can Actually Help in Resolving the Error

Method 2: Another Way can be Logging into the Windows as a Different Windows User

💠 The Windows User profile which is receiving the error has to be logged off.
💠 Try signing into another different Windows profile.
💠 You can confirm if the profile is corrupted if you try and launch the new company under a different Windows user profile; because if you are able to do it then it means there is a problem. You can take help from experts to fix a corrupted user profile.
💠 After that make sure that the error does not persist..
💠 After verifying, go to the next choice if problem is still there.

Method 3: Creating a New Local Windows User

💠 You have to create a new Windows User profile for testing if you are the only person using the computer.
💠 Try creating a user account. Call an expert if any issues or to know the process.
💠 Try logging in to Windows with the newly created Windows User profile.
💠 See if the problem is still there.
💠 If problem is still there, go to the next choice..

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Method 4: Try Changing the Windows User Profile State in the Registry

It is advisable to contact an expert or a system administrator before following the steps below as it requires in-depth knowledge about the operating system of the computer. Any incorrect modification of Windows registry can affect the system gravely and even cause permanent damage. Take a backup of all data before following the advanced steps.

💠 Enter regedit, and then press OK.
💠 You have to browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT \ CurrentVersion\ProfileList.
💠 There will be many subkeys under the main key. They refer to various windows users. You can locate the user that you are logged in as by checking the string value ‘ProfileImagePath’ of each individual sub key. One of these values will point to to the users home directory. These normally have a user name in it.
💠 Try locating the profile that is facing the error. Check the value of the ‘State’ DWORD Value. See if it is set to 0100 (hex value) as this can be the source of the PAWEncrypt AcquireOurContainer Error. The Administrator level use of the local profile is denoted by 0100 hex value. Any other value may lead to inadequate access to Windows. Don’t edit this value before you make a note of the existing value.
💠 Check if the error is still there
💠 If error still persists, go to the next choice.

Method 5: Recent Upgradation to Windows 10 can also Result in this Error. Follow these steps:

💠 You have to disable Windows User Account Control (UAC). Check Answer ID: 10198 How to disable User Account Control (UAC)
💠 Computer has to be re-booted
💠 Re-check if the error is still there.

In case of further doubtfulness, contact Accounting Advice.

Final Words!

The Accounting Advice is a team of skilled professionals who are there to help Sage users round-the-clock. They will guide you and give resolutions to any error that you might be facing while working on Sage instantly. Dial the toll free sage 50 tech support number to talk to them.

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