How to Fix Sage 2020 Locking Users Out

Sage 50 2020 Locking User Out

The most common way of discovering that you have locked yourself out of Sage is by entering the password incorrectly three times. Let’s face it, we usually have so many passwords, hence finding yourself in such a situation is quite normal. Another case where you can find yourself locked out of Sage is when you are faced with an error message that states you are logged in elsewhere. However, you might know that you are not. However, the good news is that it is quite easy to resolve the issue. Here are a few resolutions to help you breeze through this problem.

Causes of Sage Locking User Out Error

Although there can be many reasons for the locking out such as password change, more than one user logged in at a time, updation not done properly, etc. Sometimes entering the wrong password also makes you logged out and this is the most common way which locks you from entering sage. Another scenario is that when you get the message that message which says you are logged anywhere else.

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Steps for Fix the Locking Users Out Issue

Solving these issues is just a step away from you. You can try some basic troubleshooting mentioned below. You need two things to access to system administration or contact details for your IT support.

Through System Administration

you can follow the below steps which may solve your issues:

  • Sign in to System Admin
  • You will get a new window
  • In that window left side select Users, it will bring up the list of all users with access to Sage
  • Now find your name from the list and right-click your name and select Unlock User
  • Once it is done, you can log in again

Now after the above steps if you want to change your password it can be changed. Go to System Admin>>Users>>Right Click on your name>>Reset Password.

Contact Your IT Support

If you don’t have system Administrations permissions you need to contact your IT team. You need to explain to them that you are locked out of Sage and you need to unlock. If you want to change the password then also you need to inform them accordingly.

How to Resolve Logged else where Message

This error message happens when you do log in sage somewhere else without logging out at the previous computer. To solve this error you need to follow below steps:

  • Go to System Admin>>Select Active Users to form the list on the left
  • Now you will show a list of active users under the column headed Computer Name
  • From this point, you need to contact your IT support and hey log of you from that specific computer
  • Now once you are logged out you can try again Logging in.

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So, hopefully, the next time you discover that you are locked out of sage you may be able to resolve the issue or at least understand the solution that is being carried out by an official. However, for any further assistance do visit us at

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why is the Sage Account Locked?

The account will be blocked if the user enters an incorrect password multiple times. If the user detects any unusual activity on their account, for example, an access attempt from an unexpected location, the user might also automatically block your account. This is when the user will receive an email containing a link to verify that the user has access to that email address.

How long does one stay Locked from Sage, generally?

There are times when logging into My Sage, the users might receive the following message: ‘Sign On Failed – Your account has been temporarily locked…’ If you enter your password incorrectly for a minimum of three times in a row, the account is temporarily locked for about 5 minutes.

How to Change Permission in Sage?

If the user has a multi-user version of Sage 50 Accounts, access rights are usually enabled by default. However, on single-user versions, the user will have to enable this manually:
🔹 Start by Clicking on Settings.
🔹 Next, click Company Preferences.
🔹 Now click on Parameters.
🔹 In the Others area select the Access Rights check box.
🔹 Now click OK.
Note: The default login name is a manager with no password. If the user has previously used a password when accessing Sage 50 Accounts, they are required to use this password with the manager login. When forgotten, one can reset their manager’s password as well.

How to Reset the Manager Password?

To do so, you are required to:
🔹 Start by Click on Settings 
🔹 Now click User Management
🔹 Next, click Change Your Password.
🔹 In Sage 50 Accounts v26 and below – Click Settings, next click Change Your Password.
🔹 When prompted, you need to enter your current password.
🔹 Next, click Log on.
🔹 In Sage 50 Accounts v27 and below, click OK.
🔹 Now enter the new password into the Password and Confirm Password boxes.
🔹 When prompted, enter a Security question and Security answer to help with future password resets.
🔹 Finally, Click OK.

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