Sage 50C 2017 US Version Problems

Sage 50C 2017 US Version Issue

Software are created using codes written in binary computer language that can at times cause errors to crop up as the configuration of the system on which the software is loaded might not meet the requirements of the software. Just like that Sage 50 software also ends up facing some issues which has been informed to the company who have further solved and updated these errors in Sage 50C 2017 US Version Problems.

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Some Errors Solutions of Sage 50

Here we are explaining some error and their Solutions to fix:

Problem with ACH Payment


Business owners and employees using the Sage Payment Solutions (SPS) of merchant account have authority to make payments through credit or debit cards with Sage 50 software. However while making an ACH transaction that is, Automatic Clearing House, through electronic bank transfers, SPS access online is required which was not incorporated with Sage 50 software.

Key Points of the Solution

  • Helps in faster payment and benefits sales.
  • Recurring transactions becomes easy to handle.
  • Sage 50 software includes ACH transactions.
  • Customer records features these transactions.
  • Transactions are also showcased on different reports, payment areas and the dashboard

Problem Status

The problem with ACH Payments is resolved with Sage 50 customer being allowed to commence the transaction within the software only.

Pause/Resume issues with Sage 50C


The issue here is that while one employee is working on the company file of Sage 50C software online other are restricted and not allowed to operate on Sage 50C. Although the software does have a Stop Sharing option, by opting for this the whole process of downloading the company file has to be started again.

Key Points of the Solution

  • Beneficial in situations wherein you have to close the fiscal year, perform data verification or go through the records, in short, the activities that can’t be done online.
  • Compatible in situations where Wi-Fi is not working.
  • Allows for usage of the company file by pausing the activities of the Sage 50 online user.
  • Easier than the stop sharing option that requires the user to logout and then again login for it to work.

Problem Status

With the update in Sage 50C 2017 US version this feature accords for the option of pausing the online user’s activities and resuming him again after performing required activities along with automatic data sync option.

Option of Activating Automatic Intelligence Reporting


As and when Sage 50 accords releases, clients and customers are required to put in new code for activating Intelligence reporting each and every time manually. This leads to downfall in the customer experience and also at times creates errors which can be resolved only with technical support.

Problem Status

With the release of Sage 50 2017 version and all the later versions and releases, automatic activation of Intelligence reporting will be done. There are many more errors and issues with Sage 50 that will be resolved with upcoming releases and updates. Sage 50, since 2015, has been providing updates regarding errors faced by customer slowly and gradually throughout the year instead of making customers wait for an updated version next year.

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Final Words

While most of the accounting aspect is greatly dependent on Sage 50, however, there are times when you launch it and you face the message that states Sage 50 keeps crashing. This occurs along with occasional hanging as well. In this case, it is advised to not worry, instead follow the above-offered solutions and resolve the issue effectively. For more details, you can also visit us at and you are sure to find various relevant details.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why does the Sage keep Crashing repeatedly?

Some specific reasons are the main highlights: 
🔹 The Windows 10 installation update. 
🔹 A case of Corrupt or Damaged windows installation.
🔹 Installation of Windows 10 Fall Creators.

How can the Frequent Crashes be Fixed?

There are quite a few ways to do so, such as:
🔹 Cool the Computer. 
🔹 Clean the Dust. 
🔹 Check the Hardware Connection.
🔹 Check the Hard Disk Bad Sectors.
🔹 Replace or Upgrade the Hard Disk.
🔹 Upgrade RAM. 
🔹 Extend C Drive. 
🔹 Update Drivers

Can one Delete the Sage Dump Files?

Yes, it is quite safe to delete these files. These are nothing but memory dumps that are created when the data service crashes for any reason. This causes a developer at Sage to observe the state the application was in when the crash occurred.

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