Sage Error 3116

Fix issue Sage Error 3116

Sage Error 3116 is one of the most common error codes faced by Sage users. It is a runtime error that typically occurs when users are attempting to access data stored on a remote database or Loss of network connection between the workstation and server. This article covers all the information you need to know about this error, including its causes, solutions, and more. By the end of it, you should have a better understanding of what Sage Error 3116 is and how you can fix it quickly and easily. So let’s get started!

Despite being one of the best accounts software, that has been graced by businesses of all types, Sage is not free from errors. The Sage software comprises some of the most remarkable features that have been designed to allow ease of use for people with or without an accounting background. Hence, this is more like a perfect ‘go-to’ solution for most of your accounting-related issues that can ensure maximum efficiency and productivity in no time. Sage Error 3116 is one such issue that has been reported in recent times. But what is this error all about and how do we resolve it? More on this in the blog below

Causes of Sage Error 3116

The main cause of the Sage Error 3116 are:

How to Resolve Sage Error 3116

Step 1: Restart the System

  • In case of a multi-user environment one needs to shut down all the other systems before starting. 
  • Restart Sage 50 and try the action all over again. 
  • In case the error persists, you need to restart the workstation or the server to check properly

Step 2: Reinstalling and Uninstalling the Actian

  • In case of a multi-server arrangement, all the systems running the Sage 50 should be closed down. 
  • Uninstall the Actian PSQL Workgroup Engine.
  • Reinstall the Actian by running the Repair option 
  • Reinstall the latest update, in case of any program updates that have been installed since the base release of the latest version of Sage 50.

Step 3: Prevention of Error

It has been recommended that Sage users opt for the High-Performance Power Plan as the issue coils also are caused due to the Windows Power Plan Settings. 

Basic Reasons for the SAGE ERROR 3116 include:

  • The Network router is unplugged
  • Rebooted server
  • Hibernation mode in the Network Interface Cards
  • Junk data sent by the NIC
  • A damaged Network cable
  • VPNs in use
  • Interference of the other networks
  • Intermittent or weak Wifi Signal

Step 4: Repair of the Damages caused by the Error

In case the SAGE ERROR 3116 has not been rectified by the solutions from above, we need to proceed to the next step. The error continues generally because there can be a case of a damaged file as and when the file was being used by the program during the time of the loss of connection. In this case, you will need to:

  • Rename the file and Run a Repair on the Sage at the particular server, when in case of a reference of the error in a file in the data path. 
  • In case of the error references in a file within the company data directory check which file can be deleted to resolve the issue.
  • Locate the directory of your data by locating the company directories. 
  • Incase the file reference cannot be deleted but the user can open the company you will need to Re-index the files. 
  • After the process of reindexing is completed one needs to follow the Integrity guide. 
  • Restore a good backup if in case you are not able to reindex or delete the file referenced in the error. 
  • Restore a good backup if in case you are unable to open the company and the file referenced is located within the company data folder.

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So, there you have it, people, these are a few methods to tackle the SAGE ERROR 3116. One needs to breeze through each of these solutions in a step-wise manner so as to ensure that the solutions are applicable accordingly. However, if you continue to encounter the same issue time and again it is recommended that you get in touch with 1800 964 3096 our team of experts and we will be able to help you out in no time.

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💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

How to Fix Errors in Sage?

In order to fix the errors in Sage you will need to:

🔹 Click on Run Repair to initiate the automatic repair of the data
🔹 In case the user is opting for the Remote Data Access in Sage 50 Cloud Accounts v27, one needs to go to the main site to run the repairs.
🔹 Click on OK and OK again in order to back up the data. In case the repairs are done, you will get a Success Window.

How to keep a check on Errors in Sage?

To do so you will need to:
🔹 Click on File 
🔹 Click on maintenence 
🔹 Click on check data

How to Locate Accounting Errors?

In order to be able to locate the Accounting error one can:
🔹 Maintain an Audit Trial: as this is an easy way to be able to track the transactions and locate the errors. 
🔹 Rechecking your work
🔹 Maintaining consistency of the process
🔹 Maintaining a routine Reconciliation

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