Sage 50 Payroll Renewal

Renewal Sage 50 Payroll

With the holidays around the corner, it’s important to keep your business up and running.One of the most essential ways to do this is by renewing your Sage 50 payroll account. In this blog post, we’ll explore all the details of what renewing your account entails and how it can benefit your business.

With the market brimming with innumerable choices, Sage has emerged to stay on top of its game. Not surprisingly, this financial software is one of the best in the field and offers some of the most well-sought features and solutions. The best part is that with Sage by your side, you can get all your accounting-related issues sorted from a single platform. Not, just that, but, you can do so, with just a few clicks, and you do, not have to belong from a financial background. The Sage 50 Payroll Renewal is one such aspect of the software that we will discuss.

The Sage Payroll: What is this about

The Sage Payroll is one of the main parts of the Sage 50 Accounts range of products. With its increasing popularity, it is not surprising that Sage Payroll is used by nearly half of the UK’s businesses. The Sage payroll helps the users to be able to process payslips, employee pay, expenses, pensions, tax calculations, HMRC submissions, statuary pay and a lot more. One of the best aspects of Sage Payroll is that it can be used from the Sage Cloud. This allows the users and the employees to be able to access their payslips online in a secure manner. Not just that, but the software is also Making Tax Digital compliant & HMRC organised. This way you are kept updated with the current payroll and legislation.

The other remarkable feature of th Sage payroll is that it can easily be integrated with the other Sage solutions like the Sage 50 pension module, Supplier payments, Sage salary, Sage employee benefits and P11d.

Some of the most Beneficial Aspects of Sage Payroll are

  • Secure and accurate manner of easy management of your payroll.
  • Ensures Compliance.
  • One can easily submit their payroll via online platforms.
  • The employees can easily access their payslips safely. 
  • Easy management of workplace pensions.

Sage 50 Payroll Renewal

Getting the Sage 50 payroll activation done is a breeze and can be done with a few easy clicks from the software application or website. However, once the subscription has expired, the user will be sent reminders to RENEW your subscription. This is when you need to get the renewal done.

To Renew the Sage 50 Payroll, you will need to

  • Navigate over to the Home Screen.
  • Go to the Paycheck window
  • Open the ‘Help’ menu.
  • Click on ‘Renew Auto Payroll’
  • You will also notice a Phone number displayed here. 
  • This is the Customer Sales number found in the Renew Auto Payroll window.
  • Be sure to keep this window open at all times, till the subscription process has been completed. 
  • Meanwhile, you will be required to tell the ‘Expiry Code’ to the customer Sales representative. 
  • Here, you need to type enter the Renewal code that the customer sales representative tells you about. 
  • Click on OK, once you get the notification that ‘thank you for renewing your subscription’
  • You are done

So, you see, payroll renewal is a simple few-steps process that can be done in a jiffy. However, the user needs to stay upbeat about the various upgrades, updates and other required notifications in order to be able to get the most benefits from the software. Now, let us take a look at some of the other interesting aspects of Sage Payroll and what you need to know.

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The Renewal Code: Sage 50 Payroll

 A renewal code is generated and gets automatically updated when the application is launched. Hence, one does not need to enter any codes when working with the Sage 50 Payroll. In case the user encounters a situation where the renewal code does not update, you can follow the below steps:

  • One can request a new code, by emailing [email protected] from the site code. 
  • On acquiring the new code, you need to refresh your browser by clicking on (Press Ctrl+ F5).
  • Next, the browser cache.
  • Or get in touch with our team of experts and we will help you out

The Features of Sage 50 Payroll: What it can do?

With the help of Sage 50 Payroll, one can easily manage and automate the process of payroll within the business and make it compliant with the HMRC rules and regulations. Some of the striking aspects of the Sage 50 payroll comprises of

  • Easy management of the payroll processes for the employees. 
  • HMRC submissions. 
  • Keeping track of the PAYE/ NIC liability to HMRC. 
  • Can be used to automatically calculate National Insurance and taxes. 
  • Can also be used to manage the holidays and absences of the employees. 
  • HM Revenue and costume complaints are also handled through the payroll. 
  • Enables the employees to handle the payslips online. 
  • Can also receive the current legislative updates electronically. 
  • Offers the RTI- Real-time information submissions. 
  • Can also be used to email or print professional payslips to the relevant employees. 
  • The employees can easily access the payslips securely online. 
  • The Sage payroll can be used to manage employee pension schemes. 
  • Can be used to pay the employees online through e-Banking. 
  • Can be used to work in conjunction with the Sage 50 Professional and Standard versions.
  • Can also be used to manage the statuary payments. 
  • Offers comprehensive reports and dashboards.

The Sage 50 Payroll: How to use and make the best of it

Now, that you know the various aspects of the Sage 50 Payroll, let us take a look at how to best use it:

To Manage the Payroll

  • One can easily process the management of the Payroll weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
  • Can also select from the required range of payslip layouts. 
  • Can be used to email or Print the payslips to the employees
  • One can easily calculate the payments and deductions.
  • Can be used to process and calculate employee loans. 
  • One can easily record and calculate holiday payments. 
  • Use e-Banking to pay the employees electronically.
  • Can be used to calculate the PAYE and NI liability. 
  • One can easily post the salary Sage 50 Payroll is HMRC recognised. 
  • Various Salary Sacrifices deductions like childcare vouchers and cycle to work schemes can be calculated and recorded easily.

How to Process the Payroll on your Sage Account

Before you set to process the payroll you will need to accomplish a few steps: 

  • Add new starters 
  • Enter the statuary absence and payments.
  • Mark the employees on hold who are not being paid for this period. 
  • Now, check the IR Secure Mail Box for the latest notification from the HMRC

To Process the Payroll

  • Set the Process Date.
  • Reset the payments.
  • Enter the Employees Payments. 
  • Assess the Employees.
  • Produce the payslips and pre-updated reports. 
  • Update the payroll for this period. 
  • Post the nominal link. 
  • Create the payment files to be posted via e-Banking. 
  • Print the post-updated reports. 
  • Process any leavers. 
  • Submission of the FPS to the HMRC

What Makes the Sage 50 Payroll so Unique?

Let us take a look at some of the main aspects that you can make the most of, with the Sage 50 payroll by your side: 

  • Easy Payment to Your Employees Directly within the Sage 50 Accounts Software
  • Simple management of salary payments directly within the Sage 50 software. 
  • can be used to reduce the payroll admin with the help of automating the key stages of the payment process. 
  • Reduce the risk of payment errors. 
  • To be able to manage crucial employee payment information from a safe platform

To Store Employee Records

  • Appraisals 
  • Absence 
  • Holidays
  • Disciplinary Records
  • Salary and Job history
  • Written Statment of the employees

Keeping your Payments Accurate and Secured

  • Can easily restore and back up the data.
  • Can be used to roll the data back to rectify the errors from the previous payroll runs.
  • To be able to apply the access rights to restrict the users from being able to access a few specific areas of the program. 
  • To securely store the documents and payslips on the online service portal.

To be able to Comply with the Real-Time Information-RTI

  • To be able to send the RTI data back to the HMRC.
  • Make sure that the data is error-free with the help of the RTI Data Health Check too, before you submit the same to HMRC.
  • An efficient and reliable RTI centre to help and assist you as required.
  • Also features an efficient submissions log that allows the user to view the status of HMRC submissions.

The HMRC Online Submissions

  • Allows sending all submissions to HMRC online in a secure manner.
  • Allows the taxes to be paid to the HMRC to be synchronised back into the Sage 50 account.
  • To be able to track forms by sender and status.
  • Comply with the current legislature

To be able to Manage Holidays and Absences

  • Can be used to effectively manage the holidays allowed for individual employees.
  • To be able to record holidays and absences in hours or days.
  • One can also record their own custom absence types.
  • Other statuary payment absence types such as SMP, and SSP can be automatical;y recorded. 
  • Can easily and accurately accrue employee holidays.
  • Can be used to automatically calculate the payment and the deductions for different absence types.
  • To be able to calculate the payments for sick, maternity, paternity, bonus and overtime and also pensions.

To be able to Analyse Payroll Data in Sage 50 Payroll

  • Can be used to easily generate payslips, summaries, payments, holidays and absence reports among others. 
  • Can be used to print a report in bulk if needed.
  • Quick and easy access to the favourite or important reports.
  • Using the cost centre and department to better analyse the data.
  • Use the report designer for easy report-making.
  • Can be used to run statutory reports like P32, P35, P60 and P11. 
  • Can also be used to manage the cash flow and future budgeting by accurately forecasting the people cost

Keeping the Payroll Up to Date with Legislation

  • The Sage 50 Payroll is HMRC recognised.
  • Can comply with the latest legislation for the tax year.
  • Can be used to directly, submit the PAYE data to HMRC online. 
  • Can be used to exchange employee data directly with HMRC online.
  • Can be used to automatically calculate statutory sick pay, paternity, maternity, and adoption pay. 
  • Can be used to record student loans, and attachments or earning orders.
  • Can also record fixed amounts and percentage calculated pension schemes. 
  • This payroll type can also be used for better management of the impact of the new National Living wage.
  • Can also be used to keep a record of the Class 1A company cars.

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So, there you have it friends; these are the main aspects, facts and features of the Sage 50 Payroll renewal. There is no denying that the software is one of a kind and offers some of the most well-sought-after features for easy access to various financial facets. It has been recommended by experts to opt for the Sage Payroll subscription and manage its renewal accordingly. However, if you still face issues regarding the same, our team of experts will surely assist you accordingly our tollfree number is 1800 964 3096.

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💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

How to Log into the Sage Payroll?

To do so, you will need to:
🔹 Go to the Sage Payroll page.
🔹 Select the login 
🔹 Select the Payroll.
🔹 Here, you need to type enter the email address, and password and log in

How to Activate the Payroll?

The Payroll can be activated by the following:
🔹 Go to the Gateway of Tally
🔹 Go to F11: Feature.
🔹 Go to F1: Accounting Feature. 
🔹 Navigate down to the Cost/Profit Centers Management section.
🔹 Set the option Maintain payroll to YES
🔹 Also set the option Maintain more than one payroll or cost category to YES. This is to allocate the employee cost by being able to create a distinct employee category

Can one Process the Payroll by themselves?

Yes, in case there that no funds by your side to help you with the Payroll services,you can do so yourself. This is more of a DIY approach, that can help you save cash. However, for this, one needs to equip themselves with the right knowledge and time. In fact, small business owners can manage the Payroll services by themselves

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