Sage 50 2018 Drop Down Lists Slow to Display

Sage 50 2018 Drop Down Lists Slow to Display

Sage 50 is one of the best software for accounting & finance needs and is highly popular in the industry. It is especially used by medium size and small industries. The good part about this software is that you do not have to be particularly from a finance background to understand the software. The features are such that it is easy to understand and grasp. Moreover, experts are available to help you at every step if required. Individuals from various backgrounds can use it.

Sage 50 has been positioned in the market as an easy-to-use desktop accounting tool for growing business houses. However, it can be scaled up to perform tasks for big business houses too. Its normal features include management of cash flow, account payables and receivables, payment of bills etc. It has been developed in a very industry-specific way so that it performs quick processing and 40 people can use it at the same time. The advanced features include module-level security and inventory management.

Furthermore, functions like processing of credit card to take stock of finances or payroll services are also there. There is a mobile app too and the software works well with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and Exchange. In fact, there are Sage-endorsed applications in around 22 industries. It is a superior software because of its numerous benefits like even non-accountants can use it; one can complete important business operations with it and it is not only for accounting, there are different modules like for normal accounting or other modules for business related tasks like inventory management plus reporting, credit card processing, etc.

The dashboard can be customized for quick access to essential data. It has automatic backup, therefore your data and numbers are safe. It can be scaled up according to the growth of your business and it is compatible with other Sage products. It has high level security and automatic accounting checks. It can be installed on the local PC. However, one should realize that no software is error-free completely and occasionally there might be a few problems. Let us discuss one such common issue. Understanding can help in resolving swiftly. If the issue is still difficult to understand, you can call Accounting Advice on the toll free number .

Sage 50 2018 Drop Down Lists Displaying Slowly

After Sage 50 2018 was released, some people faced the problem that the drop down list like customers’ names or items were opening quite slowly. Even though this problem was limited to very large list of items, Sage quickly came up with the Sage update 2018.0.1.

What exactly happens during this issue?

  • Drop down lists displaying very slowly in 2018.0
  • Maintenance records’ drop down lists displaying slowly in R2018.0
  • Drop down lists get locked up in Sage 50—U.S. Edition
  • Non- responding Jobs List
  • Non-responding sales orders
  • Non-responding sales invoice
  • Once job costing is updated, it stops responding.

All the managed lists like vendors or employees or customers or jobs that have a good number of items will get affected due to this issue. Whenever these lists are accessed like in some maintenance records or reports, the issue of slow display of drop down lists crops up.

Solution of Sage 50 2018 Drop Down Lists Slow to Display

There is an update available in the related resources section – Sage 50 US 2018.0.1. If this update is applied to the server and to all those computers that are experiencing this problem of drop down lists displaying slowly, the problem can be resolved.

In case of further issues regarding any error or any slowdown problems, contact the team of experts at Accounting Advice.

Why Accounting Advice?

Every now and then, we might face problems that are typically software related and something which only experts can understand. However, there is nothing to worry as help is available 24*7 for any sort of guidance that you might need. The Accounting Advice team is there to help you step by step and they will tell you what to do exactly. They will not only solve your issues but also help you to understand the software in a better way. They are a highly-trained and experienced team of professionals. You can take tips too from them to use a certain function properly in which you might have a doubt. To get in touch with them, give a call on this number- . It is toll free.

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