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Sage 50 2018 Installation

Sage 50 is undoubtedly one of the best financial management software. It is incorporated with powerful features and that helps to run the business smoothly that saves plenty of time. It is the considered as the best application to to handle regular company accounts and finances. The latest 2018 version of Sage 50 is upgraded in July 2017. The user can easily download and upgrade the fresh features added to the Sage 50 2018 version. With the recent release of 2018 version the software interface showcases advanced features that are brand new in terms of performance.

Below listed are the newly added features that can be used in the 2018 version users:

  • Backup in Cloud with Microsoft Office 365 (premium edition) – In case you are Office 365 (premium edition) user, backup process of Sage 50 data is very easy. It authorizes different security features allow specific control over Office 365 to use integrated version of Sage 50 2018.
  • Sage drive Remote access – With the Sage 50 2018 upgrade you can port your data very easily to many people like: accountant or other authorized person. Sage 50 usually allowed single-user platform in the prior versions, whereas the upgraded version allows Multi-User Platform.
  • Sage capture – With this brand new feature you can click pictures and enter all transaction credentials from iPhone/iPad in Sage 50 directly. Your data is uploaded to OneDrive automatically. You need to choose the the Sage 50 premium version of Microsoft Office 365.
  • Monochromatic Design & Navigation – The new monochromatic design and empty White Spaces that extends all around gives an amazing look and feel. The arrows on the sides accords easy navigational access the temporary buttons of the toolbar. It enhances the outlook of the menu.
  • Mobile Invoicing and Online Payment – With the “Pay Now” feature makes it highly recommendable to serve all financial purposes. It provides any modes of payment like credit card, debit card and internet banking. It allows the user to access and create invoice, email invoice.
  • Sage Intelligence Reporting – It provides you a complete insight knowledge of your software. You can port your financial records to any of the devices and you can publish it to your cloud also.
  • Modernization of the User Interface – It is a significant change in Sage software almost after a decade. This is considered as one of the biggest feature modernization in Sage 50 2018 along with new and simple features of
  • Web based E-mail support – Customers can easily approach to web-based for e-mailing services while they are emailing receipts and invoices like transactions forms.

Procedure to Install the Sage 50 2018 Software

It is a easy process. You have to simply download the Sage 50 2018 version from a reliable source. When the desired software version is downloaded you need to install the software following the below mentioned steps:

“Change is the mother of all inventions”, well said ! and same goes with the software, upgrading the softwares from time to time is very necessary to meet the requirements of the people. Sage 2018 Installation Guide is prepared to give you full knowledge on the Installation process, the basic requirements and the information on enhancement of features. Before installing the Sage 2018 version, your system should fulfill the requirements, as Sage 2018 version is not compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and previous versions of Microsoft windows. So you should always know the prerequisites before performing any task.Talking about the 2018 Installation Instruction all we need to do is:

  • Ensure that all the systems meet the minimum requirements for Installation like the processor, disk space and Internet explorer requirement for the multiple user and the single users.
  • Close all the programs that are running currently.
  • Verify that Back up for all the companies have been maintained or not.
  • Ensure your Firewall is set to on so that it can notify you for any threats.
  • Check that all users have exit Sage before starting the Installation process of Sage 2018
  • Always validate that the User Account Control (UAC) is fixed to minimum.

You can also upgrade the previous version of Sage 50 for this you need to:

  • Open the program then select the services tab and click on the Check for Updates button.
  • Next you need to download the latest version that is Sage50_2018.0.0.Upgrade.
  • Once you have downloaded the Sage 50 2018 version then you can begin the Installation process.

Here we will also provide you with few tricks that will make your upgrading process easy

  • If your system has Sage 50 2016.2 or any higher version then It will notify you for the newer version and will download it automatically.
  • Always remember If you converting your data into a new version and you have not replaced the earlier release then you will not be able to use it.
  • You have to install the Sage Intelligence Reporting module separately.

There are various methods to Install Sage 2018 on a Network Workstation

First is Installing Sage 2018 on Workstation using the network installation manager:

The network installation manager is used for the quick installation process on multiple systems at a time but it is not compatible for the wireless network.Once the installation on the server computer is done. The 2018 Installation Instruction for installing on your workstations will be displayed.

  • Open the Sage 50-Network Installation Manager Instructions.htm file from the server
  • Then, select the different computer on the network is the server and will store Sage 50 company data In Sage 50 Company Data Files Storage.
  • Next, Confirm that Sage 50 has already been installed on the server.
  • Further, Check the facts and figures on the Client Install screen when the installation is about to start.
  • Now, click on the Install button and once the installation is successful a window will appear where you have to tick the checkbox option accordingly and then click on the finish button.

Second is Installing Sage 2018 on Workstation using the installation disc or downloaded files

Before beginning the installation, using this method always ensure that you know correct drive and path to the shared folder of Sage 50 company data files that are located on the server computer.

  • For the Disc installation:
  • Firstly,Insert the Disc into disc drive.
  • Once you insert the disc The Sage 50 Autorun window is displayed.
  • Then click on the autorun.exe and start the installation.
  • For Downloaded Files:
  • Now, download the file and place it on the network from where it can be accessed by each computer.
  • Then, copy the downloaded file and double-click on the latest Sage50 EXE file.
  • Next, Select the Install Sage 50 Accounting by reading and accepting the conditions written on the licence agreement.
  • Further, select the Auto configure Windows Firewall to allow the installation and run Sage 50.
  • After this you have to enter the serial number provided on the installation disc case.
  • Make sure that sage 50 is already installed on the server and then select , select A different computer on the network is the server and will store Sage 50 company data, in Sage 50 Company Data Files Storage.
  • Now, select the local disc path where you want to store the Sage 50 program files and click on the Install button, after that click on the finish button to complete the installation.

Note: This method is not preferred over network installation manager as using network installation manager is the easiest way to do the installation.

Sage 50 2018 Installation Guide is prepared for all the people who are using or are new to the Sage 50 softwares. This guide contains all the information related to the new upgraded features, installation process and information on the platform that support Sage 50 2018 version. Our main aim is to provide guidance and help to the people by making them aware of the Sage 50 software and utilizing it to gain maximum profits without putting a lot of effort. The Sage 50 software’s are fully equipped with all the facilities that are needed by the business organisation, be it preparing a report, managing the payroll, providing client service etc. Sage 50 is fully competent to manage and resolve your issues. With these software, your time and efforts are saved. We at Sage 50 strongly believe in giving our customers the best service experience by providing them the solutions that are best suited according to their requirements.

For any issues or information related to Sage 50 2018 US Installation or Sage 50 software, you can always count on our Sage 50 technical support team. It comprises of unbeatable professionals, with proficient industrial exposure and experience. Our Sage technical support team is available for your services 24*7 to provide you the best assistance and satisfaction.You can contact us on our toll free number 1844-871-6289.

Sage 50 installation is a very easy task. There are chances that the system gives an error message during software installation. In that scenario you can contact Sage customer support team. Also you can contact Accounting Advice that is a reliable Sage support agency. The company hires qualified technical experts who are capable of resolving the error in a very short wait time. Call to the toll free number 1844-871-6289 to connect with the team and acquire quick and feasible Sage 50 support solutions.

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