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Let us take a look at what is new in Sage 100 & how to download Sage 100 2023 ? With over 40 enhancements and updates the software comprises of the following additions:

  • Select serial numbers by range
  • Masked 1099 vendor taxpayer ID/Social Security Number
  • Masked ACH bank account and routing numbers
  • Improvements in Invoice Payment selection
  • Option to hide inactive warehouses
  • Enhancements to Production Management and IRP

Here are a details about some of the latest in the Sage 100 software:

Latest in Sage 100 2022.3

The update comprises the program fixes for Sage 100, 2022. One of the main highlights includes:

The Sage 100 2022.2 – 2022.3 Program Fix PM7105T

This program resolves the issue that comprises of Dynamic Inventory De-Issue of Average Cost component item calculates the wrong Average Cost and de-issue GL Accounts are wrong

Latest in Sage 100 2021.6

This program comprises the fixes for the Sage 100 2021. One of the main highlights is:

  • Wire Transfers are no longer added to Electronic Payment Reversals amount when updating to Bank Reconciliation on the same register
  • Check and Electronic Check printing no longer allows Both Types to be selected when there are no ACH payments and will prompt to print the Check and Electronic Payment Register after printing checks. 
  • The user is now able to pay invoices after the prior check payment was reversed using Reverse Check Run Utility when Job Cost is integrated.
  • Check Total in Check and Electronic Payment Maintenance is correct when selecting more than 1
  • invoice on the lines using the line lookup icon on the first entry after opening the task.

What is The Current Version of Sage 100?

The Sage 2023 is the latest version of Sage 100 and was released in April 2023. As for the first product update, it comprises some minor enhancements and fixes and is to be released in June 2023. It also enjoys a quarterly release.

The users should know that all the versions of Sage 100 support upgrading and converting the data from all the previous releases. Generally in most cases, one does not require the installation of the interim versions. This is because the data can be easily migrated and converted without stopping at any interim releases.

Sage 100 and the Cloud

Sage 100 is completed and supported by many cloud configurations. In most cases, users of Sage 100 will require a third party to assist with the hosting since Sage does not directly host Sage 100. The future of Sage 100 is in the cloud irrespective of the fact that you use AWS, Azure or Sage Partner Cloud, Sage Strategic Hosting, or one of many independent cloud hosting providers.

Sage 100 can typically run in the cloud through any of the three types of cloud hosts:

  • Sage Partner Cloud – A Sage partner hosts in Azure
  • Sage Strategic Hosting – An established host who is Sage-certified hosts
  • General Cloud Hosting – A general cloud hosting partner that can or may not be Sage certified.

Current Release Versions of Sage 100


Release Date


April 2023 


April 2022


April 2021

The Most important Features Included in Sage 100, 2023

  • Starting with version 2023, Sage 100 has been consolidated into one single product with a single set of registration keys. The user can select the product architecture from Stand-Alone or Client/Server during the process of installation. If the user chooses Client/Server architecture, then they need to choose between ProvideX or Microsoft SQL Server for their database. There is also no additional cost for a different architecture, and the user is not required to obtain separate keys for their selected architecture.
  • The number of years required to retain history is now set at default to nine years. For upgrading, this update does NOT affect your existing settings either.
  • iShip tracking has been replaced by a new tool that utilizes the respective carrier’s website. USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and OnTRac are handled automatically, with other carriers managed through Google.
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2020 is now utilized, which was previously called Crystal Reports 2016 and was used by Sage 100 2018-2022.
  • ACH Account and Routing Numbers are also now masked; only users with the appropriate security can view these details.
  • Inactive warehouses may now be hidden
  • Show/Hide zero quantities for lot/serial items.
  • Multiple enhancements to Inventory Requirements Planning
  • Messages about expired Sage licenses may be suppressed depending on the user
  • Production Management scheduling features are also enhanced.

Sage 100 System Requirements

In case you need to install Sage 100, then upgrading to the latest version, purchasing the new server, or also updating the new Operating system is required. Let us take a look at some of the technical system and hardware requirements for Sage 100, that you need to know about before you opt for the upgrade or certain implementation.

Server Hardware Requirements

This depends on the specific requirements such as the number of users either on the program or the network, that might utilize the server resources like firewalls, software applications, mail systems, and more

Server Hardware




Intel ® Pentium ® 4 or comparable

Intel ® Dual Core/Quad Core™ or comparable, 2 GHz+


2 GB

4 GB+

Free disk space

3.5 GB

3.5 GB+

CD-ROM drive


24x CD-ROM+


For the highest quality printing, we recommend laser or inkjet printers.

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003: The minimum processor requirements for servers listed in the table above are based on the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system family. When updating or purchasing servers running newer operating systems. Such as Windows Server 2012 Standard, Windows Server 2012 Essential, Windows Server 2008 ® Small Business Server 2008, and Server 2008 R2 Standard; it is recommended that you also refer to Microsoft system requirements.
  • Disk Space: A minimum of 600 MB is needed for server and client computers running Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 software. The above recommended free disk space depends on the installation of a single program and the average size of a Sage 100 Contractor company database. You need to allow at least 50 MB for each additional company database.
  • Virtual Servers: Sage 100 Contractor also supports virtual server environments.

Client and workstation hardware



Processor (except Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8)

Pentium 4 or comparable

Intel Dual Core or comparable

Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 processor

1 GHz

2 GHz+

RAM (except Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8)

1 GHz

2 GB+

Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 workstation RAM

2 GB

4 GB+

Free disk space

1 GB

3 GB+

CD-ROM drive


2x CD-ROM+


For the highest quality printing, we recommend laser or inkjet printers.


Sage 100 Version 2023

These are the features and integrations that require internet access:

  • Sage Exchange Desktop – Credit Card Processing by Paya
  • Office 365 Connector for Sage 100
  • Sage Advisor Update
  • Sage Intelligence
  • Sage 100 Payroll 2.0 (Payroll Tax) / Sage Data Cloud
  • Sage Federal and State Tax Reporting (Aatrix)
  • Paperless Office (email)
  • Sage Banking Cloud
  • Sage 100 Web Services


So, there you have it people, these are the latest features that have been updated in the Sage 100 2023. However, for more information be sure to drop by at

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the Updates for Sage 100 2023?

The latest updates of the Sage 100 2023 comprise primarily of Security and Privacy. Also, Masking the 1099 vendor taxpayer ID/Social Security Number in data entry tasks.

What is the Latest Version of Sage 100?

The Sage 100 version 2023.0 with over 40 new features is the latest version of the Sage 100.

Do you need an SQL Server for using Sage 100?

Yes, Microsoft SQL Server is used for the Sage CRM server.

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