Sage 50 Invoice and Significant Instruction

Sage 50 Invoice and Significant Instruction guide

The invoice number implies the unique number that has been granted by the business owners to their vendors or customers that is required to be displayed within a customized invoice. In Sage 50 the invoice numbering should consist of numbers that appear sequentially and might also contain a letter that signifies a department, company, or project. With the Sage 50 these invoice numbers automatically starts while creating A/P or A/R invoice. Once the Sage 50 Creates the Invoice the main challenge is how to put a unique number to each invoice.

Why does there require Invoice Numbering in Sage 50?

The invoice number plays an important role in product and service identification. One can Use the invoice numbers for discovering the accounts that are up to date and also the accounts with dues amounts. The invoice number is used in matching the invoices with certain dates, projects, or clients. Hence it is advised to use the invoice numbers inorder to maintain and store the invoices systematically within Sage 50.

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Sage 50 Invoice

  • Double-click on Sage 50 Account
  • Now, select Customers and then click on Invoice List (You will see the link in the left side of windows)
  • You will get the invoices
  • Find out the invoices and highlight which are to be deleted and then select the Delete button that you will find in the invoice list at the bottom
  • A pop-up will come to your screen that will ask you to confirm the delete. Select yes.

Corrections in Sage 50 Account

  • Double-click on Sage 50 Account
  • Now, select File and then click on Maintenance. A prompt will pop-up on your screen that will ask you close all the windows that are open. If accounts are unsaved, click on yes.
  • Click on the File Maintenance Menu and then select the Correction

You will see a list of Invoice

  • Now, locate all the invoices and then highlight them. Select Deleted items that you will locate in the top of the windows.
  • A Delete Confirmation Screen will pop-up on your screen. To continue with it, select yes. Here, you will see invoice details.
  • Select Yes to the Delete Button and the invoices will be removed.
  • All the invoices will appear in red color once the procedure finishes.

Sage Solution

Sage 50 Account holds Debt Balances and Invoices. You can use these invoices to serve the purpose of solution for WIP Allocation. Once Maintenance or Deletion completes within Sage 50 Accounts, there are practical methods through which you can delete invoices.

  • Click on Time and Fees in SPS. In the main toolbar, you will also find Invoice Ledger in the top of the monitor.
  • Remove all the invoices that you need to highlight.
  • Right-click on it and then click on Delete.

What Causes Sage Invoice Issues?

  • The Paid Invoices
  • Create Invoices for Sales Order and Purchase Order
  • Applied Credit Memo against all the invoice.
  • Closed Year Invoice
  • You may see the invoice in the previous year and the user might not have relevant access to make changes in the transaction
  • Damaged or Corrupted Invoices

Here are two resolution steps : Use Purchase Order to Create Invoice

  • When a user creates an invoice with the help of purchase order, there will not be any charges in the line item.
  • If you need any changes, invoice deletion or editing purchase order, you need to make some amendments to the invoices.

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Final Words

So, there you have it friends these are some of the facts, features and aspects about SAGE 50 INVOICE AND SIGNIFICANT INSTRUCTION. However for further details do visit us at and you are sure to discover some great information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can one Record Invoice in Sage 50?

In order to do this, one needs to follow the below steps:
1. Start by creating a new purchase invoice.
2. Next Select the method of payment from within the Payment Method list.
3. Now Select a vendor from the Vendor list. 
4. In the Invoice No:
a) Enter a Date
b) Allocate the entire transaction using the Project List menu

How can one Invoice on Sage 50?

In order to do this, one needs to:
1. Go to Sales
2. Next click New Invoice.
3. Now Enter the following information:
A) To add an item to your invoice, enter the following information
B) If required, enter any notes and terms and conditions.

What are the Details that Need to be included in an Invoice?

The invoice should include:
1. The company name, address and contact details. 
2. The company name and address of the customer you are invoicing.
3. A clear description of what you are charging for. 
4. The date the goods or service were provided or the supply date.

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