Sage no Default Email Client Found

Sage no Default Email Client Found error

If you’re like most people, you use a default email client on your computer. If you don’t, you probably use Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. These are not bad clients by any means, but they do have some shortcomings. One of the biggest is that neither of them offers a lot of customization options. This might not be a big deal for some people, but if you want to create custom email signatures or templates, you’re out of luck. Fortunately, there is another option: Sage. Sage is a powerful email client that offers plenty of customization options and features not found in other clients. In this blog post, we will show you how to set up and use Sage as your default email client.

Sage No default email client found (while sending emails ) is an error one usually encounters while working with Sage. Nonetheless, there is no denying the fact that this is one of the most trusted software for financial use out there. But, that does not make it free from its own set of glitches. The reason for this error is that you might be using webmail that has not been linked with the Sage 50 software application. So, how do you deal with this? Well, that and more on the topic and its solutions related to the problem.

Reason for the Sage No default Email Client Found

Let us take a look at some of the prime reasons:

  • Outlook has not been set as the default email client by the user
  • MS Outlook and Sage are not functioning at the security level
  • Your Sage account has not been set up with Webmail while you are using it
  • Damaged Ptrs
  • The MS office has not been updated to the latest version.

Now, that we have taken a look at some of the prime reasons for the Sage No default email client found (while sending emails ), let us proceed to the solutions part of it

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How to Fix Sage no Default Email Client Found

Solution 1: MAPI Complaint Email Program

  • To check if the Email Program is compatible or not
    • Go to the Start Menu and open the Control Panel
    • Go to the Programs and Features options
    • This will activate a drop-down list, select if Office 365 has been installed or not
    • There can be a case when the software has been installed in the system through the Windows app but does not reflect on the Control Panel
    • In this case, you will need to install it locally
    • In this case, you will need to first uninstall the Microsoft Office that has been installed using the Windows apps store
  • Verification if the Email has been activated or not
    • The email address needs to be in the proper format, to do this you will need to follow the below steps:
    • Click on the Maintain option
    • Next click on Prospects
    • This will activate a drop-down list selected on the Customer
    • Check the format of the Email address, if it is correct or not
  • Run the Sage and Email Programs under UAC, to do so, you will need to:
    • Navigate to the Sage icon and right-click on it
    • Select Properties from the options offered
    • Go to the Compatibility tab and click on the option ‘Change Settings for all users option’
    • Click tick on the Run Program as an Administrator
    • Follow the next step
  • To Run the Outlook as an Admin
    • Go to the directory and install the MS Outlook
    • Go to the Executable Program and right-click on it
    • Navigate to the Properties and click on the Advanced option
    • Check on the box as a ‘Run as Administrator
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Email writer, to do so you will need to:
    • Go to the Control Panel and uninstall the email writer
    • Now, install is once again
    • Finally, restart the system once again and verify if the email program is functioning
  • If the Windows Profile is Damaged
    • Go to the Windows system and create a new profile
    • Re-check if the New profile is working or not
    • Now, use this New profile to create a new email account
  • If the Outlook process has hung up and does not Response
    • Navigate to the Task Manager
    • Now, open the Details tab
    • Go to Outlook.exe and click on End Task
    • Now, test the working of the Email from Sage 50 by using the Outlook

Solution 2: For Webmail, You need to follow the below steps

To do so you need to:

  • Go to the Maintain menu
  • Now, from the list, click on the Email setup
  • Go to the navigation window and click on the option Edit email setup 
  • Click on Use a Webmail set up and click on the link Add account information
  • Select the Email Service Type and enter the right email address.


So, there you have it people, these are some of the best-known solutions for the problem of Sage No default email client found (while sending emails ). However, if you still encounter the same problem over and over again, you can also contact us 1800 964 3096 and our accomplished team would love to assist you.

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💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

What should I do to be able to Enable Email from Sage 50?

To be able to email from Sage 50 you need to:
🔹 Restart the system
🔹 Ensure that you are using the compatible version of Microsoft Office
🔹 Be sure to install all the necessary updates and upgrades for the Sage 50 Accounts.
🔹 In case you are not using Microsoft Outlook you need to check your SMTP settings. 
🔹 Ensure that your webmail password has been entered correctly

How to Change the default Email in Sage 50?

To do so you will need to:
🔹 Go to the Sage 50 Cloud Account
🔹 Click on Settings 
🔹 Go to Email Program and click on the Email Defaults drop-down menu list
🔹 Click on Webmail
🔹 Go to the Email Provider drop-down list and click on your Email Provider
🔹 If not listed click on Other
🔹 Go to the Senders Details and enter the required information like Email, display name, and others.

How to Link Sage to Outlook?

To do so, you will need to:
🔹 Go to Reports
🔹 Click on Any Reports 
🔹 Click on Edits
🔹 Click on Tools 
🔹 Click on Options
🔹 Click on the Email Setup tab
🔹 Go to the default Provider drop-down list and click select Microsoft Outlook
🔹 Click on Finish
🔹 Click on OK
🔹 You are done.

How to Link Sage to my Email?

To do so you will need to:
🔹 Go to the File Explorer 
🔹 Go to Default
🔹 Next click on the Layouts folder
🔹 Double-click on Document Layout
🔹 Click on Tools 
🔹 Go to Options > Email Setup
🔹 Click on SMTP and click ‘Configure’
🔹 Select your Email Provider
🔹 Click on Custom
🔹 Here you need to enter the details of your Email provider

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