Report to Use to Verify Information on 940 at Sage 50

Use to Verify Information on 940 at Sage-50

About Form 940

The purpose of filling the form 940 is to file a tax return on your company deplete resources or unemployed position status. If you hired some employees in your organization in the current year, you must save all record in your company’s document which makes easy to fill the Form 940. Form 940 comes under the yearly Federation Unemployment Tax Return (FUTA). After filling the form, you need to submit to the internal revenue service (IRS).

About FUTA (Federation Unemployment Tax Return)

FUTA is an organization which provides funds to the unemployment that has lost their jobs or who are looking for another job. This organization funds them with unemployment compensation which is collected from the employer’s paid taxes on the employee’s paycheck.

How to Filling form 940 at Sage 50

To fill the e-file form 940, you need to get subscription on Sage business care or Sage business platinum gold which is having e-filling. Before you go with e-filling, you must be sure about your Sage 50 tax form which is applied in the presence of government regulations by downloading the up-gradation to latest payroll solutions.

How you can E-file of print form 940 at Sage 50

To process E-file of print form 940 at Sage 50, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the Reports and Forms menu>Form.
  • Then, go the Tax forms>Report/Forms open up.
  • After that, double-click on the Payroll tax form, choose and highlight the latest 940 form.
  • Then, click on the filing period and select current from the drop-down options.
  • To follow the on-screen instructions, click on OK.

How Reports to use to verify information on Form 940 at Sage 50

To verify the information on Form 940 at Sage 50, you must go through with these instructions:

Firstly, you need to access the Tax Liability and yearly earnings reports.

Tax Liability Report: In this report, first precondition is to generate the summary format for the current year. You also need to adjust gross and liability which is mainly required to match the information which is displayed in the boxes 3 and 8 for Form 940.

Yearly Earning Report:  In this report, you need to summarize the total of FUTA reports which are available on the Tax Liability Report. The requirement is that total final should match 940 for box 8.

In any case, you find some variances; you need to go through Tax Liability report or Yearly Earning Report again, and start survey for each employee to fix all the variances.

After that, you are all set with required information and able to e-file your Form 940 at Sage 50 including all relevant reports which is complied with tax return form.

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