Installation of Sage 50 Rebuild Server

Installation of Sage 50 Rebuild Server

Sage has gained respect and popularity as a popular desktop accounting software tool for growing and med-size business houses. Moreover, the renowned organizations are also using it. Scaling up can be done for larger and bigger projects too. The other uses of this software include account liabilities and receivables, cash flow, timely payment of bills etc. The needs of the accounting and finance industry was kept in focus while developing this software. Moreover, a huge number of users can utilize it fully. What is more, there are many features like merchandise management and module-level security for inventory too.

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Know about Installation of Sage 50 Rebuild Server at the right time to get absolute benefits. In case of any uncertainty and issues, get in touch with the trained team of Sage experts at Accounting Advice. Their Sage 50 toll free number is .

What to do to Rebuild or Replace a Server?

  • -First step is installation of Sage 50 software on the new/rebuilt server.
  • -The user has to download or copy the installation folder to the new server from the old one.
  • -Sage 50 has to be installed using the same data directory structure as the old server. -In case, if the data on the old server, use that same data directory on the new server.
  • -The user will be asked to share a folder during the installation. Share the same folder in the data path. It might be shared on the old server.
  • -The program needs to be open for the program to get activated.
  • -Choose services, updates. If updates are located, download these and then installation has to be allowed when the program is closed.
  • -The data has to be moved.
  • -The data has to be moved to the new/rebuilt server by either transferring the individualistic company folders or taking it from a backup.
  • -The custom forms are being restored as a backup, make sure you select the choice to restore custom forms
  • -If the individual company folders are being moved, assure that you copy the forms folder as well.

Now the workstations have to be mapped.

  • At the workstation, disconnect the mapped drive that Sage 50 uses to connect to the old server.
  • Remap the drive to the shared folder on the new server.
  • It is crucial to utilize the same drive letter.
  • Verify that you can see and open your company.
  • Choose these steps for each workstation.
  • -Then remove these entries from the list of freshly opened companies

For knowing more about Installation of Sage 50 Rebuild Server, contact Accounting Advice. You will be happy by the speedy assistance.

Final Words on Sage 50 Rebuild Server

The Accounting Advice is knowledgeable team of experts who are drilled in Sage software and its issues. They can usher and help you to know what all needs to be done for an enhanced working experience.

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The team is there at all times. Calling on the toll free Sage 50 support number can give you instant results.

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