How to Install Sage 50 on a Shared Server?

How to Install Sage 50 on a shared server

When you need multiple websites to use a single server the best solution is a shared server. Therefore, shared hosting is the economical option. Here in the below article, you will learn how to install Sage 50 on a shared server and other perks of the shared server. 

What is a shared server?

Shared hosting referred to the hosting layout in which many websites get hosted in one web server. This web server is named a shared server. It implies every resource that is related to the server like web space, FTPs, Bandwidth, and memory shared by many websites. There does not mention the actual count of the websites that are hosted on one server.

A shared server permits the hosting of multiple websites simultaneously. The shared server seems to be a better option for owners with less technical skills. They can easily build an online presence and control everything. It provides limited administrator access and failure to customize the product configuration. However, they can access the c Panel to manage the databases, email accounts, perform server analytics, and view error logs.

Sage50 on a shared server

What are the advantages of a shared server?

Shared hosting is the headmost alternative for small business owners. Shared servers bring along tons of benefits. Walkthrough some of them below:

  • Reliable:

Although A cluster of websites sharing identical resources, many shared server plans offer the best helpdesk support to enhance reliability as a comparison to the dedicated server.

  • Low cost:

The cost-effectiveness is one of the amazing profits of a shared server. In this you are sharing the space of the servers with many users, it enhances the chances for the provider to make more benefits and also provide an inexpensive service.

  • Simplicity:

The shared web server provides a simple method to control all the business. You do not need to experts in technical. It requires you to focus on the important terms of the business. The Control panel and components in the shared server are simple to grasp. The hosting provider takes care of the Server maintenance and resolution of technical challenges.

Tip: Upgrade to latest version of Sage 50 2021 and save up to $50.

How to Install Sage 50 on a shared server?

  • First of all, it is suggested to perform the installation of the program path at C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Peachtree.
  • Now download the installation program .
  • Wait till the completion of the downloading process the next thing is to run it.
  • To start with the installation process follows the instructions that appear on the prompt.
  • Click on No if asking this question ‘Will this be the only computer running Sage 50 and then hit on Next button.
  • Now discover the Company data files storage window, choose this computer is the server and afterward, hit on Next option. 
  • Check install options and then start the installation process on the shared server.
  • It will display sharing company data screen, choose to share the folder.
  • Once done hit on Next button.
  • Finish the installation process and permit the application to open and activate.
  • Open every company and permit the data that need to be converted to the advanced version.

Last words:

That’s all about How to install Sage 50 on a shared server. Hopefully, the guide provided you with ease to grasp the concepts of Shared Server. It is more beneficial with low cost and reliable results. To explore more in-depth or to fix reach the expert team. Take a worth decision to take assistance rather than wasting time on the complex things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you mean by Multi-User Mode in Sage 50?

Ans. A multi-user license helps multiple users to work on identical company data simultaneously.Once you have installed Sage 50 Accounting software on the network you are eligible to run company files in a multi-user mode. It is based on the number of licenses you have purchased and you are using.

Q. When do I need to switch shared servers?

🗸 To reduce the over burdensome created by other websites sharing the same server.
🗸 To speed up the loading time.
🗸 If you start noticing your website getting more traffic and you need to improve performance.
🗸 Want to get more customization options to enhance the website performance level.

Q. How I can enable or disable automatically refresh lists in Sage 50?

🗸 Locate the Home Window.
🗸 Click on the setup menu.
🗸 Select User Preferences.
🗸 Hit on Options.
🗸 Now clear the Automatically Refresh lists checkbox.
🗸 Select Ok button.

Q. What things should I map to increase optimal performance?

Ans. Sage suggests that the workstation’s network drive be shared to the folder directly over the data path folder. For instance map directly into the Sage 50 folder in case, the data path on the server is C:\Sage\Sage50\Company.

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