Configure Sage 50 Quantum 2020 with AvaTax

Configure Sage Quantum-2020 with AvaTax

You are using the Sage 50 and now you have to use it with AvaTax then it can be done easily with the proper process. For this, you have to download it and then go to the Admin Console. You can test it in the admin console. In this, you have to mention all the company data of the Sage 50 to use it with AvaTax after that assign the company code to each so that while having transactions online it can be identified easily.

Now you have to run the installation by performing the normal installation on your system. Start using the application that is shown on your system’s screen as the AvaTax for Sage 50. After opening the program, you have to configure it before using it properly.

Steps for Configuring the AvaTax for the Sage 50

  1. Start the Application
  2. You have to provide the below information for the configuration before start using the application:
    1. Write the Connection data- For this click on the configuration tag from the menu and then open the configuration form. Enter the data in the tabs Sage 50 and connection. First of all, connect with the server for testing or production work. Now the next information is depending on your selection. The key and account are given to you by Avalara. Login and then click on the Edit option. After providing all information, click on the button Test Connection and when login is successful then you get the form to fill.
    2. Select the company of Sage 50- Click on the tab Sage 50 and then select the button named Sage 50 database. Now from the database browse to the drive and then search in the directories for the company file and open it by selecting the file. The company file, version, and location. The first time when you select the company file the field of company code is blank. In this, you have to enter the code that you created in the company code field by Admin Console. By clicking on the option Available AvaTax Company Code a list of codes is shown that is created by you so, select any one code. This code sent to the AvaTax while getting the tax so that it will get the correct data connected with it.
    3. Tax Codes Tab- For special handling, the code is associated with the ship methods and inventory items. You have to specify the tax code to use the tab of Tax Codes. When you are done with selecting the company file of Sage 50; the data of the current tax code is filled automatically. In the left panel, the default ship methods are listed and in the right panel, all the inventory items are listed. If the items you enter do not appear in the list then click on the Synchronize with Sage50 button.
    4. Customer Entity or Use code- You can easily assign codes to the customers individually. It is connected with the tax rules for each state by indicating the scenarios. In this, if you entered new customers and they are not showing up then click on Synchronize with Sage50 button. For changing code, just click on any customer ID on the next page.
    5. Address Validation- In this tab, you have to call for the validation service of Address by AvaTax to check the all provided information. Now click n any one customer whose address or information you want to check. In the case of multiple addresses, you have to select any one address. After this, you get the form that needs to be filled for the validation process and check the box of auto-validate.
    6. Options- If you are facing any issues then tick-mark the checkbox Enable Logging to AvaTax Server Transactions. Now you are able to check the Event log by clicking on the button Show Event Log and get the report.
    7. About AvaTax- In this, you get the important information related to the application.
    8. Setting Customer Tax Codes- In this, after you are connected with the Sage 50 database and the AvaTax server; the menu bar displayed the Set Customer Tax Codes button. After all setup, you have to do the changes in the default tax authority that is used for customers by Sage 50. Select the customers whose tax codes you want to change and then click on the button Check Selected for selected customers and Check All for all customers. In the end, click on the Change Tax Codes to implement it.

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