How To Fix “Sage-SA-QIFLib .dll Error”

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This Sage SA QIFLib .dll error are very annoying for all and it can be a task for computer engineers as well. If the error is a known one and can be resolved it is completely fine, but if the error message is just for a specific application or a task then can be nerve wrecking. This can take a lot of time to fix the problem and takes your concentration off the work. Since the error is a different one and needs some research and time; it can be affecting your work and deliverable. Also the perfect solution is needed and another issue should not pop up while solving the Sage SA-QIFLib .dll issue.

Reasons for Sage-SA-QIFLib .dll Errors:

The Sage 50 error message is from the application called as Sage 2006 which is also known as Simply Accounting. The main reason for the error message is surfing the internet and getting affected with the computer viruses. The virus makes it unstable and the operation will change and directly lead to the unavailability of the software. This is not a major issue as until the other computer files start to get affected with this virus. So if in case if you face the error “SA-QIFLib .dll”, take it seriously and use the best known antivirus for this issue. This is none other than MALWAREBYTES and can be used to scan the computer to find out the virus and remove it. If you see that the virus is affecting the files immediately delete the virus with the help of the MALWAREBYTES. You need not purchase it for the first time as it is available for 14 days as a trial version and works in the same manner like that of a paid version. However if the virus is not the reason then the other reason can be from a Windows perspective. If the windows are being used for a long time, it creates many temporary files and these are unwanted in the long run. They do not get deleted all by themselves and cause many problems in operating the program and throw the error message.

You need to close all the programs on your computer so that you are on the Desktop. Click on the Start menu from the Desktop and go to Control Panel where you will find the Appearance and Personalisation link option. The folder options will give you show hidden files which needs to be enabled. Under the show hidden files there will be another option known as Hide extension known file types. Uncheck it and apply the settings and save it. The virus file will now be seen to be deleted. You can also terminate the registry entries that are created by sage_sa_qiflib.dll to safeguard the computer.

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How to Fix Sage SA-QIFLib .dll Error?

Here, multiple methods are discussed to fix this issue-

Total Time: 30 minutes

Method 1: Perform an Anti-Virus Scan

The steps for performing an anti-virus scan are different for different anti-virus software. Here, we will show the steps of scanning in the built-in antivirus program in Windows 10, namely, the Windows Defender

A) For Quick Scan

🔹 Click on Start.
🔹 Go to the Settings section.
🔹 Choose Update & Security.
🔹 Now go to Windows Security.
🔹 Click on the tab named Virus & Threat Protection.
🔹 Go to Current Threats
🔹 Click on Quick Scan/Threat History.
🔹 Finally, click on Scan Now for the scan to start

B) For Advanced Scan

🔹 Click on Start.
🔹 Go to the Settings section.
🔹 Choose Update & Security.
🔹 Now go to Windows Security.
🔹 Click on the tab named Virus & Threat Protection.
🔹 Go to Current Threats
🔹 Click Scan Options/Threat History.
🔹 Finally, click on Run A New Advanced Scan.

C) For Scheduled Scan

🔹 Click on Start.
🔹 Locate schedule tasks.
🔹 Click on the Task Scheduler option
🔹 On the left hand side, click the arrow next to the Task Scheduler Library.
🔹 Click Microsoft.
🔹 Select Windows.
🔹 Select the folder named Windows Defender.
🔹 Select Windows Defender Scheduled Scans.
🔹 Go to the Properties section
🔹 Click Triggers.
🔹 Go to New.
🔹 Specify the time and frequency for the scan, as per your convenience.
🔹 Click OK.
🔹 Click on Review.
🔹 Press the OK button

Method 2: Remove Temporary Files from your System

Please follow the steps mentioned below- 
🔹 Press and hold the Windows and R keys on your keyboard simultaneously.
🔹 Type %temp%
🔹 Click OK to proceed
🔹 Press Ctrl + A 
🔹 Press Delete.
🔹 Click Yes to delete the temporary files

Please Note:
This will remove all the files within the temporary folder. It may affect other software as well. If you are not sure, we would recommend you to speak to your IT experts.

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💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

What causes the Sage Error Missing mfc120.dll or mfc140.dll on My Computer?

Many technical and operational issues in your system could be causing this issue. Some of these are – 
🔹 You are yet to install Service pack 1 on your system
🔹 The MS Visual C++ redistributable package is not available in the workstation
🔹 The MS Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio (2013, 2015) is not installed in the workstation

What are the reasons behind the Sage Error: “Bad key file or 0x80040702 “Failed to load dll :need to reinstall Sage 50 message?

Many technical and operational issues in your system could be causing this issue. Some of these are – 
🔹 Certain key files from the Shared Documents folder location, namely,  C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Sage Software may have got deleted inadvertently 
🔹 The Shared Documents folder that includes the Sage key files may have been deleted manually or moved 
🔹 One or more of the antivirus software installed in your system are interfering with the Sage 50 software
🔹 The computer may have been affected by a virus or Malware 
🔹 The Sage 50 program is yet to be activated post the installation

What are the Possible Reasons for the Occurrence of the Sage 100 Contractor could not load Registration. dll issue?

Many technical issues on your system may be causing this Error. Some of these are mentioned below-
🔹 If the DLL File is corrupt/missing 
🔹 Improper installation of the pervasive database
🔹 Damaged or corrupted Windows registry 
🔹 The system is affected by viruses/malware.
🔹 A damaged /corrupt windows profile
🔹 The inability of Windows to start /stop the pervasive 
🔹 Damaged registry key
🔹 UAC or security software blocking the registry
🔹 Sudden power cut

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