How to Fix PERMISS.DAT Error in Sage 50

PERMISS.DAT Error in Sage 50

When users get the PERMISS.DAT Error, they are not able to open the file Permiss.dat. This is an indication that the company is damaged and beyond repair. To troubleshoot the issue, you need to restore backup prior to the point where you did not get the error. In order to do so, you need to click OK on the error and open an existing company screen. Then try to restore the backup file into a New company or try restoring a different backup.

What is PERMISS.DAT Error in Sage 50

Here’s a look at the actual error and what results after the error occurs.

The Displays Error pops the following message: “The company could not be opened because the file [path]\PERMISS.DAT is missing or damaged. The error results in the following instances:

  • Displays Error: “Cannot open file [Company Directory]\permiss.dat”
  • Cannot open company
  • When the user tries to click on any Menu option like File, Edit, List, etc., it displays this error

What Causes the PERMISS.DAT Error?

  • The permiss.dat is either missing or damaged
  • The file is inaccessible as it is held in the memory
  • User Account Control (UAC) is blocking the extraction of the Sage backup file
  • Permiss.dat is locked by the Permiss.PTL lock file
  • Damaged.PTR files within the Forms folder
  • Damaged Forms folder
  • The drive that’s hosting the database has run out of space
  • Company is nested incorrectly within the datapath or is not in the datapath at all

Steps for Resolve PERMISS.DAT Error in Sage 50

  1. Reboot the computer and see if the problem gets restored. If not follow the steps below
  2. Disable UAC > Type ms-config in run command > Select Tools > Select Disable UAC > Click Launch > OK > Restart the computer
  3. Stop sharing the company from the original computer
  4. Remove the company folder from the computer in question and share again from a different computer
  5. Restore the most recent backup:
  6. Select File > Restore > Browse
  7. Find your most recent backup > Select & Open the .PTB file > Click Next
  8. Select a New Company (prior) or Create a new company with the restored data > Select Next
  9. Leave Company Data checked > Select Next > Finish
  10. If the same error occurs, find the next most recent backup and follow the steps above until you manage to successfully open the company

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