How to Fix Sage Error 1327 while installing ?

sage installation error 1327
Installing Sage is as easy as pie. It can be done within a blink of the eye with the help of the installation wizard provided by Sage. You must be logged in as an Administrator to be able to install Sage 50 as many times user access has been blocked for installing new software.

You can also choose to allow the user to install software’s and make changes to them. An invalid drive error appears when the path of a drive is missing or not picked up by the installer of Sage software. This error will be depicted as, “Error 1327. Invalid Drive: (drive letter).”

This error, if still persist after giving proper access to a user to install this accounting software, then you must do one of the two things. Either you can assign the path of the missing drive to an external usb drive or hard disk or you can create a virtual drive.

Instructions on How to to Install Sage

Create a drive with the same Drive name.

  1. Goto Administrative Tools from ‘Control Panel’.
  2. Double click on ‘Computer Management.’
  3. On the navigation panel click on Disk Management under Storage.
  4. Here you can right click on any drive and click shrink volume to reduce its size. The reduced size will appear as unallocated space.
  5. Use this Unallocated space to make a new drive with the name of the missing drive path.

Create a virtual Drive with Daemon Tools

Sage 50 Support

This is one of the easiest methods to create a virtual drive. For this you must download daemon tools lite form here. After installing this software, you need to add an additional virtual drive and you are all set to install Sage. While installing make sure to install SPDT as well as it might not work otherwise.

Insert External Hard drive or Usb drive

Yet another method to make a drive with the path name of the missing drive. For this you will require external hardware, thus this method will cost you more than the other ones. Sometimes the external drive will be named as per the requirements of the software but for other times follow the steps given below:-

  1. Goto disk management in Control Panel.
  2. Select USB device or the external hard disk.
  3. Click on”Change Drive Letter and Paths.”
  4. Select the letter that you want to assign to the drive.
  5. Click on Ok and you will be all set for installing the software.

Choose among the methods provided above. All of these methods work to make this error go away. There are other software’s available that can help you in making virtual drives so you might want to give them a try as well.

Sage Technical Support

Sage error 1327 is a common error that is categorized as installation error and occurs if the installation steps recommended by Sage are not properly followed. When you are unable to resolve the installation error 1327 then report it to It is a well known Sage support company that has experienced Sage team who assist you to resolve the error very smoothly. Connect by calling the sage support contact number and garner excellent services of error resolution.

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