How to Print 1096/1099 Forms in Sage 50

Print 1096/1099 Forms in Sage 50

When it comes to business, you need to be able to handle a variety of different forms. From tax returns to purchase orders, there’s no shortage of documentation that needs to be handled. But printing these forms can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Fortunately, Sage 50 has you covered. In this blog post, we will show you how to print 1096/1099 forms in Sage 50 quickly and easily. We’ll also provide some tips for making the process as smooth as possible so that you can stay organized and efficient.

Sage 50 includes, among other things, fantastic features to help businesses file their annual taxes. With this accounting software, you can easily e-file the 1099 and 1096 forms. In this blog, we will discuss how to print the 1096 and 1099 forms in Sage 50.

But, before discussing the printing process, let’s first get to know what these forms are..

What is a 1099/ 1096 Form?

Before understanding what a 1099/1096 form is, you need to understand what a 1099 vendor is. It is simply a company or individual who does work for you but is not one of your employees. These vendors have the name because you must provide them with an IRS Form 1099 if you pay them more than $600 in a fiscal year. To keep your accounting books in order, you can send them Form 1099 even if they are not paid more than $600.Prior to actually making any such payments to 1099 vendors, gather all relevant information about them so that you can properly file 1099 forms during the tax season.

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What is Reported on a Form 1099-MISC?

A Form 1099-MISC includes various types of payments. The following boxes are mostly used:

  • Box 1- To report the amounts paid against rent of equipment real estate and machinery 
  • Box 2- To report royalty payments including the royalty fees paid already to the franchisors.
  • Box 3- To report other income including the prizes received where the relevant service was not provided. Also includes the wages due to the deceased employees, which were later disbursed to the beneficiaries.

Steps for Print 1096/1099 Forms in Sage 50

The 1096 form helps to make the Sage 1099 forms concise. It is sent to the IRS for the 1099-type vendors. Form 1096 is needed when one submit paper 1099 forms.

When 1099 forms is mailed to the IRS, let’s put them together and attach a separate 1096 for each group of 1099 forms. Here are a few steps:

  • Go to the Accounts Payable section
  • Click on Reports 
  • Click to open Form 1099 reporting
  • Click on 1099 reporting visual 
  • Click on the form to use tab
  • Click New
  • Choose the form type to use against Interest , Dividend and Miscellaneous
  • Select the 1099 calendar year 
  • Specify the merchant category 
  • Enter the minimum amount payable to vendors, as well as the year-to-date payments. Please keep in mind that this amount must be the same or greater than the amount entered.
  • Check and confirm all the information related to the company
  • After you accept the terms & conditions, a 1099 window would appear
  • Click next to proceed
  • Go to the checklist wizard
  • Click on the print check list tab in order to print all the items on the 1099 form
  • Click Finish
  • Follow the same steps to complete the form in the next window as well
  • Once you have confirmed all the details, the processing of 1099/1096 forms will begin. 
  • Now you need to decide the look of the form.
  • Select the print format 
  • Select suitable forms
  • Click on the forms viewer 
  • Acknowledge and verify your form
  • Click on next to display the form

For knowing the further steps, contact Accounting Advice.

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Final Words

We hope the sequential steps mentioned above have cleared all of your doubts related to e-filing 1099/ 1096 forms in Sage 50. If you have any further questions or encounter any difficulties in carrying out the steps above, we recommend that you contact one of the authorized Sage experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before Printing or e-filing the 1099 and 1096 forms in Sage 50, I am asked to verify the information entered on these Forms. How can I do this?

Step, before printing or e- filing the 1099 and 1096 forms in Sage 50
1. Go to the 1099 Setup Wizard in Sage 50
2. Check whether the Payer Identification Number (PIN) is correct select the correct 3. EIN or SSN
4. Click Next.
5. Check the Payer information
6. Click Next to proceed
7. Select the proper Tax Preparer Type
8. Click Next
9. The Third-Party Preparer Information window will open up
10. Specify the details in the appropriate fields 
11. Click Next to proceed
12. Verify if all the State and Locality authorities/items are correct, 
13. Click on Next.
14. Specify your preferred options on the Data Verification screen
15. Click Next.
16. Specify your options on the Recipient Identification Numbers screen
17. Click Next.
18. Choose your preferred options on the Multiple Data Files window
19. Click Next.
20. The W2/1099 Preparer worksheet will appear 
21. Check whether all the information highlighted in blue is correct 
22. Click on the Next Step tab
23. Proceed to check the highlighted information
24. Click on Next Step until the 1099 Printing and Filing Options window is displayed on your screen

What is the Procedure to Print or e-file the State Quarterly Forms?

1. Go to the Reports and Forms menu, 
2. Select Forms 
3. Click Tax Forms. 
4. The Select a Report or Form window will be displayed
5. Next, double-click on Payroll Tax Forms 
6. Click on the State form type 
7. Select your state.
8. Specify the concerned state for which you wish to print /e-file.
9. Click on the select filing period section 
10. Specify the year and quarter

Please Note: If you click on a new form, you will need to again select the year and quarter of your choice.
11. Click OK to continue
12. Follow the instructions as displayed on the screen

How to Print or e-File the 941/941B Federal Tax Forms?

Step to print or e-file the 941/941B Federal Tax Forms :
1. Go to the Reports and Forms menu
2. Select Forms
3. Go to the Tax Forms. 
4. The Select a Report or Form window will appear on your screen 
5. Double-click on Payroll Tax Forms 
6. Click on the Available Forms box
7. Choose the current 941/Schedule B/941-V Report.
8. Open the select filing period section
9. Select the year

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