Sage 50 Data Conversion

Sage 50 Data Conversion

With time you will be required to update and upgrade your accounting software to the latest version available so that you can improve and manage your business much better and easier. With the latest Sage 50 upgrades, you can do much more to your business and enhance its productivity. Connect with AccountingAdvice to know about the latest Sage 50 updates and upgrades available.

If you have the need to update your Data to the latest edition, follow the given steps below to convert you Sage 50 data to the latest format.

Prior Steps to take before Sage 50 Data Conversion:

  • Create a backup of your company file, in case of any that may occur during data conversion.
  • Open to File and go to Properties. Next, note down the Location and Name of your Company File.
  • The file type for Simply Accounting edition 7.0 or less is .asc
  • The file type for Simply Accounting edition 8.0 till 2007 is .sdb
  • The file type for edition 2008 or higher is .sai
  • Ensure the UAC (User Account Control) is turned off when processing the conversion.
  • To perform this step, go to the Control Panel and open to User Accounts.
  • Ensure all Firewall, Antivirus devices & Anti-Spyware is turned off when processing the conversion.
  • Save your data on a local computer and launch Advanced Database Check. Next, convert the data and save them back to their original location.

Steps to Sage 50 Data Conversion

Option 1: click on “Open the last company…” if the file shown is your file then click on OK. A message will be displayed stating about data update to a newer format. Click on Next several times until you get the FINISH option.

Option 2: click on SELECT AN EXISTING COMPANY option and then click on OK.

  • On the Open Company Window, you will find the LOOK IN: FIELD. You need to change this to a folder in which your data file is located.
  • Next click on your data then OK.
  • A message will be displayed, stating that your data is going to be updated to a newer format. Click on Next several times to pass through Upgrade wizard then click on Finish.

Sage 50 Data Conversion Issues

There are a number of issues/errors that may arise during a Sage 50 data conversion, such as:

  • Unable to Open Sage 50 after Data Conversion.
  • Unable to convert data to newer edition software.
  • Sage 50 Automatic Backup Issue.
  • When trying to convert data file to a newer version, the conversion process fails.
  • Unable to convert data from Sage 50 older version to newer version

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