How to fix SagePay 5080 Error form Transaction Registration Failed

SagePay Error 5080

SagePay form transaction registration failed is also known as SagePay Error code 5080. While posting your form transaction registration via our system, you might have encountered an error indicating a problem with the post format.

This error is one of the most common errors that the users subscribed with Sage Pay software come across. When you try to deposit the transaction form to SagePay software, there is a probability that error 5080 could encounter due to an issue with the format used while depositing the transaction or the encryption of the password.

This type of error occurs due to various technical reasons, which requires proper Advisor service. In such cases, expert from Accountingadvice Sage helpdesk can best support you to fix the error and also guide you to manually solve the basic problem.

Step: How to Fix SagePay 5080 Error – Form Transaction Registration Failed

Encryption Password

  • Ensure that the used encryption password is correct.  If the encryption password is wrong, your crypt string will be wrongly built causing in error 5080.
  • You can acquire the encryption password by simply logging into your admin panel of SagePay as the administrative user.  Otherwise, if this is correct, check the encryption process and method to ensure proper functioning of Sage Pay requirements.

Important: The encryption passwords are different for both TEST and LIVE.  If you are using similar encryption password for LIVE and TEST on your computer, you might get an error code 5080.

How to Troubleshoot SagePay 5080 Error

  • For fixing the SagePay 5080 error code, firstly you need to sign in to your SagePay account. Once the signing procedure is completed, look for the transactions tab and select the same. Then, go to the Invalid sub screen from the options you can easily find.
  • The invalid transactions display in this section with a clarification and moreover, ask for the additional error code to search.
  • In some circumstances, the transactions are brought to light on the window screen, which is indicative of an error used encryption on your deposit.
  • To get fast resolution for error 5080 in SagePay software, simply follow the below-given solution or directly avail the contact service by calling at (844)871-6289.

Solution: Encryption of the password:

  • Ensure that the encryption password you are using is the right password.

Note: In case your encryption password is wrong, then the chances are relatively high that the crypt string will be incorrectly built thereby causing this error 5080.

  • You can effortlessly obtain your encryption password by simply signing in the MySagePay admin panel as the key administrative user. Again, if the password is accurate, then we highly suggest agreeing with the SagePay software terms and conditions that you can find online easily. Moreover, you can avail contact Accountingadvice Sage experts to fix the issue at a limited time span.

Accountingadvice Sage Experts Team

Hopefully, the above solution and explanation positively helped you to effortlessly solve the error “SagePay Error 5080 form transaction registration failed”. However, you can always avail our excellent support services from certified Sage experts. You can immediately visit Accountingadvice official website and chat via Live Chat Support. Also, contact at our Sage toll-free helpline (844)871-6289. Our dedicated team is actively accessible/ available for 24×7.

The technical team is highly knowledgeable and skilled in the field of services to tackle any kind of problematic errors related to Sage software. They also assure proper delivery of services with inclusive information.

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