How to Fix Sage 2014 Upgrade Issues

Update Sage 2013 to Sage 2014

Well I have been using Sage 50 for quite some time and never had come across this problem. When we upgrade to a new version or the latest version because new is always fancy, we are following the trend so that we are not tagged as outdated. More than this, sometimes owing to various important features that are included in the latest version, we are bound to upgrade. Sage 2014 is an upgraded version or the successor of Sage 2013. The version seems to be running quite smooth and flawlessly. The problem arises after a couple of days or a couple of weeks like it happened with me.

I was using the upgraded Sage happily and enjoying every bit of it until it suddenly gave up on me. It started to run unbeatably slow delaying work and hampering efficiency. We tried out a couple of steps to overcome this and hopefully this works out for you too.

  • Verification of the anti-virus: As our first step, we checked to see if the active anti-virus has been configured to exclude folders like ..MAS90, ..Crystal reports. Then we continued to check if the anti-virus has been configured to exclude files like .M4T, .M4P, .RPT, .DDE, .XEQ, .LIB, .UI, .PVC, .PVX and some more of this kind
  • Then we tried disabling all the scanning applications
  • We also disabled Symantec settings
Sage Technical Support

Follow the Steps as to Troubleshoot Sage 2014 Upgrade Issues

  • Change Data Execution Prevention to only on for windows programs
  • This you can do by right clicking on the computer from the Start Menu, then select Properties
  • Look for Advanced Settings and then select it
  • Now go to the Advanced tab and click on Settings
  • The Settings option will be found under Performance tab
  • After this, find the Data Execution Prevention Tab
  • Choose the radio button to Turn on DEP for all program and services except those I select
  • Add the program as you like
  • Now Reboot the server and before you follow all the steps, don’t forget to double check if the server is compatible with 2014 matrix from Sage

The other way to resolve this is by following the silent download and auto install process of Sage 50, 2014. Make sure to download the full version of Sage 50, 2014 from a trusted reseller and to install it after checking the system fulfills all the basic requirements.

The icon for 2013 version and 2014 are almost the same. The only difference is the name that appears on them. Make sure the updates don’t install automatically as you never know what might be the requirement and it might cause trouble. Click on Users preference. You will see Options; uncheck the option that reads “Automatically Download Product Updates and Prompt User to install them”. By doing this, you control the automatic updates in future.

The best part about Sage 2013 and 2014 is that you can keep both of them and work on any of them you prefer without deleting any. Apart from the above major ones, you may face with issue like-

  • The product update does not run automatically
  • It will not install
  • Sage 50 installed a product update, but during installation I get the options of ‘Restart’ or ‘Cancel’ and it just goes into a loop
  • Sage 50 2014 payroll update hangs
  • Nothing happens when I exit Sage 50
  • Nothing happens when I close the program
  • When I go to check for updates for the Sage 2014 version, the software says it is downloading but just sits there
  • The 2014 product update is not downloading.
  • The product update does not run automatically
  • Update install is not automatic
  • Update does not install.

Our Support:

For all these problem there is one universal solution of deleting the already downloaded file, download a new from the trusted source and check the compatibility and reinstall it again. This works for sure. In case you are still unable to do it, then you must connect with our Sage 50 Team for the instant help. You can Call, Chat or email us at any hour of the day 24×7.

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Update Sage 2013 to Sage 2014
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