Sage Missing Company File after Upgrade

Fix Sage Missing Company File after Upgrade

Sage Missing Company File after Upgrade is a commonly occurring issue that a user can often encounter as and when there is an unavailability of a company file or its access has been interrupted. The reasons can be various, these often include corrupt data path, missing files, incorrect permissions, or even data path error. While these are the prime factors, there are also various other reasons as well, which we will get to in details in the article. But first let us understand the reasons for the error to occur in the first place.

Reasons for the Sage Missing Company File after Upgrade

The reasons for the error could be plenty, let us take a look at some of the prime one’s:

  • Configuration of a file on the wrong data path on a workstation.
  • The non-activation of the company file in the New Version
  • Storing of the Company file in a different location other than that of the data path
  • A different company mistakenly overwrote the specified company file 
  • Using the Remote Desktop to access the company file
  • There could be a loss of data after the Windows 7 or XP upgrade
  • Installing the workstation through a local mapped drive
  • Subsequent switch to a multiple user from a single user
  • Wrongful permissions
  • Using a new data path to install the system to a new system
  • Wrong data path
  • Restricting of the program through Automatic Backup while browsing the company file. 
  • Missing SAJ or SAI files
  • The names on the data folder and the icon files do not match
  • Migration of the company file over to the other server or a shared folder
  • Shifting of the company data over to the new system
  • Files hidden in the SAJ folder
  • Muti-user not created
  • Improper creation of the Sage 50 Data backup
  • Sharing of the data file on multiple systems and the data file is available on different version
  • Storing of the Company file in SAJ folder, hence restricting Sage 50 during the backup restore
  • System connection is lost
  • Sometimes the auto.cnf and syncstate files are missing within the SAJ folder
  • Identification of the ‘pound sign’ in the data file

Now that we have enlisted the reasons and the causes, let us take a look at the solutions to resolve the error

How to Resolve Sage Missing Company File after Upgrade

Follow the step by step instructions to fix this issue:

Solution 1: Checking of the System Hosting Company Data

To do so you will need to:

  • You need to start by verifying the computer which is hosting the company file enabled connection manager or check for the correct manager.
  • Next, you will need to install the Sage 50 connection manager in the server. To do so you need to follow the below steps:
    • Log-in to the location of the Server
    • Use the official website to download the Sage 50 version
    • Next, Run file
    • Select the language
    • Click on OK
    • Select on Install tab
    • You are done.
  • In case of ‘enabled Windows firewall’ the user might be asked ‘if you need windows firewall to be automatically configured to operate with Sage 50’
  • Next, you need to click on the Advanced tab in case the server only comprises of the data file and none can access the application on the server. 
  • Now click on the ‘Next’ tab to start
  • Here, you will need to selec the server-only tab for the server components of Sage 50.
  • Click on the Finish tab once you are done
  • Now, open the Company file in the system
  • Go to the Home Page and click on the Help option
  • Click ‘About Sage 50’
  • Here you will need to enter the version and the release option
  • You need to open the system for which you are unable to launch the company
  • Hit on ‘Start 50’
  • Select ‘Open Sample Company’ through the welcome window.

Solution 2: In Case the Company File in Question is not activated in the New Version

  • Select on File option
  • Click on ‘Open Company file’ on the main window
  • Click on the tab ‘Open an existing company’
  • Select ‘Browse’
  • Now, click tick on the Company file from the list
  • Select OK to go ahead with the ‘Conversion Wizard’
  • Now, check for the company as it appears on the list after closing or reopen the Sage 50-US edition

Solution 3: Searching the Registry to Discover the Previous Version

To do so you will need to:

  • Click on the ‘Windows’ on the keyboard + R simultaneously
  • This will display the RUN window
  • Click on the option Open
  • Enter ‘Reg Edit’
  • This will display the location of the company in the previous version
  • find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Peachtree\Version\XX\Open History\XXXX.
  • You are done

Solution 4: Check of Incorrect Permission or if it is Locked

To do so you will need to:

  • Check if the company folder is not correct or locked
  • To check for the inherent properties folder of the ‘parent shared folder’
  • Finally you should be able to open and view the required Company file

Solution 5: To check if the Mapped Drive is Disabled or not

In order to do so, you will need to:

  • Click on Windows + E on the keyboard
  • Select this ‘PC tab’ 
  • Click select the Map Network Drive button located on the Menu on top
  • Select on the required drive
  • Click on Browse tab
  • Select the right system to map the shared folder
  • Click on OK and close by hitting on ‘Finish’ tab
  • You are done.

Solution 6: Verification of the INI file on the System

To do so you will need to:

  • You need to start by locating the data path
  • Now check the right data path and program path
  • Find the INI file location
  • Launch the suitable file as per the program version
  • Locate and find the Datapath =
  • Here the modification of the content is required after (=) in order to apply the right data path
  • Click select the File button
  • Select Save
  • Shut the file name ‘INI’
  • Re-launch the Sage 50 Program
  • Select the File 
  • Hit on Open company tab
  • Here you will need to check for the company file from the list

Solution 7: Backup and Restore of the Company File

To do so you will need to Backup and restore of the Company file:

  • Launch Sage 50
  • Go to the File option and click on Restore tab
  • Click browse tab
  • Select the required backup
  • Click on the Open tab
  • Hit on the Next button
  • Select the appropriate restore method from among the below:
    • Creating the New Company file with a New Company
    • A previously existing company
    • Click on Next button
  • Select the required Restore Options
  • Click on the Restore option
  • Click on Finish

Final Words

If you have upgraded Sage and your company file is missing, don’t panic. There are a few things you can try to get it back. First, check the Recycle Bin to see if it was accidentally deleted. If it’s not there, try doing a search for the file name. If you still can’t find it, contact 1800 964 3096 Sage experts. You can also visit-

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Move the Company File to another System while fixing the Company File Error?

To do so you will need to:
1. Launch Sage 50
2. Go to the File and click on Properties
3. Select the right location and the file name as well
4. To search for the right company file you will need to:
5. Click on File
6. Click on the Properties tab to display File name and location
7. Click select the hyperlink in blue
8. The direct file name can be located within the page on the Windows Explorer
9. Next, you need to copy (.sai) and (.saj) folder onto the external device
10. Next you will have the Sage 50 Welcome page
11. Click on ‘Select an Existing Company’
12. Finally you open the company file

What are some of the main Reasons for the lost Company Files?

Some of the prime reasons for lost company files are:
1. Selection of wrong data path for the file configuration in Workstation.
2. The company file has not been activated in the ‘New Version’
3. The company file has not been stored in the required data path instead of the required location
4. Overwriting of the Company file by a different company
5. Accessibility of the Company file only through the remote desktop
6. Loss of data after upgrades
7. Installation of the workstation by a locally mapped drive.
8. Wrongful permissions
9. Use of new data path during the installation of the systems
10. Wrong data path selected
11. A case of SAJ and SAI missing files
12. The particular company file has been migrated to another server or shared folder
13. SAJ folder containing hidden files
14. Loss of system connection

What to do in order to Fix the Remote Data Access in case of the missing Company File in SAJ Folder?

 In order to fix the Remote data access in SAJ folder one needs to:
1. Use the Remote Data access to retry downloading the files once again
2. Using the connect to a shared company in Sage 50 2020.2 and later
3. Try saving the file in a new location, Rename the same

What is the meaning of the ‘Sage 50 Unable to open Company File’ Error all about?

This is an error (Sage 50 Unable to open company file) one usually encounters when the user is trying to convert an older version of the file to the latest version of Sage.

How to resolve when a Company Data has been mistakenly deleted?

One can try and resolve the case by using the ‘Company data restore’ option.

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