How to Access Sage 50 Remotely?

How to Access Sage 50 Remotely

Sage 50 allows you to stay organized in finance-based tasks through different productive features. Remote Access is a widely used option found in Sage, which lets you access a system from a different location across a wide area network to your system. The most common remote Sage 50 access methods are Virtual Private network, Remote Desktop connection, and Terminal Services. Today’s topic will discuss on how to Access Sage 50 remotely. As we all know, through cloud technology, one can access the sage account anywhere and anytime.

What are the Mandatory Requirements for Accessing Sage 50 Remotely

  • A multi-user license is needed to use the Sage account over the network or from multiple locations.
  • An internet connection
  • Pervasive permit connection of the process that is accessing the data over a network; It makes it needed for multi-location usage.

Steps for Access Sage 50 Remotely

Here are the different methods for accessing Sage 50 remotely:

Method 1- Transfer the Backups:

Follow the steps:

  • Firstly make a backup at the source location and then transfer it to the other location.
  • You can use the medium like email, removable media, or file-sharing services for transferring.
  • Restore the backup
  • This way does not permit simultaneous use. The transactions you entered at one location might be overwritten during restore.

Method 2- Virtual Private Network (VPN):

  • Sage is compatible with VPNs, but it might create performance issues due to which it is not a highly recommended way.
  • The Sage does not provide support in troubleshooting or VPN setup.

Method 3- Remote Desktop Solutions:

  • Many remote Desktop Solutions are available that are compatible with Sage 50 like GoToMyPC, TeamViewer, Log Me In, or Windows Remote Desktop Services.
  • If you are accessing a Remote Desktop Solution to execute Sage 50, it does not need Sage to be installed on the remote system, only on the in-office system.
  • Some third-party add-ons might not work during remote Access; you need to check it before using.

Method 4- Cloud-based hosted solution:

  • Several third party companies help in hosting information in a secure cloud-based solution.
  • Sage 50 does not endorse any particular company. The list of companies that provides hosted cloud Sage 50 services is easily available when you browse the internet.

Method 5- Virtual Environments:

There is no documented information regarding the virtual matching usage available in Sage. In General, the virtual tools can operate with Sage products. Sage 50 can execute parallels in virtual environments; you should be aware that Sage does not help you troubleshoot any error that occurs in a Virtual machine. It is suggested not to operate Sage 50 with VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop for Mac; it might create performance issues or corruption or data loss.

A point needs to know:

Sage Help desk does not assist you to generate or configure networks, issue resolutions, report customization. However, you are required to consult with other IT professional support if you received an error.


That’s all about how to access Sage 50 remotely guidance! Hopefully, the above information gives you awareness on different methods you can use to connect Sage 50 remotely. We know that Sage Customer Support does not resolve your queries; if you face any doubt regarding any of the above-given method, you can Call Sage 50 technical support number 1800 964 3096. The professional team is there for you, helping you quickly fix all the problems related to the remote issue or any other errors. You can do a live chat or send an email with questions. The team member will get back to you as soon as possible

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