Fix Sage Error Unable to Connect to Sage Data Service on Machine

Unable to connect to Sage Data Service on machine

Because of its enhanced features and user-friendly navigation, Sage 50 is extremely popular among the business community across the world. It is also preferred by small and medium-sized businesses and accounting professionals because it allows them to expedite their accounting tasks more effectively. However, we should not forget that, just like every other software, Sage 50 is also not without bugs and errors.

Many of our regular readers have intimated to us that they have faced the Sage Error Unable to Connect to Sage Data Service on machine while opening Sage 50cloud Accounts. If you are also troubled by this issue, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will tell you how to fix this common issue. Just go through this blog, carry out the steps shown here and forget this issue, for good!

Here we go!

What is the Sage Error Unable to Connect to Sage Data Service on Machine?

Users often encounter this error while opening Sage 50cloud Accounts. The error message may appear as shown below-

  • ‘Data service unavailable on this machine’
  • ‘Unable to connect to Sage Data Service on machine [computer name]’

What Causes the Sage Error Unable to Connect to Sage Data Service on Machine?

Many functional and technical issues often lead to the occurrence of this issue. However, the most common cause of this issue is running of the wrong version of the Sage Accounts Data Service. this issue may also occur if the Sage Accounts Data Service stops running on the machine that hosts your Sage 50cloud Accounts data.

Step to Fix Sage Data Error Unable to Connect to Sage Data Services on Machine

Please note this before proceeding to troubleshoot. If you are getting the error message after upgrading to the latest version of Sage 50 Accounts, make sure to install the latest update on the machine that has hosted the Sage 50cloud Accounts data. Now, follow the steps below-

While working on the system that has your Sage accounts data, Pressing of Windows key + R can also help while working on Sage accounts data. Type in services.msc has. After that, click on OK. There will be a listing of services, check the following:

Sage Accounts v27
  • Sage 50 Accounts Service v27
  • Sage 50 Accounts Control v27
Sage Accounts v26
  • Sage 50 Accounts Service v26
  • Sage 50 Accounts Control v26
Sage Accounts v25
  • Sage 50 Accounts Service v25
  • Sage 50 Accounts Control v25
Sage Accounts v24
  • Sage 50 Accounts Service v24
  • Sage 50 Accounts Control v24
Sage Accounts v23
  • Sage 50 Accounts Service v23
  • Sage 50 Accounts Control v23
Sage Accounts v22
  • Sage 50 Accounts Service v22
  • Sage 50 Accounts Control v22
Sage Accounts v21
  • Sage 50 Accounts Service
  • Sage 50 Accounts Control
  • If in the Startup Type column, any of the services is shown as ‘Disabled’ right-click the service
  • Click on Properties
  • Click to open the Startup type drop-down 
  • choose Automatic
  • Click OK.
  • For each of the services, right-click on the service
  • Click on Stop
  • Right-click on the service again
  • Then click on Start.
  • Check if the issue is resolved now

In case, the user is still facing problems regarding the services not running or failure of Sage data services on machine, then it is advisable to get in touch with Accounting Advice professionals for the advanced steps to resolve the issue completely.

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Moreover, in case any of the services display as disabled in the startup type column. Then the user has to right-click on it. After that, go to Properties. There will be a drop-down list where the user has to select Automatic. Then after that, click on OK.

In case of any service, the user has to right-click it. Then select Stop. After that, the user needs to again right-click the service. Then Go to Start. Get details from the experts.

We hope the troubleshooting steps mentioned above would help you a great deal to fix the Sage Error Unable to Connect to Sage Data Service on machine. If you are having difficulty while performing the steps outlined above and are still unable to resolve the issue, we recommend speaking with some experienced Sage professionals.

Final Words!

The Accounting Advice is a Sage customer support team that is knowledgeable regarding the various aspects of the software. They are drilled in Sage and can resolve all issues related to the software in the fastest time possible.

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The user can call them at any time convenient to him as this Sage technical support team is available 24*7. The toll free number 1800 964 3096 to reach them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To Resolve the Sage Error Unable to Connect to Sage Data Service on Machine, I am Asked to Clear the DNS Cache. How to do this?

 Here are the steps to follow-

  • Stop the Sage Accounts Data Service
  • Press Windows key + R keys simultaneously 
  • On the run menu, type ipconfig /flushdns 
  • Click on OK. 
  • Start the Sage Accounts Data Service again.

I am Accessing my Sage 50 Database Remotely. I am Getting the “Sage 50 Database not Active “Error Message while Trying to access my Database. How can I Resolve this?

Here are the steps to follow-

  • Log in to the Sage Drive/Remote Data Access
  •  download a copy of the troublesome company file 
  • Now go to the Sage 50 main menu
  •  Click on the option named Connect to shared company  
  • If prompted, log in with your registered email address with Sage
  • Next, select the company file with the issue 
  • Click on Connect
  • specify the location and the file name 
  • Click on Save
  • If you need to overwrite the existing file that is causing the error, choose the same location and name ( of the file). 
  • Next, click Yes, when prompted to overwrite the file
  • After the company file is downloaded and synced, the issue should be resolved and you should be able to open the company file

What are the Reasons behind the “Sage 50 Could Not Start the Database Engine” Error?

Many issues in your system may lead to the occurrence of this issue. Some of these are mentioned below-

  • When you try to access a file on another system that doesn’t have the latest version of the connection manager installed in it
  • A third party software is blocking the data file
  • The MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2(a) is blocked or interfered with by a security feature on your computer 
  • If Sage uses the UNC address
  • The SAJ folder is having the read-only attribute enabled
  • An issue with the .NET framework
  • An issue with the SAJ envelope

How to Download the Sage 50 Database Repair Utility?

 To  download the latest version of the Sage 50 Database Repair Utility, please follow the steps below-

  • Go to Start
  •  Click on the All Programs tab
  • Click to specify the Sage 50 version used
  • Navigate to Sage 50 resources & help section 
  • Now click on Technical Support Utilities
  • Click on the Sage 50 Database Repair Utility to initiate the download
  • Follow the instructions appearing on your screen
  • Wait till the download gets completed
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