Fix Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database

sage error connect database

Technology has been driving our lives with ease and made it very smooth as well. But if there is a hurdle like an error or a malfunction it can be quite a massacre, especially if the entire work is dependent on the tool. Today we will see the product named Sage 50 – Canadian edition. The error code we will cover is “Sage 50 error connecting to database”. This is received while you are trying to open a company file or a sample company. There are many reasons that this error occurs and one should have a good insight about the operating system to resolve it. Let us look at the reasons first.

Reasons for the “Sage 50 Error connecting to database”

  1. The folder that Sage 50 connects to has an attribute of Read-Only.
  2. The file or folder you are trying to connect to is missing.
  3. The connection manager is being blocked by the Firewall.
  4. The Log Service of the Windows Event has been disabled.
  5. There is an issue in the .NET framework.
  6. The Connection Manager has not started on the server or has not been installed.
  7. The server has a shared location which has a permission issue.
  8. The UNC address is being used.
  9. The Anti-Virus has detected the Connection Manager as a threat and must have redirected it to the quarantine instead of the folder.

Solution for Sage 50 Error connecting to database

Sage Technical SUpport

You can restart the Sage 50 Connection manager once again. For this you will need to:-

  • Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
  • Option named “Sage 50 Database Connection Manager”
  • Right click on it and select STOP and then again right click and select START
  • Now try to open the company file, it will open.
  • If you are unable to stop the services and the error message says that the connection manager could not be stopped then you do not have the administrator rights on the computer.

Check if the SAJ folder is a Read only or not.

  • You will need to close the Sage 50 tool and browse the company file location and right click the folder with an extension named SAJ.
  • Select the Properties option and see if the Read Only option is check boxed or not.
  • If yes then clear it and select Ok.
  • Now restart the Sage 50 toll and open the company file.

Verify the files and folders can be viewed in the .SAJ folder.

  • Browse to open the folder where all the SAJ files have been stored.
  • Select the folder and right click on it.
  • Select Properties and uncheck all the options in the Hidden box.
  • Apply the settings and select OK.
  • Now open the folder again and check if all the files and folders that you need are available or not.

You can also reinstall the program again to get all the setting restored to the original one.

  • Click the Uninstall Sage 50 option
  • Click on the Reinstall Sage 50 option
  • Now open the program and check if the file is opening or not.

Sage Support

But before you try out all the above options do make sure that you are a master in understanding your operating system. Al these solutions require an advanced knowledge about your system and the whereabouts of the programs. If you modify your Windows Registry in an incorrect manner then the Operating system can be affected big time. It can affect the other programs and make them stop functioning smoothly. It would be better to call for a professional if the system functionality is out of your league. That’s no more an error, right?

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