Fixed – Peachtree Sage 50 Data Files Corruption and Backup Issue

Sage Data Corruption and Backups

Sage 50 is great software for accounting tasks, especially for small and medium size industries. It’s easy to learn and work on. However, irrespective of the fact that this software is a great way to make accounting work easy, data corruption is a big issue for any software and taking data backup is a wise thing to do to avoid hassles later. Furthermore, there is no need to panic!

Even if you face data corruption issues, you can get in touch with Accounting Advice by calling on their toll free number . You will be glad by the fast resolutions for any sage related problems by the expert team. Let’s discuss about the Sage Data Corruption issues and backup plans to understand it in detail.

About Peachtree Sage 50 Data Files Corruption and Backup Issue

If there is some kind of error in the main database which stores all the core financial data then definitely data corruption can be a big issue! Corrupt data also can’t be further used as it is unreliable. Moreover, Sage can’t even decipher this data which can lead to big mistakes like wrong totaling etc. Faulty figures can make your work more tedious. Wrong calculations during year-end can spoil the hard work of the whole year and tarnish your work image too.

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Why does the Peachtree  Sage Data Files Corruption and Back up Issue Needs to be Addressed Quickly?

  • Data corruption in Peachtree  Sage  50 may lead to bigger issues at times. It affects the main database that stores your core financial data. When the data becomes corrupt it becomes highly unreliable and can’t be used further. Sage also becomes unable to decipher this data and it may result in wrong calculations etc.
  • Wrong calculations and faulty figures may make your task even more tedious. Such errors during the year-end may very well soil your hard work done in the entire year thus far. Therefore, you need to address this issue before it becomes ‘too big to handle’. 

How to Fix Peachtree Sage 50 Data Files Corruption and Backup

Strange occurrences in the software can tell you if there is any problem like forced closures, incorrect information, or the software simply crashing down.

The Best Way to Know if there is Any Data Corruption is to Run the Sage 50 ‘Check Data’ Routine.

  • There can be many reasons because of which data corruption occurs like electricity fluctuation or power cuts, virus, sudden crashing of the software or third party software creating issues, locked computer, network or hardware issue if data transmission is disturbed mid-way, etc. Also, if you are re-storing from damaged files, it can lead to more problems.
  • There is an option in Sage by the name ‘Check Data option’ which checks the  validity of your data documents. It is mandatory to run this if you are in the process of backing up files. But, please note, if there are already errors in the files you are backing up then the whole backup process will go waste. The procedure is quite simple to run Check Data option. Open Maintenance in File menu. Click on ‘Check Data’.
  • Files will be checked and progress displayed on the screen. Therefore, if there are no issues, then the Maintenance window displays it. Click OK. However, if there are problems with the data, the ‘File Maintenance Problems Report’ appears. The errors have to be fixed before you can continue. If the issue still prevails, highly trained professionals at Accounting Advice can guide you.

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How to Avoid the Peachtree  Sage 50 Data Files Corruption and Back Up Issue?

Run ‘Check Data’ in Sage 50

🔷 When the Peachtree  Sage  50  data  files  corruption  and   back up  issue occurs, users may encounter problems like sudden crashing of the software, forced closure or incorrect information. The best possible way to check if there is a data corruption issue is to run the ‘check data’ routine in Sage 50.

🔷 Sage 50 provides the ‘check data’ option, by using which, you can verify the validity  of the data documents. If  you  are  taking  a   backup of  your  files,   running  the   ‘check data’ routine  is  a   must . But , please   note  that  in  case  there  exists  errors  in these  files  to  take   back  up  of,   the  whole  process   may   become  a  futile one.  
🔷 To  run the  check  data  option , open  Sage  50 and  click  on  the  File  menu. Then  click  on  the  Check  Data  tab.  Sage will check the files and the progress will be displayed on the  screen.  If no issue is found, the maintenance window will display a  message  accordingly.  Click  OK  to complete  the  procedure. 

However, in case  any  issue  is found with the  data,  the  File Maintenance  problems report will display the   same. 

Taking a Proper Backup is Important

Taking a    proper  backup is  important  if you  want to  avoid  the Peachtree  Sage  50  data  files  corruption  and   back up  issue.   The     medium  of  the  back  up  is  also  important . You   may   be  using  a hard disk to save the backup  files  or  you   may  be using your  server  for the  same . You   may  also  use  the  automatic backup  option and   store  the backup  on a  cloud . But none of  these mediums  can  verify  the  data  for  errors.   A  viable option  is  to  use  the  ‘Extra  Sage   Backup’ option  in Sage  50.  Here, you will  be able  to verify  and   back up  data  simultaneously.          

Importance of Sage 50 Backup

Just taking backup is not enough, the medium of backup is important too. Whether you are using memory sticks or your own server, or the data getting backed up automatically on cloud, these will not verify or check your data for errors. Extra Sage backups with the help of Sage 50 program is possible and should be done. It will enable you to check and backup data simultaneously. In case of further doubts while doing it, contact Accounting Advice.

Final Words!

We hope the discussion  above have helped you a great deal to  avoid   the Peachtree  Sage  50  data  files  corruption  and   back up  issue. If you are still not able to fix this issue, or, if you have any difficulties in carrying out the above-mentioned steps, we would recommend you to speak to some of the Sage experts.

Accountingadvice Help Services 11

The Accounting Advice is the Sage 50 customer support team for the people using Sage for accounting needs. It is a team of highly trained people who can guide you step by step in case of any kind of errors or problems. It is at your service 24*7. You can call on their toll free number or Live Chat with our Sage support team 24×7.

📢 Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should I Store the Sage 50 Back Up File?

You can earmark any location to keep your back up file. However, if you are not having an off-site backup, you must save the back up to another drive, preferably on a different computer. By not having the backup on the computer where your Sage 50 data is kept, you will be protected in case of a theft or hardware failure.

Is it Necessary For All the Users to Log Out Before Starting the Backup?

Yes. You should select the option to log out all users before starting the backup process. If you do not select this option, the backup will not start if someone is using Sage 50 at the time of the scheduled backup. If you check this box and a user is having Sage 50 open at the time of the scheduled backup, he will be logged out without any warning and he will lose unsaved work. Therefore, you should inform all users not to leave Sage 50 open when they wind up for the day. 

How to Create a Back Up in Sage 50?

🔷 Log into the Sage 50 company you want to take  backup of.     
🔷 Click File
🔷 Go to  Backup. Alternately, you may also navigate to the toolbar on top of the home screen and click the backup icon
🔷 Go to the window named Sage 50 Accounting – Backup
🔷 Enter a name for the backup file. For easy recognition later on, you may include the date as a part of the file name
🔷 Specify the folder where you wish to keep the backup
🔷 Click OK to proceed with the backup

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